Security Forces Eliminated 7 Terrorists In Egypt’s North Sinai (Map)


Security forces have eliminated 7 terrorists in the city of Arish in Egypt’s North Sina, a local official told media on February 4. According to reports, the terrorists were planning attacks on state institutions. Security forces reportedly seized large amounts of ammunition, firearms, and improvised explosive devices in the terrorists’ hideout.

Security Forces Eliminated 7 Terrorists In Egypt's North Sinai (Map)

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  • Ed

    You’re fighting a losing battle, Egypt! Give it up already!

    • Smaug

      Uh, they won a while back, but Cairo has kept a tight lid on things.

    • Davki

      First off, they cannot, of course, give up. It’s like saying give up ever peeing just you don’t find a toilet at the moment. What kind of mindset is that? You might as well give up breathing. Secondly, it’s very questionable who’s being killed. Mostly, work is done for Israel, against Hamas-supplie(r)s.