Situation In Southern Caucasus Is Further Deteriorating

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Situation In Southern Caucasus Is Further Deteriorating

Opening ceremony of Noble Partner 2018 drills at the military base of Vaziani, Georgia. IMAGE: EPA-EFE/ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE

The situation in the South Caucasus is slowly deteriorating creating conditions for growing tensions in the region.

On July 12, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg once again stated that the military bloc is aiming to grant membership to Georgia. In the same month, Georgia’s  Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze vowed to press ahead with a move to join NATO. He claimed that if Gerogia joins NATO, it will contribute to the political balance of this “very sensitive” region.

“It is in the best interests of Georgia, it is in the best interests of Europe, and I would say it is in the best interests of the region, and Russia as well,” Bakhtadze stated. “These aspirations will bring more prosperity to the region, more predictability, and more security as well”.

On August 1, a two-week multinational military exercise dubbed Noble Partner 2018 started in Georgia. The drills involve 3,000 troops from 13 members and partners of NATO: Georgia, the US, the UK, Germany, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

According to official reports, the exercise is at enhancing the readiness and interoperability between the armed forces of Georgia, the US and partner countries as well as improving defensive and offensive capabilities and enhancing the ability to secure the Black Sea Region.

The US transported military equipment from Europe to Georgia for training. The deployed equipment includes Stryker armored fighting vehicles, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks, Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters.

A total of 1,170 U.S. troops are participating in the drills, which also include bout 1,300 Georgian servicemen and 500 servicemen from other countries.

Georgia is hosting the Noble Partner multinational exercise for the fourth time.

Commenting on the development on August 3, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the drills are supported by militarist sentiments and are aimed at exerting pressure over Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

“We cannot agree with the statements of the Georgian Defense Ministry that these drills are aimed at providing security in the Black Sea region. Stability and security mean constructive dialogue, not helicopters and tanks,” Zakharova said. “It is clear that their current task is to project power pressure, chiefly over South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia.” These exercises result in “bolstering military sentiments and the escalation of tensions.”

Meanwhile in Armenia, the new “democraitc” regime of Nikol Pashinyan is mimicing the Ukrainain appraoch of presecuting and neutralizing political opponents inside the country.

Following a peaceful transfer of power in Armenia following April-May protests, the Pashinyan government has broken all public and unpublic agreements with the previous leadership in the country and has started mass presecutions of its political opponents. Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharyan as well as CSTO’s Secretary General and former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia Colonel General Yuri Khachaturov are among the persons targeted by the new Armenian “democratic” regime.

Armenia’s Foreign Ministry even called on CTSO member states to remove Colonel General Khachaturov from his post. This statement faced a cold response from Moscow:

“In response to the statement by the spokesperson of Armenia’s Foreign Ministry regarding the replacement of CSTO’s Secretary General, the Information and Press Department points out that all the necessary explanations were provided to Armenia during the telephone conversation between Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Foreign Minister of Armenia Zohrab Mnatsakanyan on July 27, 2018.

In particular, it was noted that according to CSTO’s rules of procedure, it is up to Armenia to initiate the recall of its citizen from the post of CSTO Secretary General, if Yerevan has taken a decision to this effect,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

While publicly the Pashinyan government is pretending to be a “neutral” state, in fact, it’s making a pivot towards NATO, the EU and the US thus seeking to change the balance of power in the region. Realizing that this move can destabilize the region, the Armenian government has started preparing for an escalation in the one of the regional hot points – Nagorno Karabakh.

It’s interesting to note that Armenian diasporas in the EU and the US have launched a propaganda campaign in support of the Pashinyan government amid these developments. Particularly, Assembly of Armenians of Europe called on Armenian nationals in the EU, the US and around the world to host rallies in support of the Pashinyan government on August 17. [100 days of Pashinyan as Armenia’s Prime Minister]

Curiously, why successes of the Armenian government, if they really exist, have to impact the influence of the life in the states and societies [the US, the EU, Russia etc] that have given a second home to Armenian refugees. All the aforementioned countries have received Armenian refugees in variuos hystorical periods.

August 17-like events and statements highly likely demonstrate that Pashinyan’s “democratic” regime has little real results to show to the Armenian citizens. So, his government is forced to employ Ukrainian-style propaganda measrues in order to hide the ill-developed economic and political course behind the media noise based on “democratic” rehetorics and “international support”.

