Su-35S Multi-Role Air Superiority Fighter


Su-35S Multi-Role Air Superiority Fighter

The Su-35S is a single-seat multi-role air superiority fighter jet. It’s the top Russian air-superiority fighter in service today. The Su-35S, which represents the pinnacle of fourth-generation jet fighter design, will remain so until Russia succeeds in bringing its fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter jet into serial production.

The Su-35S began development in 2003 under the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association, a subcontractor of Sukhoi. The production started in 2009. The fighter jet is well known for supermaneuverability, which means that it engineered to perform controlled maneuvers that are impossible through regular aerodynamic mechanisms.

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This video infographics is based on the video released by the Russian Defense Ministry on February 15, 2017.


  • Jesus

    Suk 35 with the help of S400 Nebo M radar and EW, is able to get close to F22 and outmaneuver it.
    Whoever wrote the rules of engagement for the F22 was clueless about the Nebo M radar and EW countermeasures to confuse F22 radar.

    • John Whitehot

      the narcisistic “track while scan” doctrine of western countries has been buried in Syria.

      US/NATO “stealth” plane will now have to operate their radars in RWS modes, like the rest of the world, if they want to control the airspace.

      On the other side, come SU-30/35/57 guided by awacs and with their radars off, launching totally passive IR missiles at 100+ Kms ranges, controlled by totally passive OLS with 150Km ranges.

      And the longest ranged IR missile NATO have is around 10/15 Kms.

      They won’t tell a word on it, but NATO realized to have burned out several billions $ the first time Russian EW station were turned on in Syria.

      • jako

        How much SU-57/35 OLS differ one from another if at all?
        Do you have by any chance any info on development of photon radar?

        • John Whitehot

          “Do you have by any chance any info on development of photon radar?”

          no, because i do my homework on things on which there is data, not on journalistic platitudes.

          • jako

            So according to you the last year news that they are working on photon radar prototype are totally false?
            OK thanks.

            Still SU-57 OLS is not “platitude”…Is it exactly the same like SU-35s?

          • John Whitehot


            Why can’t you realize that I’m above your weight?

          • jako

            What did I say now?!?
            I don’t understand honestly?!
            Are you implying that I am being arrogant?
            That was not my intention!
            I can see that you know more on the subject that’s why I was asking you in the first place…..strange reaction there

            Is it “platitude” word?!
            Why would general technical question on OLS be a “platitude”?

          • jako

            Now I know why you don’t answer
            It is not that I am being “arrogant” but you.
            How pathetic to posture here like you are some
            world recognized expert for whom my simple
            question was far below minimum acceptance.
            Even though that was simple question.

            What sad, petty, pompous person you are.
            You are butt hurt probably because I have “dared” to say
            for your comment on SU-35 to be “boring” subject…
            Well I am sorry it is “boring” for me to talk about SU-35
            that is very old news while SU-57 is there..
            Whatever your expertise is.
            Even if excellent
            (I can’t tell obviously) and I can’t be interested in it either
            Maybe you should go to the forums with the true experts
            to put you in the place where you belong Donald.
            But it is much easier to posture here with your “wisdom”

          • John Whitehot

            wtf are u even talking about.

      • Jesus

        i am more inclined to see Suk 35 operating within the context of IADS, counterattacking and going after tankers and awacs while the s300 and 400 missiles deal with the aircraft.
        As far as the IRST OLS35, last I read its effective range 50-75 kms, considering weather conditions.

        • John Whitehot

          “i am more inclined to see Suk 35 operating within the context of IADS, counterattacking and going after tankers and awacs while the s300 and 400 missiles deal with the aircraft.”

          tactics aren’t normally based on these grounds.

          Interceptors and SAMs will pursue intruders based on the current operational situation, which includes many other things before the target class.

          In addition, SU-35s/30 with their extreme endurance, can be deployed on patrol stations, then directed to deal with escorting fighters and SEAD elements, while Mig-29s scramble and engage bombers.

          “As far as the IRST OLS35, last I read its effective range 50-75 kms”

          It’s not really known (in any case >80nm), but at the minimum range it’s still way outside the sidewinders envelope and within own IRM one.
          Don’t forget also that russian active radar missiles may be launched on the OLS cue and that all angles and ranges can be uploaded by ground or awacs assets.

    • Patriotic_White_American

      Can it even defeat an F16 yet like the ones that humiliated the S400 in Latakia?


      • Jesus

        You are rather delusional, how did F16’s humiliate the S400?
        If the F16’s attack Russian positions and interests, you will see how humiliated the F16 will be. The same goes for the F15, F22 and F35.

        • Patriotic_White_American

          They’d DID attack Russian positions and killed 15 Airmen CNN invented the fake story about Syrians shooting down the IL20 and Russia accepted it to save face 😂

          Russian shit radar can’t detect an F16 trailing an ELINT plane deep into a combat operation


          • Jesus

            You are a deluded liar.

