Selling Homeland At Affordable Price: Videos Show Negotiations Between Western Intelligence And Executive Director Of Navalny Team

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Selling Homeland At Affordable Price: Videos Show Negotiations Between Western Intelligence And Executive Director Of Navalny Team

Alexey Navalny – the main lover of the ‘democracy’ in Russia

That’s a surprise! (spoiler: no) The core of fighters for the ‘democracy and freedom’ against ‘the evil Putin regime’ in Russia are officially confirmed to be assets of Western intelligence services.

In fact, there were no doubts for this for a long time. The real support for the hardcore neo-liberal, pro-Western opposition, led by Alexey Navalny, among the Russian population is close to a statistical spread. Therefore, any real politician, even if he hates the current political regime would push such a hardcore agenda at any cost without some ‘background reasons’ to do this.

On February 1, Russian media shared two videos showing the meeting between the executive director of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Fund, Vladimir Ashurkov, with James William Thomas Ford, a diplomat from the British Embassy in Russia and the suppused MI6 agent. RT claims that its source in the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) considers this diplomat to be an agent of MI6.

“The MI6 embassy station continues to actively participate in the work with the Russian opposition, support various NGOs, giving them grants,” RT quoted the source as saying.

“In addition to informational and financial support for the opposition and NGOs, the staff of the British Embassy are actively involved directly in the formation of opposition forces. “

The videos in question were reportedly filmed in 2012. On the tape, Ashurkov asks his British friend for money in exchange for de-facto treason of his country.

“If we had more money, we would expand our team. A person who spends $ 10-20 million a year on support here will see a completely different picture. And for those who have billions at stake, this is not so much money. “

Ashurkov clearly asks for assistance from British special services in the alleged ‘anti-corruption investigations’ to attack Russian elites:

“In some cases, we do not have direct evidence – they are indirect. But I am confident that the UK’s anti-fraud intelligence has access to a wealth of information that is not available to us.

I am sure that the British special services have data confirming the connection between Abramovich, Usmanov, people in the Russian government.

I think Great Britain is a key European country that can have an impact on Russia and which is already tightening its position in relation to it. “

On top of this, Ashurkov proposes to release a propaganda piece against the Russian state bank and hints that this will be useful for the British side:

“Together with the London Henry Jackson Society, we will publish a report on VTB Bank. It states that VTB is involved in corruption, that the risk management system is not working, and we will lead to the fact that it poses a threat to European financial markets and their integrity, since it is a significant player there…:

Thus, Ashurkov says it will be harder for VTB to compete with such British companies like “Lloyds, RBS, Barclay”.

The direct support provided by Western state for the Russian neo-liberal opposition has been an open secret for a long time. Western leaders, embassies, media and special services provide a direct assistance to attempts of this ‘non-system’ opposition to launch destructive trends in Russia and widely support them. Recently, the game became especially obvious when the ‘Navalny team’ using the pretext of his staged poisoning asked the EU and the US to impose new sanctions on Russia.

Navalny & Co have no real political future in Russia in the conditions of the competitive elections because the ideology and approaches promoted by them are not supported in the society. However, these persons still remain a useful tool of foreign attempts to destabilize the country.

The full RT report in English with Russian subtitles:


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