Pashinyan has demonstrated that he’s a successful street protests politician. However, running the government requires different skills.

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I don’t know how the Ukranian and Georgien politicians have sold themselves to US, NATO and Israel and have destablized the borders of Russia. I think Russia have no snipers as US, NATO and Israel have. Snipers are game changer.


sometimes thy dont shell they succumb to threads about murdering etc… like my Greek goverment did..not we(my country) are the Zionists slaves for life

Brother Ma

Yes i did hear the Russians saved Karamanlis from being murdered by the CIA ,just like Erdogan. The irony is Karamanlis and his party have traditionally been the Americanophile party! To add jnsult to injury the CIA pointman to kill Karamanlis was a renegade greek called Basiliadis from the island Kos. His bullshit American name was a William Basil! Hahah!
When will a patriot Greek be born to deal with such traitors?

Now to prove that Zionatoyanquis can NEVER be trusted they even threatened to murder Greece’s Treasurer ,Varoufakis as well. Woe to poor Greece ,Italy and Serbia ;the traditional defenders of Christianity in Europe!


US and NATO military bases are here today and gone tomorrow. Snipers LOL.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Thats more political movement to support puppet goverment than military threats…Once georgia and Armenia be member of will be difficult for Russia to find a friendly govern in that countries and sell weapons…but military threat vs Russia?.. forget it…remember when Russia vs Turkey crisis…then NATO told that was not going to support Turkey because there was not going to be invasion in spite that Russia would have destroyed all Turkey!


THey sold themselve in the American way, kissinger told it ounce, for money, a huge amount of money, a very huge amount of money !


I think it whas Paul Craig Roberts who asked the qoestion on Kissinger. Why are foreign governments taking descissions against the interest of their own population, and kissinger answered what i wrote before about money !


Most EU countrys have US trolls, the High ranking Military dare to speak in the corridors but not in open declarations !

viktor ziv

Buahaha, :D EU needs new workforce from Georgia and Armenia. At the end elderly people will be left alone to die with Georgia and Armenia.


Russia should work on multiple projects concurrently for example provide assistance to Syrians, Palestinians Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis, Libyans etc. Along with this Russia should also work on their surrounding states and take them out from US, NATO and Israeli control because their military bases build up is continue very fast.

paul ( original )

I don’t know how long Russia will tolerate NATO’s increasingly
intrusive encroachment on to its borders. The map looks very
threatening with NATO daggers pointing at Russia form the north,
centre and now from the south. I can not imagine that the military is
not getting very nervous about all this. The disposition of NATO
forces look far more strategically threatening than those in 1941,
and they were bad enough.

So can Russia tolerate a threat materialising in the south? Is this a
red line? It does not look very good.


“So can Russia tolerate a threat materialising in the south?”

No they can’t.
Ukraine and Georgia in NATO are Russian RED LINE drown by Russia for more than decade.

Crossing that line will have very big consequences and MUCH more aggressive Russian answer than usual.
Russia is already prepared for all out war …
And in few years they will be more than ready to kick some butt if need be.

paul ( original )

I don’t have any special inside knowledge, but I think you could well be correct. I certainly feel that Russia needs such red lines. The only obstacle I see to all this playing out as I think we both believe is if the USA becomes distracted by financial and political chaos. This is possible but I can not predict it .


People can only guess.
No expert can predict for sure the future. How things will come out at the end.
One thing is sure though.
They keep hitting bear in the balls
And bear has even shown to them the place on the balls that hurts him lot (if they hit there) And bear has warned them NOT to hit him there!
He has warned them, that he can get extremely angry if they hit him there…
So it seams they are really tempted to try and see what is going to happen if they kick the Bear in that prohibited place….
I don’t think things are going to end well for them.

What I’m trying to say after that the glows are off and they better be ready to fight!
In Russian “Red Line” means “Red Line” !


Here I just have bumped into the article…on RT.

Georgia’s NATO entry could lead to terrible conflict, Russian PM warns

paul ( original )

I think there are those who will see the dangers. Now I respect Putin. I think he is a statesmen of high caliber. But there are times when what is needed is a warrior not a statesman. All I can say is I have some doubts in this matter.


