SouthFront Is Rising From Ashes

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Last month was critical for SouthFront!

The Washington establishment has made every effort to demolish SouthFront. Almost all US-controlled banks and payment systems suspended SF accounts and stole funds deposited on them. It seemed that we had no choice but to leave the information space.

We decided to fight to the end. SF Team members, our core supporters used personal funds in order to overcome this critical period. Some of the members of our Team, who are full-time involved, refused to receive any compensation for almost two months.

We apparently succeed. Slowly but consistently, we are restoring and creating new channels that will allow our audience to contribute us safely. We are aimed to restore the volume of our broadcast and the quantity of high-quality analyses that we had before the US sanctions.
Today, we are working on new formats, consistently adhering to our principles and refusing to accept funds from governments and corporations that seek to influence our agenda.

Dear friends, we cannot overcome this difficult transitional period without your consistent contribution. We kindly ask our friends, who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us, to try to make a step beyond the lines of personal comfort zone and consider new ways to support SouthFront.

These days, we are able to receive your contributions to crypto addresses in BTC, BCH, XMR. We also have other, more traditional, accounts and way to get funds that you can use. In this case, we kindly ask you to write us on for further instructions.


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Cosmo Kramer

inshallah southfront lives for eternity

Lone Ranger

Why would anybody deposit anything in a U.S. bank?
They are Pirates

Ding ding dong

I think they probably mean Paypal for example.

jens holm

I agree with Ding but allow me to add there is no inflation. By that the incomming money only loose 1 or 2% a year.You can compare with Liras in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria as well as fx Rials and the Rubel has higher inflation too.

jens holm

They are like any other bank in Our system. We and the americans also has a choise and can change to another one.

I dont see they are pirates. It would be more correct, they sometimes are legalized crime.

The Objective

I think SouthFront will have much more financial support if the reporting is even “slightly” balanced. SF is heavily biased against the larger Muslim population and countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, etc. It’s also a pro-Shiite outlet, hardly criticizing the actions of Shiite militias in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. It is also a Russian propaganda outlet because you won’t ever find a single article that cross-examines Russia’s role around the world. Russia does play a positive role around the world, but sometimes its policies have serious negative effects for the locals. For example, Russia entered Libya and denied going there. Yet it holding negotiations about withdrawing mercs.
I like Russia for being an antidote for American aggression. But when the Kremlin stands by some dictators who are obviously oppressing their people, especially those with links to the CIA, then Russia is clearly an evil power in such circumstances.
Instead of helping the dictators oppress their people, especially embattled dictators, Russia should work with Turkey to restore democracy in these countries. This is the wise policy Putin should follow as it will have long-term benefits for Russia in terms of trade and security. But if Russia continues with its current policy, the blowback will sever for Russia when the Muslim world finally gets rid of the dictators and monarchies.
I for one will become a regular contributor to Southfront if only it can be balanced in its reporting. Even CNN is more balanced because at least they sometimes criticize some U.S policies. But how can I contribute financially to an anti-Muslim propaganda outlet like SouthFront? That’ll be impossible. I’d rather contribute to CNN.


“Instead of helping the dictators oppress their people, especially embattled dictators, Russia should work with Turkey to restore democracy in these countries. This is the wise policy Putin should follow as it will have long-term benefits for Russia in terms of trade and security.”

So in other words you’d like Russia better if it was less like Russia and more like the USA.

Russians elect their government and their taxes pay for their military. The foreign policy Russia follows is in the best interests of the Russian people … not yours, or Turkeys or Ukraines or Sunnis Muslims. If your looking for a hegemon who will fight for oppressed people worldwide stick to comic book … human nature doesn’t work that way.

Southfront is biased and has a pro Russian editorial slant …. same as Fox News, BBC, CNN etc. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out yet should sue their parents for bringing up an idiot. I don’t look for the truth when I read Southfront … I look for a point of view that isn’t the Washington Post, CNN or Fox News. It’s a perspective … nothing more, nothing less. It’s information to be used not dogma to be followed.

The Objective

“So in other words you’d like Russia better if it was less like Russia and more like the USA”
By supporting dictators like Sisi, Assad, Haftar, MBS, MBZ, Russia is actually acting “exactly” like the U.S.A because America has a track record of supporting oppressive rule.
Are you trying to tell me that these dictators are popular in their country? Are the citizens in support of their rule? If not, then why won’t Russia stand by the majority in these countries instead of their oppressive rulers? If Russia cannot help the poor masses ruled under fear, then Russia should at least stay neutral in the fight – thus supporting neither side.