          • Patriotic_White_American

            You got owned.

          • John Whitehot

            being constantly humiliated and sexually abused by zionists his mind projects hate on the objects those zionists force him to.

            try to cope with him, it must be hard to unconsciously realize to being treated like cattle.

          • Sinbad2

            Hahahaha,you sound like a dubbed old Kung Fu movie Hahahaha.

      • paul ( original )

        And it looks like the Americans can not even build a wall.

  • John Whitehot

    “will remain so until Russia succeeds in bringing its fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter jet into serial production.”

    They could bring it in serial production, but still haven’t as the VKS is in no hurry to have hundreds of Su-57.

    The reason being that the SU-35 proved to be superior to all “5th gen fighters” it encountered in Syria, at least in the operational scenarios Russia bases its doctrine on (which is a purely defensive one, where friendly IADS, Early warning and electroinc war assets all contribute).

    There is also the basic, long forgotten concept that a military has to protect its country, not destroy it by pushing it into an unrecoverable downward spiral of debt.

    As Russia does not need nor want to destroy other countries, they can take all the time they want in producing and deploying Su-57.

    • jako

      So true and so boring.
      SU -57 has spent too much money to be neglected or completely pushed in the back….delayed YES.
      True mass production (2nd stage engine) will start in due time…naval version (apart from VTOL YAK) will be needed (I hope) and export sales will be more than desirable.
      Thus bigger quantities of jest will bi sold to Russian air forces to give better chance to the jet to find foreign market buyers.
      Nobody would buy that jet (doesn’t matter how good it is) if Russia has only 20 of them

      • John Whitehot

        seems you got it all wrong.

        • jako

          OK no big deal…
          I have than made my point independently from your comment….

          Aaaaand I have made complete ass out myself
          in the same time :-)))))))))))))))))))))

          • James

            Well I’m here to say your both wrong :D It will produced in limited numbers for support of automated 6th generation fighters.

          • jako

            If you think that it will be produced less quantity than F-22 I doubt that very much doesn’t matter which source because simply doesn’t make sense. SU-57 is extra cheap compering to F-22.

            “Limited numbers” is very vague term and it can be anything…
            Do you have link please..if you don’t don’t bother because I will not take your word for it.
            Also I hope that source is Russian and if not that article is based on documented Russian source
            There are well known plans for SU-57 to be used as platform for 6-th generation jet tests and that is perfectly NORMAL.
            SU-35 was used the same way for SU-57
            All I want to know is what “limited numbers” is that source talking about and what source is that?

            So either decent source… a link or don’t bother me with some Western propaganda bullshit!
            They have written that SU-57 will never be produced like MILLION times in different versions of articles from Western would be “experts” and they still write TONS of bullshit even now!

          • James

            It was definitely a Russian site, I don’t pay much attention to the Western garbage, so something like SF, Fort-Russ, RT, Sputnik…

            When I see mass production orders, which there isn’t and not for the foreseeable future even though the SU-57 is in current service, then I will treat my Russian-based information more lightly.

            The thing is, the 6th generation autonomous bombing aircraft are already going through ground tests, almost ready for flight tests, and will be used as a platform to develop fighter aircraft of that generation, so the development gap is getting increasing small, and we now see why they are hesitant to mass order SU-57 aircraft.

          • jako

            OK thanks James!

            Sorry but I will stay skeptical for one simple reason
            SU-57 is not tech demonstrator. There was too much money and hard work and testing spent on this jet to skip it all together.
            For jet with no real handicap or error in design that just doesn’t make sense at all.
            They have said officially like 100 times already that Russia will have 60 SU-57 by 2025.
            And they have never denied that.
            This is the jet that will replace all jets including SU-35 because 6th generation is not going to be ready for tomorrow

            So I do not buy that information ….
            Maybe SU-57 will not be in big numbers but I expect it to be (with naval version) at least 200 jets.
            Everything else is complete waste of money !
            Pre-production order was signed already for 13 new SU-57
            And all that sounds OK considering the target of 60 by 2025

            Mass production should start from 2020 or 2021(all depends on dynamics of production of new engines)
            New engines are starting next year

            I doubt very much that “6th generation autonomous bombing aircraft” is 6th generation at all.
            It is more like 5+ generation at the best because not even 5th generation engine is not in production yet!
            “6th generation autonomous bombing aircraft” is probably only EARLY prototype testing lab of 5+ generation aircraft.
            No way that drone will or can replace directly SU-57?!?!
            Maybe in Hollywood movies but not in reality!

            Hell I even think that “6th generation autonomous bombing aircraft” a DRONE that is called “6th generation” is pure propaganda BULLSHIT aimed to spread false informations!

          • James

            Yes I am very skeptical about AI ability, but they keep harping on about it so perhaps it can be done.

            The new ‘Orkotnik’ is supposed to be a testing bed for 6th generation, so maybe the SU-57 will eventually receive that technology and become a pilot-less mass-produced fighter jet? In the meantime, they have said the SU-35 is good enough to take on 5th generation fighters, so why spend more money?