“But there are times when what is needed is a warrior not a statesman.”
And what makes you think he is not?! He is the winner of 2nd Chechen war. It was him who brought Jihad Chechen’s to surrender and exterminate all others who resisted.
Did he put in place Georgia ? Did he found solution for Ukraine by supporting independence vote of Crimea and resisted all the military pressure from the NATO and other over Donbass. Didn’t he help Syria to get rid of Jihad invasion sponsored by Arabs and the West?
Putin is not about showing off but about doing it.
Remove all the clatter from US presidents and which one of them is “warrior”?
Drone assassination’s or attacking small countries that can’t defend themselves or even worse gang up with several aggressors against much weaker enemy like Libya or Yugoslavia?

Is that the “warriors” you are talking about?
“Red Line” if they cross it ….they’ll receive hell who ever that might be!

paul ( original )

All I said was I had doubts. These can only be resolved when the crisis has arrived. You have more certainties in these matters than I do . All you say is true. I probably see more hesitancy in the things you catalogue than you do .
If the question is will Putin directly confront NATO and the USA ? Then not withstanding your examples I do have my doubts .


And where did I say you shouldn’t have your doubts?
To directly “confront NATO and the USA” is one way street to total destruction of everybody.
I don’t think Russians are suicidal to seek such confrontation but I don’t think also when they say that US-NATO have arrived to the limits of
acceptable that they will back off now.

In very short
Russians DO NOT BLUFF !
If they say that they will nuke anybody who attacks them they will do it !
And Ukraine and Georgia in NATO is for them an ATTACK.


We can only hope so. The world has seen U.S. how U.S. Government is using financial pressures on various countries to get their way.

World has to wake up and stop financing U.S. Military Industrial Complex. Russia has made moves and China needs to too. Western Europe is still bought off and the people their have heads in their asses. I know because I have relatives there and they are asleep regarding Muslims invasion and belief in America as World Policeman.

I just see worse and worse happening. The U.S., Israel, Western Europe and Saudi’s want control of world and that’s it. China and Russia is all that stands in their way.

paul ( original )

Yes I think your correct. But I don’t think there will be any ‘waking up’. That’s not to say there is not dissent- there is and it is growing. I fear, however, that it is only after the catastrophe has happened when people truly ‘wake up’. In this case I think it will be too late. Particularly when it comes to immigrant invasion. I hope you will concede that not all situations resolve themselves by returning to the previous situation. Sometimes thing are destroyed forever.


That is why the growing military and economic alliance with China is exceedingly important!

Feudalism Victory

A true southfront for russia


Stil active I think, a friend in VDV (based in Tula but deployed in the south in 2016) got a service award (the type with the blue ribbon) in middle of 2016, signifies she was involved in some active service, probably terrorists from Georgia.


Georgia is located in Eurasia – how is that part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, exactly?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Don’t ask silly questions. Mars can also be in NATO, if the Martians help in the imperial subjugation of Russia.


Forgive me – what was I thinking.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Back the GuLag for your re-education. Go to Gitmo and do not collect £200!




On a related tangent – re: controlling the past via the present. It is very interesting that ISIS actively set about destroying and plundering many ancient historical sites in both Syria and Iraq. A question arises, was this with intent to obliterate the current Arab state connections to the regional civilizations of past – with intent to set in motion a sectarian re-mapping of the Levant and Mesopotamia – that corresponds with the Neo-Con pro-Israel agenda?

Brother Ma

Could be!


IS do not cause trouble to ISRAEL is already a big red flag.


I should re-read/re-watch this after all these years.


The same way Colombia is today in NATO.
Also EU consider even Kazakhstan to be in Europe (future member of EU with oil and gas of course)

Brother Ma

Same way Moslem Bosnians/Turcalbanians ,Turkey and Israel are considered European! Disgusting!


Moslem Bosnians are Slav Christian converts to Islam in the days of Ottoman Empire in the Balkans (majority of them denies that and has invented even false ethnic identity and history)

“Turcalbanians” have many theories and their claim is to originate from old Illyric tribes which is ridiculous.
The most probable that they were brought by Turks as nomads from Caucasus because they haven’t got much cultural heritage and steal from Serbs and just about anybody.
So “Turcalbanians” is quite accurate name for them
Yes I agree, Turkey is not European in just about anything…They are Asian people.


