Sinai Insurgency: ISIS Damaged Four Armored Vehicles, Bulldozers In Recent Clashes

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Sinai Insurgency: ISIS Damaged Four Armored Vehicles, Bulldozers In Recent Clashes

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On May 7, ISIS announced that its fighters had thwarted an advance attempt by the Egyptian military in the Sinai Peninsula.

The attack took place on April 29, according to ISIS news agency Amaq. The group’s engaged in a fierce battle with Egyptian troops who advanced towards the town of al-Ghurah, south of Sheikh Zuweid city, in order to establish a number of checkpoints.

“Dozens of vehicles took part in the military campaign under the cover of intense bombardment by Egyptian warplanes, artillery and drones,” Amaq said in a press release.

According to Amaq, ISIS fighters “damaged” two YPR-765 PRI infantry fighting vehicles and two bulldozers during the clashes around al-Gurah, which lasted for three days. A number of Egyptian soldiers were also killed, or injured.

ISIS terrorists responded to the campaign by targeting a checkpoint of the Egyptian military near the town of al-Shalaq, southwest of Sheikh Zuweid, with a “rocket-propelled projectile”. Several soldiers were allegedly killed or injured.

These claims are likely filled with false information. ISIS has been attempting to exaggerate its influence in the Sinai province for a while now.

On May 3, Amaq released photos of ISIS terrorists preparing their weapons and going around their daily chores in the Sinai Peninsula.

ISIS cells have been waging an insurgency against Egyptian government forces in Sinai since November of 2014. Over the last few years, the group’s activities in the peninsula saw a slow decline.


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