            My beliefs are that technology is accelerating so much so that new generations of aircraft will become available much quicker. What defines a 6th generation aircraft? An airborne laser-shooting, autonomous aircraft with longer range. That seems achievable.

          • jako

            As far as I know that is old news
            SU-57 was suppose to be developed in piloted and pilotless version
            (they have said similar for T-14 Armata tank)
            Why spend more money for now indeed specially because 5th generation engine is ready only next year (reason plus, not to hurry) and when SU-35 is proven to be excellent jet and cheaper than SU-57
            Not that SU-57 is not worthy entering mass production (even with that price )it is Russian tight BUDGET that dictates priorities also!

            “What defines a 6th generation aircraft? ”
            Good question …Logically everything 5th generation has just much better + all new features and tech.
            6th generation is like;
            Pilotless jet with hyper-sonic speed Mach4+ , with new materials that can resist extreme temperatures (plasma), capability to fly in lower orbit, much stealthier, even more super maneuverable (since no pilot inside) also total multi-tasking jet that is everything from bomber to air superiority fighter to interceptor, a ground attack & support also etc… …stuff like that.. and as you have said armed with laser and much longer range also.

          • jako

            Agree “technology is accelerating so much” that software upgrading will become daily and hardware modular upgrading routine.

            BUT for example 6th generation engines will not progress so “much quicker”.
            making of turbo jet, RAM, SCRAM jet hyper-sonic engines
            And also many things depend on discovery of new high performing materials that will give possibilities of much higher resistance on extreme high temperatures resistance on G force=strength, also much higher stealth and reducing weight in the same time for the max fuel efficiency.

          • James

            6th Generation engines apparently will apparently have a variable cycle engine for fuel efficiency and longer range, which the P & W JT8D was designed for back in the 70s, so I imagine since they know this works they will be able to redesign it to apply to fighter jet engines.

          • jm74

            Unmanned war planes –

          • James


          • jm74

            Tend to agree with you, manned aircraft are on their way out and going to be replaced by war drones.

          • jako

            Only reason US experts are spreading that “war drones” propaganda story is simply because F-35 turned to be a crap
            So now they are pushing (unjustified !) theory that drones are already better option than piloted jets ( therefore we don’t care for F-35 being CRAP) which simply is NOT TRUE that drones are better !

            SU-35 that can carry shitload of missiles capable to fly far above any drones max altitude would make MASSACRE out of them !

            Drones will replace humans completely
            (due to biological speed g-force limits of pilots) but that will not happen tomorrow

          • jm74

            It is happening already and the US has been using war drones for a few years. To avoid being tracked and the missiles the trick years ago was to fly high and fast, now it is to fly very low and fast, unfortunately for us the body can’t handle the physics at very low speeds and special suits have to be worn if flying above 50,000 ft otherwise your blood will boil. None of those issues are apparent with drones.

          • jako

            I know all that.
            “It is happening already” NOT !
            Because drones are only supplement or cheap replacements for some simpler tasks in the air space NOT CONTESTED areas only.
            They can NOT replace piloted jets .
            They only take simpler tasks as money savers because cheaper to operate.
            In air superiority combat and in well protected areas of high tech countries they represent low level threat because very easy target for air defenses.

            So drones are best to target low tech countries (Africa, Asia), their armies, their objects and troupes (above MANPAD missile range)
            Agree that they will develop very quickly in the future but today they are not directly comparable to the piloted jets in capability.

          • jm74

            It has already happened. Past tense. War drones out perform any piloted aircraft, you replace a pilot with electronics/software on an identical plane and it will out perform that of a manned plane. Unless you have experience as a military pilot or a aerospace engineer you are not qualified making that statement.

          • jako

            Not happening in the air combat NOT EVEN CLOSE for bombers, interceptors also !
            If that would be true than F-35 would never been made to be piloted because tech is there already but NOT UP TO THE TASK to equal piloted yet.

            Of course I am qualified in limited way just like you or anybody else Because it is not just technical but simple COMMON SENSE question.
            You are being wrongly informed like many on the West, with this drone fashion craze that is blown out of proportions of the reality!

          • jm74

            It is called transition period, that is why Russia has been reluctant in contracting the Mig 35 with the SU57 and only in small numbers. F35 technical aspects are top secret and whether it can be flown pilotless remains to be seen. In regards to the F35 ability etc.. unless you have flown one you wouldn’t know. F35 is an advanced plane and by all accounts will be an excellent combat vehicle once the deficiencies are rectified.

            You are correct in admitting your limited qualifications and I tend to believe it but you don’t speak for me.

          • jako

            Everybody knows how it is called.

            NO that is not why “Russia has been reluctant in contracting the Mig 35”
            They will buy more Mig 35’s but gradually it is just (money) budget problem like everything else in Russian military so they will take more time to buy planned number of MIG-35’s to
            replace MIG-29’s.
            You are just making out stories not based on logic, common sense or any relevant information.

