Satellite Images Show Damage At Israeli Missile Factory After Alleged Explosion

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Satellite Images Show Damage At Israeli Missile Factory After Alleged Explosion

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On April 25, Iranian sources shared new satellite images showing damage at an Israeli missile factory where a large explosion was reported earlier this week.

The factory, which is located in central Israel in proximity to a residential area, belongs to the Tomer defense company. The large company manufactures missiles for use the by the Israeli defense forces and other Israeli defense systems, including the Arrow interceptor.

Locals reported a large blast in the company on April 21. However, the company said that a test was taking place at the factory.

“This was a controlled test with no exceptional circumstances,” Tomer said in a statement.

The new satellite images show scorch marks near what appears to be a missile engine test pad in Tomer’s factory, that is known to be among the most sensitive military facilities in Israel.

Iranian sources, including defense journalist Hossein Dalirian who shared the images, alleged that the missile factory was the target of a sabotage act. According to the claims, the explosion was caused by an infiltrator.

These claims were completely dismissed by many defense experts, who noted that the scorch marks were simply the result of a routine missile engine test. This theory appears to be more realistic.

Earlier this month, a sabotage act orchestrated by the Israeli intelligence rocked Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Tehran responded by enriching uranium up to 60%. Yet, some in Iran are still expecting a military or a covert response.


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