Satellite Images Show Two More Targets Struck During Recent Israeli Strikes On Aleppo

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Satellite Images Show Two More Targets Struck During Recent Israeli Strikes On Aleppo

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN – REUTERS)

On July 23, the Aurora Intel Twitter account shared new satellite images revealing two targets of the July 19 Israeli strikes on the northern Syrian governorate of Aleppo.

The targets, both appear to have been storage facilities, were located in the eastern outskirts of Aleppo city, near the city’s International Airport. Both targets were completely destroyed as a result of the Israeli strikes.

The strikes also targeted a compound located a few kilometers to the east of Aleppo, as revealed by older satellite images.

Initially, Syrian sources reported that the strikes targeted the al-Safirah defense factories in the southern countryside of Aleppo. However, new satellite images confirmed that the complex was not damaged.

The Israeli strikes on Aleppo resulted in three casualties, a service member of the Syrian Arab Army and two pro-government fighters.

Two days after the strikes, Israeli warplanes attacked a Syrian air base in southern Homs, where Lebanon’s Hezbollah maintains a logistic center. The base was badly damaged, despite reports of successfully intercepts by Syrian air-defense systems.

Israel’s recent strikes indicate that Tel Aviv is not planning to change its Syria police, which is yet to achieve any of its declared goals.


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"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

Syria needs to strike the nuclear reactor in the NATO colony in Palestine. That should send them a warning.

Rhodium 10

Sorry but pro Israeli sources are Not reliable info and photos….

Icarus Tanović


Lone Ranger

Shlomo Disney CGI network and Co…

Icarus Tanović

I can do this in photoshop in about 30 seconds or less.
So stfu idf.

G2 Man

It is an admission of Zionist failure when they take to Aurora and Twitter to post photo-shopped images of their failed “strike” on an long vacated airbase in Homs or a residential area of Aleppo. It does not require a degree in advanced digital intelligence forensics to see that despite over a decade of mostly cosmetic PR stunts aimed largely at gullible and ignorant western and domestic audiences, the frustrated Zionists have woefully failed in their lofty and impossible laughable goal of “expelling Iran from Syria”. On the contrary, Iranian and Axis of Resistance footprint in Syria is much more pronounced today that ever. Over 21 Shia, Christian and Palestinian militias allied with Hezbollah and Iran are now operating in a wide region spanning 2 million sq kms armed with increasingly sophisticated precision weaponry, drones and electronic warfare capability .

So in essence these pin prick failed stand off airstrikes from the Lebanese coast are a desperate gambit to show that the Zionist regime remains relevant, even though its military capability is now far diminished and its once “technological edge” based on unlimited western weaponry is now negated by growing Iranian technical prowess and military experience. The incoming hard-line Raisi government is bound to take a tougher line on Zionist occupation of Palestine and offer more robust support to the Axis of Resistance and local freedom fighters against US occupation and oil theft in Syria and Iraq as well as Zionist aggression. No amount of photo-shopped images will alter ground reality.

Last edited 3 months ago by G2 Man

zionists are pathetic deceiving trash. Desperation is setting in as their delusional, paranoid world collapses around them.

Time for zioscum to increase their synthetic med cocktail mix to escape reality.