            My point was that your DRONE THEORY is FALSE because the drones and pilotless tech are still not good enough and that is the main reason why they have jets like F-35 or SU-57 only with PILOT’S.
            YES in the future they just might turn them pilotless but NOT YET.

          • jm74

            Whatever. No point discussing this with you since your knowledge is very limited, an arm chair warrior.

          • jako

            Drones that exist today are CAS drones, reconnaissance drones
            They can do slightly other things as well… But those are their two main activities only!

            There are NO “air superiority” drones , NO “bomber” drones ,
            NO “interceptor” drones and for reason!
            No I am not an expert but I at least read news and I am not infatuated by some Hollywood story bullshit movies about limitless capabilities of drones
            like YOU !

            I have only chairs, never use armchair.

          • Concrete Mike

            If im drag racing a ford fiesta robot and im driving porshe.

            It wont even be close, thats what jako is saying.

          • jm74

            New Russia jet powered unmanned drone. It exists and it will replace, not completely, but it will replace the human aspect. Weak link in a fighter jet is the human aspect, the pilot.


          • jako

            All new drones are built to supplement (replace where they can piloted jets) above all because it is much cheaper.

            Drone you talk about is 5th generation PROTOTYPE (without 5th generation engine yet) and it is normal that new generation of drones replace even more (because more capable) piloted jets.
            You are just insisting on your exaggeration that drones have already completely replaced piloted jets which is not true.

          • jm74

            You have a comprehension problem; I never said that.

          • jako

            Than it is OK if you didn’t.
            I’ll take your word for it rather than checking now all that was said…
            It’s my bad than… sorry

          • jm74

            No problem.

          • jako

            And also cars without drivers already exist but I didn’t see any car race between such robot and professional driver yet.
            In chess the biggest computers can win the chess game against anybody but they still can’t win in driving cars or piloting jets.

          • Rob

            You mean that the current US drones are better than fighter jets. LOL.

            Only those countries are 100% dependent on drones of whom economy has been collapsed like FUKUS.

          • jm74

            Honestly Rob I thought you had more grey matter between the ears. What a stupid remark and way off the conversation. In the future the drones will be. The weakest part of the fighter jet is not the jet but the man.

          • purplelibraryguy

            Mind you, the weakest part of the drone is not the jet but the brain. Remote controlled drones are vulnerable to jamming and hacking (and if the remote control is really distant, probably to response-time problems–lag won’t be big, but it will be there; doesn’t matter for dropping bombs on weddings, but would for going up against enemy fighters). Autonomous drones are vulnerable to being stupid. Drones may be the future, but I’m not at all clear that the future is now.

          • jm74

            Robots, IA will pilot the drones. The technology is available and at the rate it is being developed it won’t be too long before it is deployed. Russia is currently testing a jet powered drone and plans to test it in a combat environment soon. Compare the development of the Intel CPU from the early stages in the late 1990s to the present and you will find that the development stage to the end product multiplied exponentially since then.

          • Rob

            You are absolutely right the current fighter jet speed is limited to 2.5 mach whereas the future fighter jets speed will be 5+ mach which will have high g-force on pilot under which it is difficult for pilot to survive.

          • Justin

            A picture of what Jako probably looks like!

            A few of his greatest comments:

            1.“the SU-57 is NOT a tactical fighter” WRONG!
            2.“The PAK-DA will replace the TU-95 AND THE SU-24” lol, WRONG!
            3.“The SU-34 will replace both the SU-35 and the SU-24” WRONG!

            DUMB AS DOG SHIT!


            Yet when he admitted he was wrong to number 1, he said “so what”, “moron”!

            Dumb cunts like this! Sooo many on this site! They should be flagged as “RETARDS”!

          • Justin

            you made an ass out of yourself with me!
            So do u finally admit u know NOTHING??

          • jako

            Fuck you imbecile that was joke.
            I don’t consider to be important if I understood his comment or not
            It is no big deal
            I am not self-absorbed moron like yourself so fuck off!!

          • Justin


            AND I CAN PROVE IT!

            I told u the SU-57 was a tactical fighter yet u laughed and said “thats western bullshit”!
            So i sent u the words of the sukhoi website stating it is a tactical fighter!

            instead of apologising and admitting u were WRONG, u said “so what if a tactical fighter” and then u said “oh u found sukhoi website, well done moron”!

            this is proof enough to show that in the face of being corrected, u do not admit ur wrong information nor apologise but instead u call me a “moron”!

            youre a piece of shit who cant admit when he is wrong and when u are proven wrong, u cant take it!

          • jako


          • Justin

            Did u or did u not call me a “Moron” after i proved to u that the SU-57 was a tactical fighter?
            Did u or did u not admit it was a tactical fighter after i sent u the sukhoi website screen shot?

