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Due to Your support, we’ve collected 50% of the amount we need in this month. However, you see we’ve raised a number of  news and exclusive content including the series about the Arctic (, Greece Crisis (, Global Military issues ( and some others. This is a measurable result of your support.

Now, we are facing again a dilemma: to reduce our content and return to the situation we had at the end of July, to hold the contemporary situation or to rise up quantity with content quality.

In case of your decision to support the rising of the content’s number, the SouthFront Team is going to produce next things:

Videos: Foreign Policy Diary – Space Race, Foreign Policy Diary – EU Migration War, Foreign Policy Diary – The Latest Developments of the Ukranian Crisis (working title)

Graphics: Map of War North Africa (NEW), updates of Map of War Afghanistan, Map of War Yemen and Russian Military Map including the situation in the Arctic.

Texts: Russian Military Thought (NEW, translations and exclusive articles), updates of Greece Crisis reports.

We really need your support!

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