Since Albanian is a sole surviving member of one branch (effectively, Albanian branch) of the Indo-European group, hard to say where it comes from. Armenian and Greek are further examples of this case of sole branch member, suggesting origins perhaps under analogous conditions anywhere from southern Balkan to eastern Anatolia, By 1914, there are something like 5 million Albanian speakers, not so large as to make migration (of several hundred thousand) at earlier date impossible…. by way of comparison, there are about 200,000 Baltic Germans at height of that influence….5 million is a bit steep for a Medieval migration here unless the population has been cleared by Turks…possible, but probable, IDK?).

Illyrian as language has many different theories as to extent and content, many assumed Illyrian names are only contextual guesses from Greek and Roman texts, looking at the cognates, they are not close enough to exclude Celtic either who we know were causing trouble in Balkans also. Here archaeological correlates are with La Tend Culture. Greeks has =d a much SMALLER use of term Illyrian to mean only the borders with Macedonia (Romans had much wider use, but were much poorer ethnographers also and thus this use is questionable). Really, we do not know how much Albania today was even Illyrian in the past…so the whole issue really has too many holes to resolve)

Name Albanian itself is contrived from texts of Ptolemy, a city in Illiyricum was called something similar and just adopted.

Brother Ma

I do not want to comment on much of this excellent worlk you have mentioned. Any true Albanians ,whether descendants of Illyrians or not- are long gone. They ones that remained Christian migrated to Italy and Greece mainly and became absorbed as part of those nations to a large degree hundreds of years ago. Those that call themselves Albanians in Albania ,Kosovo,Skopjean Republic etc are considered Turks and thus renegades by real Albanians who migrated.
To ” turn Turk” is incompatible with remaining tuie to your roots as a Slav,Greek or real Albanian ie Christian. It was always so.

These modern day “Albanians”who flooded greece,Italy and Germany as hitmen,white slavers and as terrorists inthe last twenty years are Shipetars ,which is what they consider themselves and personally do not believe they have anything to do with the ancient Illyrians.

Brother Ma

Very true about those Bosnian Moslems . Same as most Pomaks in Greece/Bulgaria. Even though,it hurts to look at them:these Bosnian Moslems may look like your uncle or sister ,they are lost to Christianity and thus should not be trusted .They committed horrible atrocities when the Turk and German ruled in The Balkans. Curs!

Serbia/Croatia should have kicked them all out in1912/1945 as did Bulgaria,the Turks, in 1985 when they were strong .Even the few left in Bulgaria and even in Romania are making trouble now as are the Turks in Thrace!

I wish God gave me power and a strong patriotic army to help fix these wrongs. God bless and help the Christians of the Balkans!


Fuck the christian fascists!

Brother Ma

Fascists? I did not mention political persuasion. Do you know something I don’t?


” Do you know something I don’t?”
He knows he is Muslim (with false name) and you maybe don’t

Brother Ma

Hahaha. I thoight so! ?


No need to explain to me those things
Majority of Muslims were in Waffen SS divisions “Hanjar” and “Kama”.
And they did many crimes against who else but Serbs…
When communists came they have white washed them just like Croat NAZI crimes against us Serbs
And Croat Tito have declared them to be part of “anti-fascist” fight.
Later on bastard Tito have declared them also to be the “nationality”=ethnic group and “constitutive” nation to make them equal with the others.
Communists were against religion so what interest did he have to create ethnic group out of them?
The only logic answer is that EVERYTHING Tito did was against Serb interests !
We Serbs were so naive and manipulated and BETRAYED by our “elites” and screwed by Tito.
I think that Tito was Mason and UK agent infiltrated in Yugoslavia.
There are so many strange things about him that doesn’t fit in the story.


The principality of Arbanon was founded in 1190. Albabians were o n the balkan long before the Serbs and Croats, that came both from Asia!


You talk nonsense.
Serb state was established in early 7th century.
Which shows that they have started to arrive in Balkans in late 6th century.


They can keep absorbing these weak small statelets. If they’re invaded i doubt they’ll do much for them anyhow.