            So who is self absorbed Jako??

            if u want me to PROVE what u wrote and said, u know i can post it!

            u owe me an apology for :
            1. u being dumb
            2. not admitting when u are wrong
            3. calling me a moron for showing u the sukhoi website screen shot!

            until u apologise and admit u are wrong, i will always tell people u talk to that u know nothing and that u are too dumb to correspond with on this site!

        • Justin


          Jako said : “naval version (apart from VTOL YAK) will be needed (I hope) and export sales will be more than desirable.”

          There will be no naval version of the SU-35s!
          Thats what the Mig-35 is for!
          SU-33 is the only naval Sukoi dedicated for the Aircraft carrier!

          When will u ever learn how much you dont know!


          I told him the SU-57 is a tactical fighter! (everyone knows this) So Jako Quotes me and then says im wrong lol!

          Hahaha so then i send him a screen shot of the Sukoi ENGLISH website! and look what he wrote below! He also called me a MORON for taking a screen shot! hahahaha

          He then Writes this about the SU-34

          Even Wikipedia says:

          And for confirmation on how much he doesnt know, Jako says this:
          Dumb as dog shit!!!

          Jako doesnt know ANYTHING! He doesnt even know what the difference between Conventional, tactical and strategic!
          He is a beginner who comes to this site and spews his very, very small amount of knowledge as if he actually knows all! Never listen to a guy who thinks that the SU-57 is not a tactical fighter but then admits it is and never apologises!
          Never listen to a guy who thinks the PAK-DA replaces the SU-24!

          Never ever listen to a dumb cunt!
          He also think the SU-34 can replace both the SU-24 and the SU-35 for mission deployment! lol.SU-24 used to fly alone! Then they gave it a wingman fighter! SU-34 survives better but its still same config! Fighter and more survivable bomber! Just as the Sukoi website illustrates!

          • John Whitehot

            i suspected from the start that jako and justin is one and the same – i even replied to this comment thinking it was jako.

            for the rest – i don’t know dafuq u’re talking about, again.

            you seem hysterical and looking for credibility, you’ll get that nobody really cares.

          • Justin

            John boy what are u talking about?
            u should remember me, ive been on this site since 2015!
            dont u remember when i informed u on the “rostov on don” river?
            u didnt believe that Russia could transit its corvettes from the caspian sea to the black sea and we had to prove it to u!

            Remember now?
            i havent changed my name nor my avatar EVER!

            Have u mistaken me for someone else or is ur memory not what it used to be?

          • Justin

            Nah mate!
            Jako is dumb as dog shit!
            John remember when u called me names when i told u that that Russia can transit its cruise missile carrying corvettes between the black sea and caspian sea?
            i can screen shot it for u!
            u were very abusive because u didnt like looking like an idiot!
            do u remember?
            i can post it for u if u like!
            will be my pleasure!

            As for Jako….. i dont play “dumb cunt” and “NOT a dumb cunt” for fun and games!
            i just educate dumb cunts!
            Thats my thing! :)

          • Justin

            Remember this john?

            Remember when i educated u?
            And u deleted what u said but i had a copy!

            I do! :)

            i have it all john!

            So, like i said, i dont play “dumb cunt” and “NOT a dumb cunt”!
            i educate dumb cunts!

            Like i educated u!

            U dont wanna start on this John, i can show a lot of shit u wrote that was dumb and also when u deleted ur Dumb posts!

            Sit down and shut ur mouth and be a good little boy!

          • John Whitehot

            “U dont wanna start on this John, i can show a lot of shit u wrote that was dumb and also when u deleted ur Dumb posts!”

            do it at once, please.

          • Justin

            “Timing beats speed”!

            7 months a go John!
            7 months a go u got owned calling me a “Zionazi” and then an “AntiZionist” in 2 different comments on the same post!

            Contradicting urself!

            U called me every name under the sun BECAUSE U DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS A CANAL BETWEN THE CASPIAN AND THE BLACK SEA!

            And when u were corrected u went straight into “abuse mode”! Never admitting u were wrong! And then when i exposed u, u deleted your post!
            But your low iQ didnt realise that i have an email sent to me for every comment u made and its also in my discus history!

            So to go back to ur comment on people “pretending to be 2 people”!
            Even 7 months a go u said the same thing!
            You said: “I think you are trying to put antizionists in a bad light, by appearing to be one and then speaking the uttermost bs. I have noticed this behaviour on several websites lately.”

            NOTE that u said ” “I THINK“!
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            u called me a zionazi and then an antizionist! hmmmm

            But i have never changed my name and i have done what i have always done! Corrected dumbasses like u and jako! U are both dumb and dumber!

          • John Whitehot

            still haven’t seen the proof of all my mistakes. or are you going to repeat the manfrine of the canals every single comment?

            “When u were corrected u GOT MAD AT ME!!!! ”


            I call you two people NOW, not back then, and i DON’t take that back.

