SDF Provides Own Version Of Recent Clashes With ISIS, Says 14 Of Its Members Were Killed

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SDF Provides Own Version Of Recent Clashes With ISIS, Says 14 Of Its Members Were Killed


In an attempt to play down the recent casualties, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claimed in a press release on October 27 that only 14 of its fighters were killed during the recent attacks of ISIS in the Euphrates Valley. The US-backed group also claimed that it has not lost any position there so far.

A day earlier, ISIS said that its fighters killed 41 personnel of the SDF during a series of attacks in the Euphrates Valley. Later, the Syrian Observatory for Humans Rights (SOHR), which are close to the SDF, confirmed ISIS’ claims and revealed that US-backed forces lost several positions in the towns of al-Susah and al-Baghuz al-Fawqani as a result of these attacks.

This was not the first time when the SDF was caught deceiving the public in order to hide its loses. On October 12, the SDF claimed that its fighters repelled a large-scale attack of ISIS on its positions in the Euphrates Valley. However, a day later the terrorist group released a video and several photos confirming that the attacks was successful.

SDF Provides Own Version Of Recent Clashes With ISIS, Says 14 Of Its Members Were Killed

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The SDF has faced a series of setbacks since the beginning of its military operation in the Euphrates Valley last September. According to the SOHR, more than 315 SDF fighters were killed in the course of the operation.

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You can call me Al

OK. Who do I believe US backed SDF or US backed ISIS ?……… what about no one + I dont give a toss, because the ISIS scum bags (including US personnel) are probably just being airlifted out.

Turkish Greywolves

ISIS got baghuz fawqani back, they lost ground against ISIS again

R Trojson

The Russian-Syrian-Iranian propagandists cannot have it both ways. First they say SDF-Kurds-US fund and control ISIS. Then they say SDF-Kurds-US lie to hide their losses fighting ISIS. We all know Russia-Syria-Iran just resupplied Al Safa ISIS and now want to move them east of the Euphrates to fight Kurds-US.


I see the SDF has already adopted the US ‘information management’ protocol.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I believe Isis’s account, it would certainly help explain why the Iraqis are sending reinforcements to Abu Kamal to help the SAA defend the city. The Iraqis might suspect that Isis is about to break out and cross the river into SAA territory, and are now pre empting their move in an effort to help their friends and allies defend the town.
The Syria live map shows us just how badly the SDF are doing at the moment, it shows Isis has retaken a lot of ground from the SDF in the last few days, making the Isis claims even more believable.
Isis must have moved a lot of their forces into the conflict zone to achieve what they did, which means a lot of them will now be just across the river from Abu Kamal, only a 100 metre swim or boat ride away.
I hope the SAA are also sending reinforcements to Abu Kamal, they might need them if Isis tries to break out of the Hajin siege.