Boris Kazlov

Colombia is in South America, that didn’t prevent NATO from joining it.

Manuel Flores Escobar

NATO alliance with Armenia aim more towards Iran than Russia…

Igor Dano

Aserbajian go!
Fight Armenia, let Russia help you.


No reason to do that
Armenia for the moment doesn’t have anti-Russian attitude.
And if one day decide to go against Russian interest Russia will abandon them and let Azerbaijan finish the job.
Azerbaijan is already stronger than Armenia who depends on Russian support


I don’t understand what benefit Armenia would gain from tilting towards NATO. NATO won’t help them defend NK, so what’s the point?


They don’t
Ukraine has ruined herself for doing exactly that.
The point is that leader of this Soros “color revolution” have succeeded in coup against the Armenian government and he is in charge of Armenia now.
But that still doesn’t change the overall situation in which they are totally dependent on Russia in defending themselves from Azerbaijan.
So if they turn full i d i o t and go openly against Russia
Russians will dump them and they will lose the war against Azerbaijan


Regarding Armenia, I think you are pushing it out of proportions. Armenia is NOT like Ukraine.

If Nikol is arresting former politicians and leaders, it is for the sole, irrefutable, undeniable fact that those utterly corrupt thieves and violators have drained the country dry for more than a decade of monopolized ruling! Billions of dollars of theft in their offshore bank accounts while the people starved, monopoly on exports and imports and trade, percentage taxes to private political families, tentacles in every aspect of people’s lives down to building palaces for themselves with the stolen money of the country in plain sight to see!

They did this while being fed candy and power by Russia, it was a miracle the revolution happened the way it did and that is because 99% of Armenians were against these people including the soldiers on the ground whose families where protesting.

If I were Nikol I would go further and hang them by the balls in public square and call it sweet justice.

If you want to spin this off as some anti-Russian propaganda feel free to do so, it is your site.

But Armenia knows full well that it needs to break free of the economic and geographic deadlock, and it needs the west to do so! It is a fundamental economic requirement, Russia is broke, Turkey is a deadlock, Georgia is near constant state of war, and Azerbaijan is a no go zone. But it also needs Russia for protection and as a close partner. And I believe if given the chance it can have both. As it states that it does!

But it seems neither Russia nor EU want a two way street. For EU it’s either Armenia lets go of Russia which means war and destruction for Armenia, and for Russia it’s stay moderately poor and weak but under my wings.

It’s like being between a rock and a very hard place. Armenia will never pose a threat to Russian interests and it can’t, that’s a fact.

I think Russia should stop being hysterical about it and I think EU are bunch of fucking corrupt idiots, punishing every nation who have anything to do with Russia.

So your article is false by falsely putting the blame on one side. You are playing a propagandist game which is very biased and feeding into the hysteria while at the same time accusing the west of doing the same.

Lastly I think it’s the other way around regarding Azerbajian, It is Batu which is in economic turmoil and needs a war to divert attention. Did you forget these were the same people who used ISIS as paramilitary to behead Armenian soldiers and display them proudly in the capital + get a medal award for it just a few years back!! Pathetic.

when it is in the interest of Russia it is okay to have a partner like that, but it is only evil when the west does it in Syria.


President Putin years ago drew the “red line” for the US and its european satellites: that NATO would not be allowed to incorporate Georgia nor the Ukraine. I fully expect, and hope, that President Putin is good to his word.


I am more than sure about that to happen.
Red line was and still is:
GEORGIA and UKRAINE never to become members of NATO.
But they never have said how they are going to react.

I think if U.S. still make that move with Georgia…. He will not attack Georgia.
Putin, will make Ukraine fall apart as country completely as an answer. Russo-phone part will vote to join Russia and problems for Donbass will be over.
And Belarus will go back to Russia also… So suddenly Russia will be again quite big as it used to be and as powerful as ever.
And ready for war


Red line already crossed in UA, thus some action there already, in ten years, there will be more, it will take that long for social and military conditions…most Ukrainians do not want HATO (even in biased polls, the real situation is still more unfavourable). War in SE (Donbass) is being fought on front line by mercs and political troops. There are no more general mobilization because ordinary Ukrainians do not want to be criminals.