          • Justin

            read it again!
            Either u called me 2 people or u are dumber than u realise!
            Because u called me a zionist and then an anti-zionist!
            So which is it?
            Did u even read it?

          • Justin


            If you werent calling me 2 people back then, then what were u trying to say john?
            u also said “ive seen this on other sites several times”!

            one comment says im “a Zionazi” and the other saying im “anti-Zionist”!

            Ure a little fucked up john!

          • John Whitehot

            and where in the fuck did i call you “antizionist”?

            I think you’re fucking up again.

            And you still haven’t shown all my other mistakes. So far you’re showing only ONE post.

          • Justin

            Where did u call me an AntiZionist?
            Did u even read it???
            “I think you are trying to put antizionists in a bad light, by appearing to be one”

            Then your dumbass write this:

            “Theres no need for credibility when speaking honestly, the only ones who need it are scumbag zionazis trying to convince other people with their bullshit”

            So thats another dumb comment!
            u think im TRYING to appear Antizionist by saying shit that YOU think “appears” to be antizionist (when all i did was correct your dumb ass on a canal between the black sea and the caspian)

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            YET all i did was correct your assumption of it not being possible to transit between the 2 seas!

            U STARTED THE ABUSE when i corrected u!
            BECAUSE you were wrong, u said “BS, show me the canals” and then said “im trying to appear like an antizionst by speaking uttermost BS”!

            Yet u were wrong! So u attack!
            Then u admit u were wrong and then u cal me a Zionazi hahahaha!

            So u fucked up with ur abuse (thats why u deleted ur post) and u also fucked up with ur knowledge WHICH TAKES LITERALLY 10 SECONDS TO GOOGLE!

            i have the proof and for some weird reason (other than u being extremely dumb) u can even read what u wrote!

            i sent u screen shots u dumb cunt! did u even read it????

          • John Whitehot

            “”I think you are trying to put antizionists in a bad light, by appearing to be one””

            How can you even be this stupid?

            Can you even read?

            On which planet that phrase would ever mean i called you “antizionist”? Any person with a basic knowledge of english gets that I am accusing you to fake being an antizionist so to put antizionists in bad light by talking bullshit.

            You just claimed the first place in the ranking of the most idiotic people to ever write here.

          • Justin

            No John, u dont get out of it that easy my little “post deleting friend”!
            And by “friend” i mean “rat”

            John answer me this:

            1. Why would i be labelled an AntiZionist [[OR]] “Appear to be AntiZionist” just for NICELY Educating u??
            Where in the first 2 replies (where i spoke very nicely) did i DESERVE to be labelled BY YOU to be either AntiZionist OR Appearing to be!

            i got this label because i corrected u????

            2. Why did you DELETE your post that was a reply to my 2 NICE comments that educated u on the existence of the canals!!

            John, you literally abused me for NICLEY correcting u!
            You literally labelled me as a Anti-Zionist Or Appearing to be OR being a ZioNazi


            If someone is being 2 people! ITS YOU!
            Who the hell abuses someone for corrected you NICELY and then when he see’s he is WRONG, then deletes his post!

            WHO DOES THAT??

            I know who does that John….
            A RAT!
            A Fucking JEW RAT

          • Justin

            John “the Dumb ass” first comment!


            My POLITE educational reply!


            Lol, i love this post, John THIKS because he never read about it before that it must be due to the “lack of documents in other languages other than Russian”, hahahahahaha


            I’m being Patient with him now! So i decide to educate him EVEN MORE!!! You would think this DUMB ASS (John) would just Google it, but NOOOOO, not John, he is standing his ground on this! (Because he’s a fuckin Idiot)


            So of course I am losing patience with John! He has said my information is “BS” when he can just look it up himself and for some weird reason (maybe to preserve some self preservation or pride) John labels me as a person who is “Trying to appear as an Anti-Zionist” and that he has seen this kind of stuff on other sites! He ends his reply for the 3rd time saying my info is “Utter BS”! (John is a fucking MORON!)

            Ok, so now i need A SHIT LOAD of PROOF! That will shut him up!


            Well it looks like i just made him even more angry for PROVING he is wrong! I tried to prove it nicely, i really did, but John just wasnt having any of it! As far as John was concerned, i was guilty of Appearing to be Anti-Zionst and of being ZionNazi (for correcting him)!
            Well at least he admits he was wrong (after calling my info “utter BS” 3 times)! But now John claims to be the “Victim” of a Fake Anti-Zionist who posts true and correct information, only to make John to appear like he isnt Anti-Zionist!

            hahaha, this shows how DUMB and much of a scum bag John is!!!


            And to Top it all off, I caught John Deleting his Post so he could claim to be a VICTIM! hahahahahahaha

            What kind of a sneaky rat fuck does this??
            I know!! A FUCKING JEW RAT DOES THIS!!!




            John is a 100% proven piece of shit!!!! Guilty of being EXACTLY of what he accuses others of being!

