Saudi Arabia Moves Troops to Iraqi Border

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Saudi Arabia Moves Troops to Iraqi Border

According to THIS video, at least 1 motorized brigade of the Saudi Armed Forces has been moved to the border with Iraq to conduct ‘military drills’ in this area.

Tihs action is a clear power play.

Сoncentration of forces and facilities at the Iraqi border means that the Saudi military grouping invoveld in the Yemen conflict has been weakened.

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence estimates the possibility that these forces will be moved to Syria as low. In this case, Saudi Arabia will be invoved in a two-front war which will be critical for the state already weakened by the dragged-out war in Yemen.

However, there is a chance that these forces and facilities can be used to form a joint force which could be sent to the Syrian front.

قوات سعوديه تتجه لسوريا عبر الاردن

Posted by ‎ابوعرب عرب‎ on Monday, 8 February 2016

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