Sukhoi’s “Checkmate” Single-Engine Multi-Role Fighter Jet Revealed (Videos)

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Sukhoi's "Checkmate" Single-Engine Multi-Role Fighter Jet Revealed (Videos)

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On July 20th, Russian President Vladimir Putin received a “sneak peek” at Russia’s new fifth generation single-engine fighter jet.

The warplane is quite teased, as Rostech published a hype video on July 19th to announce that it would be showed off on July 20th.


A video, however, was leaked on social media showing the mock place at the MAKS-2021 salon.

MSM is calling it “Checkmate” as it was advertised as putting Russia’s adversaries in a state of checkmate.

LTS Sukhoi “Checkmate” is Russia’s first fifth-generation lightweight multi-role single-engine fighter jet.

This aircraft has incredible flying qualities, broad strike and reconnaissance capabilities, it is also equipped with the latest avionics, and the aircraft has a reduced radar signature, said Dmitry Shugaev, director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) of the Russian Federation.

Aviation expert Oleg Panteleev reported that it will be a fifth-generation light tactical fighter with a high combat load and advanced means of aviation destruction. The V-shaped tail and wing contour indicate the use of low-visibility technologies, the expert added.

The head of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, and the general director of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Yury Slyusar, presented the warplane to Putin at the exhibition pavilion of the Sukhoi company.

The fighter prototype is unique and has not been developed before in Russia, according to a presentation by state-owned UAC.

A UAC press release said the fighter jet “combines innovative solutions and technologies” and has “low visibility and high flight performance.”

The company’s head, Slyusar, also touted the aircraft’s features on Russian state TV, describing the planes as “unique in their class” and adding that they have “a combat radius of 1,500 kilometers, the largest thrust-to-weight ratio, shortened takeoff and landing, more than seven tons of combat load, which is an absolute record for aircraft of this class.”

Its first flight is expected in 2023, Russian state media reported, citing a presentation shown to the Russian President.

UAC also expects deliveries of the new single-engine fighter to begin in 2026.

Earlier in the day, Putin lauded Russia’s aviation industry in a speech at the air show’s opening.

“What we see today in Zhukovsky clearly shows that Russian aviation has great potential for development, and our aircraft industry continues to create new competitive aircraft,” he said.


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Old bold pilot

At a cost of $25-30 million the “checkmate” or really SU-75 is perhaps the most advanced and cost effective 5th gen fighter in the world. It can fly Mach 2 on a singe powerplant and has range of 3,000 kms with almost 22,000 lbs of ordinance. This would leave the western overpriced junk in the F-35 junkyard. If Russia ramps up export production many potential buyers would be lining up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Old bold pilot
Lone Ranger

Shut up isis tranny Trollstoy.
Ad usual you are high on LSD laced Kool-Aid.

Americunt LOSERS

He in an attention seeking idiot who is getting worse with mindless spamming as he gets senile in old age. Most of the incomprehensible posts are now just total nonsense and just intended to ruin threads. His low IQ is obvious by the fact that in years of spamming his grasp of even basic English is non-existent. The best approach is to downvote and never reply to the flake as the thrives for any attention.


…Says the one who made so many mistakes when trying to write in English? What an idiot!


“Common written and spoken english is ignored” says you, the dumbest moron ever.

Americunt LOSERS

He thrives for any attention, best is ignore the idiot. Most of the mature bloggers just ignore him and continue with relevant comments. The whole function of a troll is to throw threads off topic. Luckily, on SF most of the comments remain on topic and are generally pretty good quality.

Americunt LOSERS

Another interesting fact is that the resurgent Russian aviation and aerospace industry is a testament to the successful and inclusive Russian Federation and as President Putin’s message for MAKS on Eid pointed out that more than 20% of the Russian Aviation workforce is Muslim.

Chess Master

20% of Russian youth is Muslim.

Damien C

Clearly the idea of stealth is absurd with modern and old school radar working in tandem. So the reduced detection fuselage for “low visability” is a defence against MANPAD type equipment and missiles with reduced ability to track


Stealth is a fad. It is as much a fad as VTOL was in the early 1980s. I remember back then it was confidently forecast that big airfields were obsolete because they were vulnerable to attack and that air forces would revert to WWI style meadow aerodromes which would require VTOL aircraft. Every aeroplane designer and its grandfather were talking about their new and exciting plans for VTOL craft. Ultimately what got built? The pretty much useless Yak 38, the Harrier (which has the distinction of suffering so many crashes that Wikipedia has an article on Harrier crashes alone), the disaster that is the F 35B, and only one potential success, the Yak 141, which Russia never bothered to develop further despite its brilliant design, and which ended at a couple of prototypes. Stealth imposes so many limitations on aircraft design, and is so useless against a range of modern radars, that it is bound to end up the same way as VTOL.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

Germany developped VTOL fighter jet as well as transport aircraft in the 1960s. They are shown in the aircraft section of the Deutsche Museum near Munich. These are VJ 101C, Do 31, & VAK 191B.
The concept was used by the Brits to develop “their” Harrier though.

