SDF Neutralizes More Terrorists In Second Day Of Large Counter-ISIS Operation (Video)

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have arrested more terrorists in the framework of its ongoing large-scale security operation against ISIS cells in northeast Syria.

On June 5, the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that 21 terrorists have been apprehended so far. At least 17 of them were captured on the first day of the operation.

The operation, which was launched on June 4, is supported by the U.S.-led coalition. Around 6,000 personnel of the SDF are working to secure a vast area lying between the town of al-Shaddadi in southern al-Hasakah and the government-held town of al-Bukamal in southern Deir Ezzor.

In a statement released on June 5, the SDF General-Command said the operation is targeting ISIS cells in an attempt to destabilize northeast Syria.

“The campaign to deter terrorism launched by our forces with the [U.S.-led] international coalition is proceeding well, and has achieved good results so far, it will continue until the full mission assigned to it is completed,” the statement reads.

ISIS remnants in northeast Syria wreaked havoc in the last few months. The terrorists targeted SDF personnel as well as locals cooperating with the Kurdish-led group.

Now, the security situation in northeast Syria is improving. However, the terrorist group will likely maintain some level of influence in the region, especially in Arab-majority areas.


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