Saudi Arabia and the UK on the border of Syria

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Long Saudis armored columns entered Jordan and moving towards the Syrian border, where the British and the armies of several Arab countries will participate in maneuvers called “Thunder”, for which the London newspapers say they represent the exercise of opposing Russia.

Saudi Arabia and the UK on the border of Syria

Published at Vesti-Online, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

British authorities have denied the claim of London´s Telegraph magazine, but remained unambiguous about the decision that they send to Jordan about 1,600 troops and 300 units of combat techniques.

The rattle of fanatics

Near the Jordanian-Syrian border is now deployed several hundred combat vehicles of Saudi Arabia which announced that with the approval of the United States is ready to enter Syria. All under the pretext of the fight against the Islamic State, which is actually not along the border of Syria and Jordan, but only so-called moderate opposition supported by the West and the various factions of al-Qaeda.

These terrorist formations are facing defeat and are faced with rebellions in the Syrian cities which are kept under control. It is remarkable that representatives of the so-called moderate Syrian opposition returned last week from failed negotiations in Geneva back by the private jet in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

A similar situation is in the north of Syria where the formations of Jabhat al-Nusra, Jaish al-Fatah, Jaish al-Islam and the so-called moderate opposition rattle between Aleppo and the Turkish border.

Ankara earns fortunes on trade from stolen Syrian oil, but the Russian intervention restrains also the Neo-Ottoman ideology according to which all the countries of the former Ottoman Empire shall be under the influence of Turkey.

The main Neo-Ottoman ideologist, the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who this time said that Turkey´s intention is to protect Aleppo (part of the city is run by terrorists).

Bombs for introduction

Kurdish sources reported that on Wednesday morning around 170 terrorists entered from Turkey to Syria who were sent to Aleppo. At night they also observed long columns with the terrorists in the province of Idlib which were destroyed by Syrian and Russian planes. Huge explosions suggest that the columns were transporting ammunition.

The war rhetoric

We will return the historical debt. During World War II the brothers from Aleppo were protecting our cities. Now we will protect the heroic Aleppo. Behind the city’s defenders is whole Turkey, said Davutoglu and accused Russian aircraft of bombing civilians in Syria and which has predicted a new wave of 70,000 refugees.

The level of rhetoric of the Turkish leadership has already cut the limit beyond which they cannot do anything without a loss of confidence crusty part of the electorate. Moscow has refrained from overly strong response, but the media is crawling about the mass transfer of the Russian Army to the Black Sea and Caucasus region.

According to available information, there is a verification carried out of the entire Southern Military District, one of the four in Russia. 40 planes from other areas flew on the southern airports and several airborne brigades were transferred to the airport which was not previously used. Also, the Caspian fleet with long-range missiles sailed into the open. Increased combat readiness was ordered in all bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia.

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