Oncle Ozz

All existing manpad operate with heat seeking sensors. Stealth does not address this threat. Manpad only fly at mach 2 and have low range and ceiling, not a threat for fast flying fighter jets. Stealth has some value for deep penetration of hostile airspace for strategic bombing.

Ezequiel Cincoreis

It’s a Rússia/Sovietic combat aviation revolution like the mig did on cold war times. Remember the mig-15 and 21 on “third world” countries…
That’s the western end air superiority.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ezequiel Cincoreis

The Amerikastanis didn’t know of the existence of the MiG 15 until it began shooting their planes down over North Korea. They had no idea of the MiG 21 until it was already in service. The so called Su 75 isn’t even a flyable technology demonstrator yet. It is only a mockup. As yet there is no guarantee that it will ever be built in reality any more than the Yak 44 air warning plane or the Shtorm 23000E supercarrier, both of which existed as mockups, were ever built. I’ll only get excited about this if and when I see it flying as a prototype, not before.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

The actual figure was 1:1, and that though most of the MiG 15s were flown by hardly trained North Korean and Chinese pilots; it compelled the Amerikastanis to abandon daylight bombing over North Korea (something the Luftwaffe had failed to do in WWII); and the Amerikastanis were so impressed by it that they literally offered a bounty to anyone defecting with one.

But believe whatever you want.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

You can search airforcemag for the following: US pilots and aircraft were clearly superior, and they had an overwhelming advantage in numbers. Even so, the small, quick-turning MiGs proved to be formidable opponents. American airmen shot down 196 MiGs—137 by the Air Force, 59 by the Navy and the Marine Corps—and sustained 83 losses.
That makes it 1 US vs 2.5 Vietnam.

Last edited 2 months ago by Selbstdenker
Lone Ranger

U.S. lost 2200 jets over Nam…
Contrary to Pentagon propaganda msny of them fell victims to Migs…
Real ratio eas around 4 to 1 in favor of Migs.
Rest was taken out by SAMs and AA.


Silly Hitler’s butt sucker, he killed your jewish family and then he killed himself when Russians surrounded him. USAF lost around 2,500 aircrafts in Vietnam, another 1000 US navy &Marines, 400 US Army, plus 5000++ rotary-wings. In total, the United States military lost in Vietnam almost 10,000 aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. Their vassals not even included.

Vietnam lost 60 Migs 21 and another 60 old Mig-17.

Now kill yourself and go to Hitler.

Last edited 2 months ago by Facts

Where did you get this 15:1 ratio from exactly?
And to which specific conflict are you referring exactly?
We all know where you pulled this figure from – your rear end.


“This aircraft has incredible flying qualities, broad strike and reconnaissance capabilities, it is also equipped with the latest avionics, and the aircraft has a reduced radar signature…”

Wrong. This aircraft has nothing because this aircraft does not yet exist. I was interested until the moment I discovered that it was not a prototype, not even a technology demonstrator, but just a mockup, meaning a glorified model.

I remember the days when the USSR created top notch aircraft in secret and the NATOstanis only realised that they existed when they appeared in May Day flypast, already in service and fully ready for action. These days Russian defence production – except in the two core competences of submarine and missile technologies- is mostly big talk and very little action, while China is just the opposite.

Christian J. Chuba

You have a fair point. If the U.S. pulled a stunt like that this board would be laughing at it, especially the flyover of the squadron of twin-engined SU-27/30/??. I mean what was the purpose of that :-)
If the Russian company does not meet their schedule it will be really embarrassing.

And making serial production of that new Saturn engine for the SU-57 took longer than expected (did they do that yet?).


As far as I know the excuse for not mass producing the SU 57 so far is that they’re still waiting for the new engine.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
Lone Ranger

The new engine is ready and is being fieled.
Sorry to disappoint you ..

Lone Ranger

You probably never saw a Lockheed Martin PR promo.
Russia was very modest with this checkmate commercial.


“If the U.S. pulled a stunt like that” What? That’s what they do all the time. What you saying is as stupid as saying : “Imagine Hollywood making movies”

Last edited 2 months ago by Duniga
Lone Ranger

You don’t really know if it exists or not.
Only because you don’t know it doesn’t mean jack squat.
Russia has a history of surprising its adversaries.
Same happened with the Su-57 for example.


It does not exist because even Russia claims it won’t fly till 2023. Simple.


