Shooting and Stabbing Attack at Be’er Sheva Bus Station in Israel. Eritrean lynched

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One soldier was murdered, nine people were injured in attack on the bus station. Terrorist was eliminated. One civilian was killed because he “looked as terrorist”.

Shooting and Stabbing Attack at Be'er Sheva Bus Station in Israel. Eritrean lynched


An Israeli soldier was murdered and nine other people were injured in a shooting terror attack at Be’er Sheva’s Central Bus Station on Ocotober 18.

Muhanad Al-Ukabi armed with a handgun and knife exercised the attack. He shot an IDF soldier, and then took his M-16 assault rifle and began firing at a group of policemen. As result, he was shot down by them.

Also, the police servicemen shot down an Eritrean fleeing from the gun fight. People who thought him to be a terrorist beat him, threw benches and chairs at him, kicking him, spat on him and cursed at him. He died of his wounds in the hospital Monday morning.

Thus, a civilian was killed because of the anti-Arab hysteria spreading Israel. People believed that he is a “terrorist” because he looked as Arab and run from the gun fight.

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