SDF Killed 3 SNA’s Militants In Response To Intense Turkish Shelling In Syria’s Manbij

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SDF Killed 3 SNA's Militants In Response To Intense Turkish Shelling In Syria's Manbij

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According to the Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) Manbij Military Council, early in the morning on June 22, Turkish forces and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army​ (TFSA) fired rockets at the positions of the Kurdish forces in the northwestern part of the Manbij district.

Turkish artillery struck Rafiyah and Hawshariyah areas; clashes were reported on the fronts of Tukhar al-Saghir, Muhsanli, Arab Hassan, Hamran, and Yalishli. 3 SDF fighters were reportedly wounded in Rafiyah.

The SDF’s Manbij Military Council announces that the Turkish army had previously shelled al-Sayyadah, al-Dandaniyah, al-Jamousiyah, and al-Farat villages with mortars fired from their bases in Sheikh Nasr and al-Yalishli villages, causing damage to civilian homes.

The SDF responded by artillery fire on their headquarters in Tukhar al-Saghir village, reportedly killing 3 SNA’s Liwa al-Shamal’s members.

Earlier this month, the town of Manbij faced large mass demonstrations of local residents against the forced conscription in the SDF ranks. The protests led to heavy clashes with the SDF forces amid the ongoing fighting between the Kurdish forces and the Turkish-backed TFSA.


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