            This is GOLD!!!

          • John Whitehot

            you’re a joke.

          • Justin

            And u are exactly what u claim me to be! (2 people! u are a Jew rat PRETENDING to be Anti-Zionist) AND I FUCKING CAUGHT YOU!!!!
            I have PROVEN beyond ANY doubt, that u are a piece of shit!
            1. u were wrong
            2. u were corrected
            3. u were wrong again
            4. u were corrected
            5. u were proven extremely wrong
            6.u were butt hurt and admitted to being wrong but switched to being a “Victim” (Jews do that! i.e Holocaust)
            7. u deleted your post trying to escape PROOF of how much of a Jew rat u are!
            8. i caught u deleting it and i screen shot it!

          • John Whitehot

            the only thing you proved is that you’re fucked in the head.

            producing millions of words and walls of text doesn’t make you any more right, just someone who produces bs in industrial amounts.

            since you have the brain of a 14 years old, my only suggestion is to think twice or thrice before posting shit that irremediably destroy your reputation. Oh but why do i care, you can generate unlimited amounts of identities and appear as someone who has brain damage in tens of different personalities.

            Pity that the jew that is behind all of them is a fuckhead anyway.

          • Justin

            Its a very JEW move u keep repeating!!

            U said “Do it at once”!
            I said: “You don’t want too start because i can prove”!


            Now u complain that i did it??

            There is no doubt u play 2 people!

            U abuse then u refuse info then u play victim!
            U call me out to prove u, then u play victim!

            u must be sooo Jewy, that u have those fucking twirls on the side of ur head yes??
            I bet u do u fucking Jew rat!!

          • Justin

            i proved:


            1. u didnt know jack shit about the canals!
            2. u refused to believe when u could have googled it
            3. u still refused to believe and then blamed it on non english documents/ materials available
            4. u were given wikipedia proof and u still refused to believe
            5. u abused me calling my info “utter BS” and that i was trying to “appear” like an anti-zionist
            6. so i sent u fucking more info with pictures of the actual ships in the canal! The ACTUALL FUCKING Navy Corvettes!
            7. U then complain that i said u “lost credibility” saying that my info was “still BS” but u are “allowed to be wrong” (contradicting statements) and then called me a “scumbag zionazi”
            8. U then deleted ur first post where u said it was “utter BS” and that i was “appearing to be an anti-zionist”! YOU FUCKING DELETED IT!!!!
            9. I caught u deleting your post!!

            John u are SCUM!!!
            You play 2 people and yet u say others are doing it!
            When it is YOU!
            And i proved it!

            i have the link! read it and fuck off u scum!

          • Justin

            John i have PROOF u are a RAT!

            Now u need to prove i have multiple accounts like u have accused me of!

            Show me HOW u KNOW!
            Come on! do it!
            PROVE IT!


          • Justin

            Yet i have PROOF that “John Whitehot” is dumb, abuses people who educate him nicely, still doesnt believe them and so then labels them as Zionazis, claims they have multiple accounts without proof, then admits he is wrong and deletes his posts!
            Dude u and i both know who the scum bag is! At least i can sleep at night john, but u…. u cant even admit when u are wrong, u prefer to hide eveidence of ur stupidty and attack those who correct u!

            There is no fucking way that u are married! no fucking way!

          • Justin

            100% PROVEN THAT U ARE A JEW RAT!!!!

          • Justin

            YOU SAID: “do it at once, please.”

            These posts that u and i made to each other are in order of correspondence!
            REMEMBER HOW DUMB U ARE and how u attack people when they prove your stupidity!!!









          • Justin
      • Rob

        The Russian technology is not for show off.

        Look to US how much they have advertised the F-35 but finally that have founded a crape a total crape plane.

      • Justin


        Jako said : “naval version (apart from VTOL YAK) will be needed (I hope) and export sales will be more than desirable.”

        There will be no naval version of the SU-35s!
        Thats what the Mig-35 is for!
        SU-33 is the only naval Sukoi dedicated for the Aircraft carrier!

        When will u ever learn how much you dont know!


        I told him the SU-57 is a tactical fighter! (everyone knows this) So Jako Quotes me and then says im wrong lol!

        Hahaha so then i send him a screen shot of the Sukoi ENGLISH website! and look what he wrote below! He also called me a MORON for taking a screen shot! hahahaha

        He then Writes this about the SU-34

        Wikipedia says:

        Jako says this:

        Jako doesnt know ANYTHING! He doesnt even know what the difference between Conventional, tactical and strategic!
        He is a beginner who comes to this site and spews his very, very small amount of knowledge as if he actually knows all! Never listen to a guy who thinks that the SU-57 is not a tactical fighter but then admits it is and never appologises!
        Never listen to a guy who thinks the PAK-DA replaces the SU-24!

