Security Situation In Turkey On November 5 – November 12, 2018 (Infographics)

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On November 12, the Turkish Interior Ministry released a new report providing a detailed look at the security situation in the country in the period from November 5 to November 12.

According to the statement, the Turkish Army and security forces carried out 2,388 anti-terror operations across the country “neutralizing” 14 terrorists.

Authorities detained  5,086 suspects in variuos crimes:

  • 4,176 – crimes linked to drugs and smugling;
  • 163 – human trafficking crimes;
  • 747 – terror-related crimes.

The army and security forces also seized 11 hand grenades, 24 guns, 515 ammunitions, 289 kg of explosive materials. Turkish forces destroyed 28 shelters belonging to terrorist cells as well as 15 IEDs and mines.

The Interior Ministry statement did not adress the November 11 UAV attacks carried by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on November 11. According to existing info, the PKK used at least 7 armed UAVs to attack targets in the southern province of Sirnak. MORE HERE

Security Situation In Turkey On November 5 – November 12, 2018 (Infographics)

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