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The pressure on SouthFront goes beyond any limits, but we continue our work, overcoming foe resistance.

SouthFront is crowdfunded endeavour. The SF Team continues its work only thanks to your donations.

SouthFront stays still to save the vestiges of freedom of speech and to show you the real face of the world most dangerous crises. But without your regular participation in SF life, our activities will be stopped.

We appeal to all our dear readers and viewers who care about the fate of SouthFront, with a request to continue your support using our crypto addresses:

BTC (Bitcoin): bc1qgu58lfszcpqu6fd8l98m378wgzugyg9y93lcym

BCH (Bitcoincash): qr28d80s5juzv2793k5jrq59xrl5fxd8qg9h3zlkk2

XMR (Monero):



If you do not have the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies, if you face any problems sending funds to the cryptocurrencies addresses given above or if you have the opportunity to send a donation only to PayPal, credit cards or checks, please contact us: and

Also be aware that many email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc. may block correspondence with

Support SouthFront

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Elohim Kosher Bar

It is unfortunate that because SF refuses to address or do a competent job of ridding itself of spammers, SF will go the way of the dodo bird. It is such an easy problem to fix.


How can southfront rid comments they sympathize with? Now they censoring those they don’t like


Bigger question: is anyone actually sad when south front goes the way of the dodo?


SF is no stranger to scamming you out of your money.
There’s just something about a Muslim planting a Russian flag down on Ukrainian soil as he’s yelling Allah Akbar and firing his AK into the air that perfectly sums up the Russian invasion as a Eurasian globalist expansion project.

Last edited 4 months ago by Hans
Tetris Unicum

OK. My donation to you: 100.000 EU. God bless Russia. God bless KGB.