SDF Repels ISIS Attack In Raqqah City, Reportedly Kills Over 100 ISIS Members

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SDF Repels ISIS Attack In Raqqah City, Reportedly Kills Over 100 ISIS Members

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition, have repelled a large-scale advance of ISIS near the Old Raqqah area in the city of Raqqah.

According to pro-Kurdish sources, ISIS attacked the SDF in the distrcits of ar-Rafiqa, al-Mahdi and in the nearby areas but failed to achieve any gains. The SDF allegedly killed over 100 ISIS members in these clashes. In turn, pro-ISIS sources claimed that about 80 ISIS members have been killed.

The numbers provided by the both sides look overestimated. However, according to local sources, heavy clashes really took place in the aforementioned areas.

Since July, the SDF has been facing siginficant difficulties with its anti-ISIS operation inside Raqqah city. The US-backed group has not been able to break the ISIS defense in Old Raqqah despite an intense US-led coalition air and artillery bombardment in the area yet.

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Jan Tesarik

no, US backed terrorists adopted 100 ISIS members or gave them free passage


lol US backed terrorists ..!

s Slippy

Im confused here…

SDF recruits 12 year old child soldiers, commit ethnic cleansing of arabs, tries to destroy Syrias territorial integrity and is backed by the number one sponsor of terror: USA

but yet I’m supposed to cheer for SDF when they commit the same heinous acts as ISIS?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Propaganda begins for the great heroic acts of the Kurds,lol. They transferred those 100 to Maadan area, we will see them caught in a pocket very bad move on the US part to release those 100 ISIS members to that region.