They said russian hypersonic missiles didn’t exist either. “They are cartoons, they don’t fly”. Now they do. Unlike american.


I don’t like these american style Disney promotions either, they are for cars and fashion industry not for military. Why is everything in english, potential foreign customers can’t translate Russian? As a foreigner I’m more impressed with russian language than with english everywhere. If I buy an AK I want to see russian letters not fuckin english. But I disagree about China, “mostly big talk and very little action”, that’s China exactly. They built some ships, ok fine. But where is China in Syria and in every other country attacked by Anglozionists? They hide behind Russia, making money by selling junk to the US, and they do nothing whatsoever. They are far worse than Russia. Until recently they didn’t even dare to say anything, not they are bragging about “steel wall, blah, blah”, while Americans are patrolling near Taiwan. Nothing but big empty words. Young Chinese and young Russians are both infected with western “culture”. Both Russia and China don’t even try to be an alternative, they both are trying to be part of the global society, they both imitate America. And I don’t mean shitty american military hardware, I’m talking about western (anti)culture and way of life. Sure, they are not LGBT degenerates like Americans, yet, but everything else is almost identical. Soviet Union with all its faults was an alternative. Sadly, it wasn’t alternative enough. But Russia and China today are not. There is no point of having superior weapons if you lose your soul, your culture, your people.

Last edited 2 months ago by pharaoh
Lone Ranger

I bet that’s not a multirole fighter, has anybody noticed the narrow intake?
Thats optimized for high supersonic speeds well above Mach 1.8.
On the other hand it wouldn’t be optimal for low speed narrow turns.
In my opinion its called checkmated for a reason.
Thats an ultra compact high supersonic interceptor matching Mig-31 capebilites but in a small firm factor and stealthy.
Could be wrong…

Lone Ranger

Read the comments, most people are truly clueless about what this jet is for and what it can probably do.
Dissapointing to only read troll comments…
Ow whell, Russia will laugh last.


You are spot on. It would be very interesting to have the specs of the power plant. This would give a better impression of its characteristics and capabilities.

america = gay

keep crying and stay butthurt you retarded, pathetic piece of shit


After 6-7 years of testing, making some changes and adjustment, I expect at the time of service this plane’s price will be around 50 million. Even at this price it will be unmatched in terms of price and quality to compete against the best fighter jets in the world.

Lance Ripplinger

Cool looking plane. Wonder if it will have all the software issues and parts issues the F-35 has been hammered with (aside from the usual massive cost overruns). Or, can we even compare it to the F-35? It’s underlying architecture might be completely different.

Old Bold Pilot

Any objective technical analysis will confirm that the SU-57 and its younger sibling SU-75 checkmate are far superior to generally overpriced western junk that has been produced recently and is ridden with complicated software and technical flaws. Having flown Russian, French and US aircraft, I can safely attest that Russian technology is robust and low maintenance at a fraction of the cost of overpriced and over-engineered western tech. Keep in mind that Russia’s total military budget is barely 12% of what the corrupt US spends.

At roughly $25 million the SU-75 is a high tech marvel and a bargain compared to the $10 trillion F-35 and F-22 total failures. Even the relatively upgraded Hughes APQ-120 and suite of ALQ phased array serial radars coupled with ASX-1TISEO (combat tree) have successfully lit up the F-35 over the Persian Gulf.

The Sukhoi design bureau has managed to produce a very capable light weight 5th generation fighter that is intended for versatile operations. The Su-57 and its light weight single engine stable mate the SU-75 feature stealth technology utilizing a vast array of composite materials; reaches supersonic cruising speed; and come with a very powerful onboard computer – described as an “electronic second pilot” – and a radar system spread across its body. No western aircraft offers this value for money.

Old Bold Pilot

US military is basically Hollywood hype and their combat performance is sub-par as repeated defeats from Vietnam to Afghanistan have amply shown. Prior to the rise of Russian and Chinese technical prowess, the US in the 60’s and 70s did manage to produce some capable but very expensive and high maintenance aircraft such as the F-4E, F-14A, F-15, FA-18 etc, however Russian and Chinese cooperation quickly overtook the corrupt and wasteful US aviation sector which has had a series of embarrassing failures from the so-called 787 “dreamliner” to the 737max, the F-22 and F-35 fiasco, not to mention the abysmal failure of US Patriots and THAAD interception systems.

Now there is no question that Russia and China are at the cutting edge of aerospace technology and are producing far superior and cost effective products.


fixed wing one engine “multi” role fighters like this one arent really a “checkmate” in any sense its just the same as before only add a few gadgets

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat

multi role fighters never were a serious thing they mostly were a selling platform for less capable nations to buy an airpower solution