Saudi-led Coalition Shares Footage Of Houthis Launching ‘Iranian-Developed Missile’

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Saudi-led Coalition Shares Footage Of Houthis Launching ‘Iranian-Developed Missile'

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing.

On December 5, the Saudi-led coalition shared footage showing alleged fighters of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) firing an “Iranian-developed missile”.

The coalition said that the footage was taken on November 29. However, it didn’t clarify where they were taken or how it was able to obtain it.

What was described by the Saudi-led coalition as an “Iranian-developed missile” appears to be a locally-made copy of an unguided 122 mm Grad short-rang artillery rocket.

The coalition claimed that the footage shows Houthi fighters launching the “missile” from an area crowded by civilians. However, no civilians appear in the footage. Furthermore, the area from which the “missile” was launched appeared to be empty.

Earlier today, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had intercepted four suicided drones which were launched from Yemen by the Houthis at Saudi Arabia southern region. However, the coalition shared footage showing one interception only.

Later the coalition announced that a fifth Houthi suicide drone was intercepted before it could attack “civilian targets” in the Kingdom.

The Saudi-led coalition intensified its airstrikes on Yemen in the last few weeks. While the coalition claims that its airstrikes destroyed key facilities of the Houthis, civilian causalities were reported at least in two of the coalition’s recent airstrikes on the capital, Sanaa, and the southwestern province of Taiz.


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So what would be the problem if they defend themselfs whit missils, bombs, artillery, guns and bullets from Iran? The saoudi agressor is murdering Yemen whit planes from amerika and the uk, artillery from france, cluster bombs from amerika and uk, all wapons from over the world. So the Yemen resistence have the same rights !!!

Mohd Noor Ismail

what a terrible shame .. the SAUDIS and its COALITION with top of the notch weapons are CRYING over Houtis backyard Missles , while all of this axis of evil are running away with their tail between their legs …. coalition of hopeless can’t even stand up to a rag tag army …what a pathetic JOKE they all are …

Last edited 1 month ago by Mohd Noor Ismail
Christian J. Chuba

‘Crowded’. It looks like there is one, one story building in the background, to the right of the empty landscape. They must have learned the magic word from the IDF, ‘human shields’ justifies bombing civilian targets.