Strategic Militant Stronghold Of Taibat Al-Imam Is Captured By Syrian Army – Hezbollah Media

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Strategic Militant Stronghold Of Taibat Al-Imam Is Captured By Syrian Army - Hezbollah Media

Few moments ago, Hezbollah’s media wing in Syria announced that the key militant stronghold of Taibat Al-Imam has been captured by the Syrian Army and its allies.

If true, this could lead to a total collapse of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) defenses in the northern Hama. The town of Halfaya will likely become the next targe of governent forces.

The National Defense Forces’ media wing released a photo of the entrance sign of Taibat al-Imam:

Strategic Militant Stronghold Of Taibat Al-Imam Is Captured By Syrian Army - Hezbollah Media

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Trustin Judeau

Yes it has been confirmed. Now finally Halfaya . As I said Souran – Imam – Halfaya . This is the first defensive line in Hama


They must not stop until Khi Shaikoun is liberated and real investigation on chemical attack is known

Toni Liu

I believe it cant be achieved soon, they might be already cleaned evidence related to the attack, if saa able to seize khan shaikun next week yes, but if within month then no evidence left

Adam Houbař

rebels was stupid if they did it so close to front, but you are right, there is no time, they must do it fast. if there will be proof of false flag from jihadist, it can help saa more than russia warplanes…

El Diablo

To the end of the month i hope :D Anyway other sources claim Imam is 75% under SAA control but the battle is quite won. To see when this battle for north hama is finished, if SAA will focus in south idlib or in west aleppo.


In my opinion western Allepo so it can finally be secured from all sides

Solomon Krupacek

shariah – qalat madiq – habit- khan shaykun – sukayk – hamdaniyah

this should be the first defence line for SAA. if they recapture only the last lost towns, this is nothing. in this case they only dance to jihadist music.

Adam Houbař

they must go to khan shaykun and investigate the false flag gas attack, this is really important to blame jihadist. if it will be really did, it can stop support to all jihadist in idlib and finish war here soon as possible


Lataminah should be their goal straight after Halfaya, then again a new front may pop up elsewhere in Syria and forces are diverted.

Gabriel Hollows

Wasn’t this supossed to be super hard without previously encircling it? What happened?


Well, jihadist had big casualties during their offensive


Some bombs fell, then more bombs, then more, then some more. And then a few more, probably a few more after that, too.


You are right. Western experts estimated that this liberation would take up to 2 months considering the pace of the operation. However, Russia dropped nearly 100 bombs in 2 days over the area, they deployed the tiger forces which have never lost a battle, and the major offensives by militants makes them very weak as they usually suffer casualties because of the defenses.