“Russians elect their government and their taxes pay for their military.”
Yeah of course, and I wish the Russians will help others to also elect their governments.

“The foreign policy Russia follows is in the best interests of the Russian people … not yours, or Turkeys or Ukraines or Sunnis Muslims. If your looking for a hegemon who will fight for oppressed people worldwide stick to comic book … human nature doesn’t work that way.”
I like your honest admission that what I said about Russia is true. But you’re wrong in saying that no one can fight for the oppressed around the world. That’s because your knowledge of history is short. Only that most of such powers mostly emerge from the Muslim world, and they will emerge again – the signs are clear but you obviously won’t see it until it becomes so apparent.

If I may ask you, what exactly is Russia’s interest in helping dictators oppress their people? Unless Russia has an interest to keep the larger Sunni Muslims under oppression, I can’t see any other long-term benefits for Russia.

I’m gonna tell you one thing, and remember it from today. The war in Libya will spark the overthrow of the Egyptian, Saudi, and Emirati regimes. It’ll spill across the Libyan border into Egypt. Then from Egypt, it’ll spill across the Egypt-Saudi border to bring that kingdom down. From Saudi Arabia, it’ll spill into the U.A.E from across the border and topple the Emirati regime. This is why Libya is so important for Sisi, MBZ, and MBS. Russia is making a great foreign policy error siding with Sisi and his friends, because they are going to fall before all of this crisis is over.

Egypt cannot afford to enter the Libyan war because it’ll bring Sisi down. The Arab League is now asking Biden to help militarily restore oppressive rule in Libya so that it does not spill into Egypt and topple U.S client states across the gulf. Turkey is the only one standing in their war. As long as the Libyan war continues, these gulf regimes will never feel secure. All the animosity against Turkey is because of this grave threat to the rule of American puppets in the Middle East. If Turkey were to give them back Libya, all this animosity will end – at least with the Arab regimes.
Russia is just a temporary player. They’ll be ejected across the Muslim world – including in Syria.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective

Stay with trt world and CNN Turk


Very well said, mate.

JC Denton

you honestly think someone reads all that turkey bollocks?

jens holm

We are some, which are able too and which life is not made in oneliners and stone.

jens holm

I allow me to add that so many people here only see CNN and driven by CIA.

Its ignored USA has so many other newssites and very big ones, which has their own oppinions and evenagainst CNN. FOX, NBC, ABC.

I agree with the russian part. So many here are told and believe Ukraine is just nazis all over. They are not.

Its the same for Belarus. They say Nato and EU will take it. We already as nato and EU has to many leftovers from the USSR collapse.

Its only true we are open for tjem change away from their collapse and devasting deph based on old days. We see it as very normal, that if things dont work, we copy and implement better ways, if they are there – and in local versions.

Thats normal. We are not working as country protected kombinated, kolkhoses and sovkhoses. And compared ti that most of the EU is very very succesfull.

We also want them to produce things and if they cant in the old days version, they can do as we do or almost semilar. And why??? Its easy. Oyr help is both ways. If they can produce stuff we need and moneyy, they can buy Our stuff. By that help to them is an investment, which in long term at least should not give minus.

I dont think Sothfront are Anti muslims. Its more like Your focus is religion. I see sekularisme of the worst and the best, which – as usefull – has a relgios hat as cover.


jens holm

Page number two: ut I do see Islam in many ways today is a very ineffective tool taken in as base for constitutions. Thats expected, but by that the local sekularisme also has too many malfunction working as in bad glue or quaqmires.

Important for the west Im member in. We have succes with equalizing not even men and women but alos LGBTs. We include all and we all work together much better spending no time in normal differences in genders and the LGBs. They all always has been there. Even Adam got a wife. Most of that in the muslim sector is HARAM.

Muslims and most Russians here deny to understand western economies as well as we might have stolen a little here and there from the rest but mainly has paid for it. The difference for relative succes is we educate well and makes many strinbg structures for many things. By that we dont collpase all over if there are crises in the Kapitalisme ups and downs. We are able to let the rest remain and repair.