        Never ever listen to a dumb cunt!
        He also think the SU-34 can replace both the SU-24 and the SU-35 for mission deployment! lol.SU-24 used to fly alone! Then they gave it a wingman fighter! SU-34 survives better but its still same config! Fighter and more survivable bomber! Just as the Sukoi website illustrates!

    • slorter

      good comment!

    • RichardD

      You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth with your support for the evil baby raping cultists.

      • John Whitehot

        perhaps if you’d changed your fucking music someone would listen.

        • RichardD

          It looks like the Jew airstrikes are getting shut down, and that people are listening. It’s just the truth and rationality that Jew pedophile supporters like you don’t want to hear.

          • John Whitehot

            shlomo, gfy.

          • RichardD

            Turing into a babbling idiot spewing lies and false accusations is your go to response when you can’t conduct a rational debate because you’l lose.

          • John Whitehot

            keep it up you parasitic zealot.

          • RichardD

            Try explaining your false accusations to make a bigger moron out of yourself than you already have. Falsely accusing their critics of what Jews themselves are is standard operating procedure with these vermin. You fit this miscreant profile.

          • John Whitehot

            i have nothing to explain because i’m no fucking propagandist, you scum.

          • RichardD

            You won’t explain your false allegations because you’l make a bigger idiot out of yourself than you already have. And convict yourself of your own lies. So you double down on belligerence instead. Either way, you’re a habitually lying moron.

          • RichardD

            I’m not a Jew, I’ve never been a Jew, and I’ll never be a Jew. Your moronic false accusations are bald false lies and you and everyone else knows it. You’re against shooting down the Jew war crime treaty violation fighters attacking Syria. I fully support shooting them down. You’re against outlawing the Jew pedophile cult that rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week. I fully support outlawing Judaism. These are the facts and the truth. Your rejection of them is your problem, not mine.

          • John Whitehot

            you should know i just don’t give a fuck.

            you are done anyway, bitch. game over.

          • RichardD

            The only game over is the epic fail of the Yinon plan regime change war of the evil Jew pedophile cult that you’re shilling for with your lies and false accusations harassing truthers exposing Jew crime and evil. Do you care about that? Obviously you care enough to try to suppress the truth and cover up and perpetuate the Jew’s crimes.

          • John Whitehot

            shlomo, i’m not gonna block you.

            i’ll pull you from your shithole again when you’ll turn the next time, and show everybody you’re one of those “pedophile cult baby eaters” using a long dead yank identity.

            you’re the fucking prototype of the butthurt, manipulating jew.

          • RichardD

            You obviously have mental issues.

    • Justin

      Ive always thought that a breakthrough radar that can detect stealth totally fucks stealth aircraft! Especially the F-35. The fact that Russia isnt Rushing to mass produce the SU-57 nor produce more tells me they got the radar detection tech! This is gonna change a lot if true!

  • jako

    All that is very nice but I personally can’t wait to see SU-57 with new second stage, 5th.generation engines !
    The real deal KING of the SKY !
    Planetary ultimate air superiority fighter !
    The best of the best!

  • Patriotic_White_American

    The 57 in SU is how many feet this junk can fly before crashing into another heap of metal

    • James

      So much hate! Is this job not below you?

    • Sinbad2

      I think they were working on the SU-57 to counter the F35, now that they know how bad the F35 is, they don’t need the Su-57.

      • jako

        Basically yes, true but SU-57 is also irreplaceable new generation jet till 6th generation jet arrives.
        So in the same time no.
        No air force in the world can afford to reject completely TRUE multi-role
        (and best) air-superiority fighter jet in the world.
        It is very important to have certain number of those jets for special tasks other jets simply can’t do properly (or doing it only with taking too much risk)
        SU-57 can intervene effectively in the areas with the highest enemy air protection while SU-35 simply can’t do that as good as SU-57.
        Being on tight budget Russians (as usual) try to make the bets bang for buck possible.
        So expensive weapons like SU-57 and T-14 will be in limited numbers (just like F-22 is)
        while in the same time that will be compensated with quantity of other cheaper models yet still excellent models.

  • Tudor Miron

    I simply love this bird. Su-35C is the epithome of flanker family.
    Russia is not on a hurry with Su-57 – there’s steady well planned work going on.

  • Attrition47

    Film spoilt by the masturbation music.

    • jako

      I can see that you have enjoyed film very much because of “music” :-))))))

  • RichardD

    The Syrian war, US withdrawal, and our planet’s future are at a tipping point. In a Syrian government coalition vs Israel confrontation. The Jews are trying to intimidate the Russians into Yinon plan submission with their ongoing airstrikes and neocon anti Russia campaign idiocy.

    The more success that the Russians have in completely shutting down the Yinon plan airstrikes. Which are directed at Russia as much as they are Syria. The faster that the US withdrawal will proceed and the war will end in Russia’s, Syria’s, the region’s, and humanity’s interest.

    The best thing that could happen to bring regional economic development, peace and prosperity would be the end of Israel, and it’s replacement at the UN with a unified Palestine.