Bloody Maidan was permitted by Russia.
When Yanukovych escaped it was already too late to react!
I don’t agree completely with you.
Yes Ukraine as red line but Ukraine in NATO.
That was literally meaning of the stepping over red line….
Ukraine is independent country Russia can’t prohibit them to invite NATO troops now.
At the moment U.S. are walking on the red line without stepping on the other side for the time being.

If U.S. was really determined to provoke conflict they would push Ukraine in NATO despite everybody and everything.
But they didn’t do that yet.


‘Bloody Maidan was permitted by Russia’ ??? … How was that permitted by Russia??? The ‘bloody Maidan’ was a US staged coup


Do you know etymology of word “permitted”?
I was not talking about who has “staged coup” I was talking about country who “permitted”coup to happen and it was not only coward Yanukovich and Ukraine security forces and army.
I was talking about Russia (FSB) who “permitted”coup (not willingly of course but still they”permitted” it to happen)

Robert Ferrin

And just HOW would they have prevented it after all the Ukraine is a sovereign nation,so according to you Russia should have gone in all guns blazing, so another WW could be upon us,meanwhile the Ukraine is/has turned into another shithole country..


No need to be ironic no “guns blazing”
It is like asking HOW can US prevent some guy to become president in Mexico during election year!
Your question is so naive to the point to sound stupid.
Why don’t you ask HOW they did it in Crimea?!
Those anonymous soldiers protecting airport were Russian soldiers
On Crimea FSB didn’t fail against Western and Ukrainian spies activities.
We all know HOW the secret services do those things with different methods
Russia had plenty of ANTI-fascist supporters and Russo-phone supporters in Ukraine + Yanukovich in power with command over the Army and Police to oppose that coup directly and completely but they FAILED!
Russians were probably counting on Yanukovich to be capable to resist which he didn’t…


Them go gun blazing to kiev or even had their spec ops doing wetwork for yanukovich is exactly what’s the USA planned. Yanukovich despite he’s legally elected had a corrupt government where it even stolen Russia oil passed through it’s pipeline.

Instead they quickly defended their critical strategic base in Crimea just after they did the referendum. Russian spec ops killing people in kiev just as they’re widely confused in maidan would tip the public to USA sides.


I was talking about FSB helping Yanukovich to defend his position to Robert so you can read it
No need to repeat all that again.
And what this “corrupt government” has to do with US coup?!!?
ALL Ukrainian governments were “corrupt”with no exception!
That has nothing to do with the coup.

Where did you get idea about “Spetnaz” (spec ops) doing direct intervention in foreign country to protect regime?!?
Even US would send CIA to protect their dictator in Latin America and not spec ops immediately.

“Instead they quickly defended their critical strategic base in Crimea ”
They did more that that. They took total control of Crimea and didn’t permit Ukrainian and Western agents to infiltrate or organize anything

Here one example how Crimean Kozac’s have prepared “welcome” to Ukrainian NAZI’s from Western Ukraine and to all Ukrainian spies as well.
comment image


Very complicated situation for Russia. It can’t, and won’t allow, Ukraine to become a NATO member. However, how it manages that situation is delicate: it won’t forcibly intervene in the Ukraine because the US would use that overt intervention to force its european satellites to place even more sanctions on Russia. So, Russia performs a cat dance: by supporting the eastern republics it keeps the Kiev regime in a constant conflict which in turn disqualifies the Ukraine from NATO membership.


We are already beyond the “sanctions”.
They have no influence over Russia any more.
Only thing they will do – they’ll finish the process of separation between Russia and West and make total de-dollarization of Russia
This is the next stage that has arrived already – the last one before direct conflict and shooting war.

“it won’t forcibly intervene in the Ukraine because the US would use that overt intervention to force its european ”

Your logic is not good simply because you underestimate very much the gravity of the situation.
If Ukraine and Georgia would announce to enter NATO on some fixed date Russian troops would invade those countries to preempt NATO aggression on Russia on later date from those countries.
Because Russia would consider that entering of Ukraine and Georgia as an act of aggression on Russia.
All NATO troops that would enter on territory of Ukraine with the excuse to “help” future NATO members would be nuked on the spot !
IMMEDIATELY with no hesitation !

