Saudi-led Coalition Blocks Tankers From Delivering Fuel And Supplies To Yemen


Saudi-led Coalition Blocks Tankers From Delivering Fuel And Supplies To Yemen

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The Saudi-led coalition has prevented at least 20 tankers carrying energy derivatives from unloading their essential consignments in Yemen although they hold proper permits.

This was announced in a statement by the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) on August 24th.

The company’s statement said that 20 vessels are now detained off the coast of Yemen for different time periods of which 16 tankers are loaded with 400,979 tons of gasoline and diesel fuel.

The YPC claimed that this is a flagrant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, besides all international humanitarian principles.

The Saudi-led coalition’s supposed activities also ignore the provisions of the Stockholm agreement, which stressed in its entirety the need for facilitating the arrival of basic materials and humanitarian aid to the Yemen’s western port of al-Hudaydah in a way that meets the needs of Yemen.

The YPC also said that the Saudi-led coalition continues enforcing a tight blockade against the Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, including al-Hudaydah.

This is reportedly carried out through various acts of maritime piracy in order to prevent ships carrying oil derivatives, natural gas, food, medicine and other basic commodities from docking at the port of Hudaydah.

“Ships are not allowed to anchor in Hudaydah port despite the fact that they have undergone all inspection procedures in Djibouti by the United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen (UNVIM),” the company said.

It added, “These ships have acquired necessary UN permits that verify their cargos conform to the conditions stipulated in the concept of verification and inspection mechanism operations.”