SDF Foils Another Turkish Attack On M4 Highway In Northeastern Syria (Videos)

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SDF Foils Another Turkish Attack On M4 Highway In Northeastern Syria (Videos)


Late on January 30, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) foiled another attack by Turkish forces on the M4 highway in northeastern Syria.

Turkish-backed militants attempted to infiltrate the SDF defense west of Ain Issa, in northern Raqqa, to reach the highway. The militants’ plan was apparently to block traffic on the highway. However, the militants were confronted by SDF fighters, who foiled the infiltration after heavy clashes.

The M4 links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and the northeastern part of Aleppo. Several units from the Russian Military Police guard civilian travelers along the highway.

In a related development, the Hawar News Agency reported that the Turkish military is building its third post in the outskirts of Ain Issa.

The new post is being built near the village of al-Misherfah, 1 km to the north of the M4 and 3 km to the northeast of Ain Issa. Earlier this month, Turkish forces built an observation tower at the same location.

Turkish forces have been eyeing Ain Issa for several months now. The town’s location on the M4 and its proximity to Raqqa’s city center make it one of the most important urban centers in the northeastern region.

The presence of Russian and Syrian government forces , however, prevents Turkish forces from launching a large attack to seize Ain Issa. This situation will not likely change anytime soon.


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