For some reason Westerners do not understand Russia because it is Russia that has lost 27 MILLION of people in the last aggression.
Any attempt of NATO would start WW3 immediately and all NATO troops on Russian border would be destroyed !


You misunderstand what I was saying. Russia has not at this point overtly intervened because it has been trying to avoid giving US and its clients further reason to ratchet up sanctions. The West european market is still important for Russia’s economy. Hence it has covertly been providing limited help to novorossiya.

Were NATO to extend membership to Georgia and/or Ukraine, then all previous constraints would be off. Russia, as Putin has already admonished, will not permit the West to incorporate these 2 pseudo- States.

And btw, I am not beating my chest when I say, I understand Russia quite well.


” The West european market is still important”
Yes but every day less.
Only for gas export in EU and practically nothing else.
But EU need importing that gas as much Russia needs it exporting it.
So it is MUTUAL dependence
Russia will gradually turn to Asian market specially if South Korean market opens for them or if Koreans UNITE in one country….

“Hence it has covertly been providing limited help to novorossiya.”

If you under “limited help” consider everything, than I agree.
Well “covertly” only weapons (but NATO does the same for Ukraine)

“Were NATO to extend membership to Georgia and/or Ukraine, then all previous constraints would be off”

I think that would actually start WW.3
Because Russia would invade Russo-phone parts of Ukraine before Ukraine officially enters NATO to prevent arrival of NATO forces on Russian border.


We are in basic agreement.

Panthera Pardus

well.. Ukraine is not what is used to be.
Georgia either.

let them prosper trading with the USA – the transportation cost of crossing one ocean and one continent surely are a blessing for quick prosperity.


Nice, I never noticed that Southfront deletes posts so hastily. In this case mine got deleted! Impressive… What did I say that you didn’t like? Come on now let’s have it..

Richard M

Imagine if Russia began entering into treaties and supplying weapons to the various Native American tribes that are nominally independent nations! Think Washington would like it if Navajo, Sioux and Comanche had air forces and tanks?


Sorry but if you do nothing, don’t be surprised if the outcome is proportional to the effort. If you want Georgia to *feel* that seeking NATO membership is courting utter destruction, then expressing concern is not the way to go about it. I mostly disagree with China’s Taiwan policies, but if TW were to host a US military exercise then China would invade, and rain fiery death on all comers until a painful lesson would have been learned. Such an attitude seems to keep the orcs from China’s borders up to now.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Russia should be prepared to intervene militarily in the Caucasus and in the Ukraine to prevent those countries joining NATO. People in those regions should realize that the only two possible alternatives are either neutrality and independence, or rejoining the Russian Federation. NATO is not an alternative.


Okay we all know that Russia didn’t really Annex Crimea. Is about time for them to do so though with Georgia.

Nigel Maund

Another Globalist effort to put pressure on Russia’s southern border and destabliise Ossetia and Abkhazia. The Rothschild’s Global Scheme’s press on endlessly. Let’s hope Trump wins in the Primaries and he goes after and ends Fed and breaks up the Globalists everywhere possible especially the EU and NATO.


President Putin himself publicly notified all recently, that NATO candidates and members would be held accountable for their actions and that Russia would respond to it’s liking. NATO can play, the Occidentals can shuck and jive all they want. The die has been cast. Look at what has happened to their plans in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine. They have come to nothing. It will be the same in the Caucus region at the end of the day. Just enjoy the show folks is my take. I wish well to all.

Panthera Pardus

I feel sorry for the Armenian – I don’t think their new masters will protect them from the Azeri let alone the Turks but, hey, they will be “democratic” .. in Ukrainian way so to say.
anyway in war it is better to count on few determined – such as the abhkazians or the ossetians – than on many flip-flopping.

Vram Hakobyan

Very biast and poorly researched article. I wonder how much you guys were paid (bybAzerbaijan or Russia) to write so much negative lies about the democratic changes in Armenia.
Russia has no influence in Nagorno-Karabakh. Not a single Russian soldier is in that region. Only Armenian army protects it from Azerbaijan. The myth about “Russian support” of that region is just an excuse for a complex among azeris that a country so small could beat their country which is significantly larger and richer.


May they all get SUPER GONORRHEA


NATO = North American Terrorist Organisation
Fully explained as it is.