Finally we systematicly changes Governess by parlamentearisme and in peace. There are no need for bouying new buildings or chairs after a Goverment change. The PMs has to use the same chairs or none. NO SHOES. No Navalnevs cases. No krasnodorsk whatever Sibiria. All has the right to spe
ak about everything and the voters by that can decide if it relvant and give the oppinions seats,

It almost makes us laugh but also cry if people like Putin, Erdogan and Assad cant run a country with not less then 51%.

Urs Brülhart

Do you speak about western europe nowadays with the Covid non pharmaceutical interventions without any single scenario to stop this nightmare?


Western Europe and the US are in the grip of the bankers, globalists, and extreme left. Free speech is in danger and change is by ukase. Politicians are bought by Soros and other plutocrats. The idea of representing the interests of the people is a joke. You seem to think representative government is alive and well.

jens holm

Pge number 2: Denmark today has Governess by 25% of the PMs as their own and anough partly supporters. And we are kind of proud resulst such as A+ in economy and a very high GDP, we have lowest corruption in the world, we are very low in Corona, we invented windpower for the whole world and the American Marslander has 5 important danish instruments in it, so we among other things can see You, hear You and registrate if there has been life on Mars years ago or still is. We also has made the program for their drone but not the drone.

jens holm

Page 4: But thats how west is and many dont understand thats how we are strong. We are all parts of each other. The dollar cant collapse. The USA financiel problems will be helped in a declining from a very high level. Its the same for the too big elepfant with its 8 legs named EU. Its very much about devellopment but very very much about keep. By that we help each other and are big enough to help others being not a closed based on sountry units.

Urs Brülhart

Doctors will have their approbiation withdrawn or they will be psychiatrized, led away by ten heavily armed policemen, scientists will be admonished and lose their jobs, teachers and school principals will experience the same, politicians will be isolated by their parties and will no longer receive support in the new election, even journalists will be dismissed after one (1) inappropriate article.

Seniors in nursing homes, patients in hospitals have been locked in their rooms and their closest family members locked out of clinics.

And day in and day out, the simplest, statistical Corona data is presented in a way that keeps the panic level going, even though overall mortality does not approach the recent strong flu waves of 2016. Exceptions prove the rule. Suicides are counted as Corona-Faoll with a positive Corona test, along with any other death with a positive test.

Switzerland has recently introduced one of the strictest anti-terror prevention laws. Police can even place 12-year-old children under house arrest on suspicion of planning an attack.

All opinions that do not correspond to the liberal mindset have always been labeled as nanzis, haters, etc. for many years.

At all, Jens Holm do you write for a mass media or are you leftist politician or refugee welcome activist etc. pp.?

jens holm

You too can buy stockings at the western stockmarkets. It often pays off very well.

jens holm

Pge number 3: Sorryy I said page 2 instead of page 3. I have problems with numbers not just with wordss.

jens holm

Thats not me. To the normal ones: My text was too long.

Abraham Lincoln

Can South front get Discuss back for comments? I like how one is notified of any responses with it and the ability to post links and pictures


Bless your website very good articles


What I admire about SF is that it allows dissenting comments and provides more information than what is easily found in msm

jens holm

If the ashes are clean, they become good fertilizers.

Ilya G Poimandres

Formatting wise, defo change your videos to be more like the Starship Troopers news bits with the “would you like to know more” when cutting between scenes.

Steve Standley

If Disqus was responsible for comment deleting and censorship, please DON’T use it anymore. I think most of us would rather deal with harsh criticism than arbitrary and capricious censorship. Thanks.


disqus is owned by zeta global, a zionist run, publicly listed corporation headquartered in nyc. In other words garbage.

Bruno G

Disqus never deletes or censors individual comments. They require that the organisations using their comments service moderate comments to comply to their terms of service. For instance, in case of repeatedly reported hate speech, the organisation using the service and violating the terms of service may get warned, may be requested to take action and ultimately it may lead to ending the service.


Thanks. Disqus is thus more effective as a censor. It requires the customer to self censor. Same result as on Twitter and YouTube but less work.

Urs Brülhart

All major IT players will soon censor anything that contradicts liberal views and especially transatlantic agendas.

That is why one or the other open, even harsh word among adults has long been better than what the hate speech agents of Soros’ grace have planned for the societies.




Ahaha gotcha, Affiliation Confirmed…SF is using the renowned Phoenix firebird symbology of the Corrupted Brotherhood network.