Saudi-backed Forces Are Retreating In Yemen’s Al-Jawf Province (Map Upate)


Saudi-backed Forces Are Retreating In Yemen's Al-Jawf Province (Map Upate)

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Ansar Allah continues its rapid advance against Saudi-led forces in the Yemeni province of al-Jawf. Since the liberation of the town of Hazm, Yemeni forces have kicked off an offensive along the administrative border othe provinces of Marib and Jawf taking control of more and more areas. It seems that the defense of Saudi-led forces in this part of Yemen collapsed.



  • Xoli Xoli

    Good news Turkey retreat in Syria and Libya.

    • yep

      Even better news would be that they send more Syrian terrorists to Libya

  • don

    Saudi Arabia and UAE stop murdering people in Yemen and remove your mercenary army now!

  • Assad must stay

    Absolutely wonderful :))))

  • Rafik Chauhan

    next city of marib. and also Ansharallah should counter attack and take mocha coastal city and cut off them from hudaydah. it will total collapse of Zionist Saudi

    • occupybacon

      They would be vulnerable to NATO ships there

      • yep

        And what about Russian frigates and subs?
        Are they only for decoration there?
        No way can NATO fire canons over the Russian ships in Syrian territorial waters!
        They will sink them with “Bal” coastal defense systems in jiffy.
        Or Kilo subs torpedoes.

        • occupybacon

          Yeah right, they will start WW3 over houthis

    • Concrete Mike

      Hudaydah cant be cut off at any time at many points if the yemenis decide, at this time they have a UN deal there and they are.trying to abide it as best they can,.doing a better job than the saudi snakes thats for sure.

      I agree with you about marib, i wonder if the city will.get cut off from the north and east, trap the saudi a cauldron.

  • Habib

    Take one refugee you saudi dogs, every Muslim wants to immigrate to a Christian country except Russia LOL

    • cechas vodobenikov

      of course durak—this is why Moscow has so many muslim immigrants from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan…..

      • yep

        Arabs in general have no clue about Muslim emigration from central Asia to Russia.
        They read only Western MSM propaganda news…not much Russian news.

  • Habib

    Russia has gone ape shit, its dropping bombs like no tommorrow. The news will come out soon. The bear is out of hibernation

    • yep

      Good news !
      And about time because SAA needs now all the help they can get .

  • Ibrahim Ayyash

    Actually there is more advancement according to multiple sources the border with marib has almost cleared and almazariq has been cleared with it mountain and every thing surrounding it.

  • klove and light

    the Houthi slogan

    “”Allah is Greater, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”

    the bravest of the brave