War In Nagorno-Karabakh: Shadow Of Big Ottoman Brother Covers Azerbaijan

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The Turkish military continues to demonstrate its non-involvement in the war with Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. On November 4, the heroic defense ministry of Turkey announced that Azerbaijani forces had shot down one more Armenian Su-25 warplane in the conflict zone. Thus, the claimed number of downed Armenian warplanes has reached seven. The only issue is that Azerbaijan itself did not claim such an incident, when the Turkish defense ministry made its statement. So, it seems that Ankara knows much more than do the Azerbaijani forces themselves, who are allegedly alone in their fight against the mighty Armenian aggressors.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev undertook another Twitter advance announcing the capture of the villages of Mirak and Kavdar in the Jabrayil district, Mashadiismayilli and Shafibayli in the Zangilan district, and Basharat, Garakishilar and Garajalli in the Gubadli district. The Azerbaijani military also reported clashes in the district of Adhere. In the last 48 hours, according to Azerbaijan, Armenian forces suffered multiple casualties and lost over two dozen equipment pieces.

Fortified positions and settlements controlled by Armenian forces in the central and northern parts of Nagorno-Karabakh are regularly being targeted with air and artillery strikes by Azerbaijani forces. The most intense strikes hit the areas of Shusha and the Lachin corridor.

Armenian officials kept apace with their Azerbaijani counterparts and also made several victorious statements. For example, on November 4, Armenian forces allegedly eliminated a large group of Azerbaijani soldiers in an operation code-named “Gyorbagyor.” The troops were amassing south of the town of Shusha, when they were detected by an Armenian drone and were targeted by artillery. Dozens were reportedly injured or killed.

In another development, the Armenians allegedly eliminated an Azerbaijani sabotage group operating on the road between Shusha and Lachin. Despite this statement, as of November 5, the road remains closed to civilian traffic. This means that the situation there is more complicated than Yerevan wants to admit. This highlights the unresolved crisis. If Armenian forces fail to push the Azerbaijani units away from the road and to restore free communication along it, the position of the forces defending Shusha will seriously worsen.

In the coming weeks, Azerbaijani forces supported by Syrian militants and Turkish special forces, who allegedly are not participating in the conflict, will continue attempts to cut off the Shusha-Lachin road, and to capture Martuni and Shushi. The Lachin area itself, due to its close proximity to the state border of Armenia, is the more complicated and protected target. Thus, the focus of clashes will likely remain on the center of Nagorno-Karabakh.

If the Turkish Defense Ministry does not forget to inform Baku about military developments on the ground in a timely manner, Azerbaijan still has a significant chance of developing its initial success in the south of Nagorno-Karabakh and making even more gains before the start of winter, which, given the mountainous terrain, will reduce the intensity of the clashes.

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Arman Melkonyan
Random Dude

Israel also never has forgotten Armenian role in intifada and Hezbolla. Not to mention their joint project with PLA, called asala. Or Armenian national hero Garegin Njdeh, who was the Nazi collaborator during WW2.
Armenia is just seeing a beautiful flower blossoming, called KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!

Arman Melkonyan

The Donmeh Jews and Freemasons like Talat Pasha and Ataturk organized and committed the genocide of the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians.

Depraved genocidal Jewish dog.

Random Dude

You are thinking of Kurds. But well, Kurds are friends with Armenians now, so avoid mentioning them. But the whole world can see your hypocrisy.

Arman Melkonyan

Now you’re outright lying.

Talat Pasha and Ataturk were Donmeh JEWS, not Kurds.

Jews committed the Armenian genocide. (Just as the Jewish Bolsheviks committed the Russian genocide killing over 20 million Christian Russians).

Even the Jews are starting to admit it:


Armenians knew it:


Solzhenitsyn knew it, too: http://12160.info/m/blogpost?id=2649739%3ABlogPost%3A1598724

Arman Melkonyan

Insidious genocidal Jewish dog,

You are trying to deflect from the fact that Freemasonic Donmeh Jewish LEADERS such as Talat Pasha and Ataturk ORGANIZED, ORDERED and COMMITTED the genocide of the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians: http://themillenniumreport.com/2015/11/ultra-secret-conspiracy-in-the-middle-east-revealed-the-donmeh-the-wahhabi-and-zionisms-sephardic-jewry/


Israel DENIES the Armenian genocide.

Instead, the Jews are ATTACKING the Armenians with Israeli terror drones and LORA ballistic missiles which the Jews are personally operating.

You filthy depraved Jews are committing war crimes by killing civilians in NK through your indiscriminate terror bombardment of city centers in Artsakh.

You Jews are an abomination.

Random Dude

No, no. Im not denying it at all. Jews im not aware, but Turks did commit the genocide. But you also need to admit that Kurds were the executors of the Turkish genocide, and now very good friends with Armenians. Armenian view on genocide is not very consistent, you see.

Arman Melkonyan

Kurds are the scum of the earth like the Jews, the Turks and the Muslims one and all.

Kurds are no friends of Armenians. Fuck them as well.

The poor Armenians are doing what they can. The human race entire has betrayed them.

There may be consequences.

Random Dude

Look at it objectively, it cannot be that all of a sudden entire human race started hating Armenians for no reason. I will leave you to figure out the reason on your own.
Sorry, gotta go follow the battle of Shusha.

Arman Melkonyan

And one day you may stop lying on your own.

The world doesn’t hate Armenia. Only the Turks and Muslims do.

But the world has started hating Muslims and Jews.

There will be consequences.

Random Dude

Sure, one day many things may happen. But for now lets watch Shusha battle. Seyran Ohanyan is wounded I heard.

El Mashi

Zionist got their Jewish paradise in Palestine…nice. How’s that working out? Can’t fly out due to the Plague, and can’t drive out due to hostile neighbors. Israel is your golden concentration camp with Capo Netanyahu running the camp. Soon, the US will be to broke and broken to give you welfare. Yet, you have 10,000 missiles pointed at you. Soon, Hezbollah will take revenge on Israel what Israel did to Lebanon. Now that’s KARMA.

Random Dude

sureeee. but we are talking about Israeli Armenian relation, not Israeli Palestinian.

Random Dude

Considering that all Armenian videos and sources talk about Azerbaijani forces on Lachin-Shusha road, towns south of Shusha, while Azerbaijan is silent (even today denied having forces there). Azerbaijan is cooking something, something very big.


Its own goose?


Does not need much seasoning, a little salt and pepper …PIG FOOD!


Arman Melkonyan
cechas vodobenikov

too much fake news

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The Lachin area itself, due to its close proximity to the state border of Armenia, is the more complicated and protected target. Thus, the focus of clashes will likely remain on the center of Nagorno-Karabakh.”

Will they, that’s quite an interesting assumption to make, usually control of the highways is usually pretty vital for both sides of a conflict, so cutting off or capturing that highway into Armenia would be an achievement of significant proportions for the Azerbaijani side.
Looking at syrialiveuamaps it looks more like the Azerbaijanis are more interested in capturing the highway than they are anything else, so I hope the Armenian military aren’t as naive as this SF article is.

Potato Man

I gonna say this again those Wahhabi Sunnis are just doing their job to make money. The End.
NATO – Zion – Wahhabi – Turk block use them again and again…they are just Mercenary…Azer is Shia and work with Zion and you talking hardcore Wahhabi terrorists are helping them? No they are just making money.