Suspects Behind Lukashenko Assassination Attempt Were “Swindlers Not Revolutionaries”

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Suspects Behind Lukashenko Assassination Attempt Were "Swindlers Not Revolutionaries"

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Those accused of attempting a military coup and the assassination attempt on President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko are swindlers who wanted to “intercept” financial flows.

According to the ministry, the conspirators wanted to “intercept” financial flows and bribe people who would help them implement their plans.

“They don’t look like revolutionaries. (…) These are petty fraudsters,” said the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

This was stated by the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – the commander of the internal troops of Belarus Nikolai Karpenkov.

“No, they do not look like revolutionaries or heroes who are ready to sacrifice themselves. These are petty scammers, thugs, everyone wants to make their own proposal, their own topic, only for this topic to receive funding. It’s like thieves who want to rob each other,” he said.

According to him, the conspirators discussed the blocking of Minsk and the internal troops of Belarus. “All these are fraudulent topics with only one purpose – to intercept financial flows, to bring them under some incredible topics and bribery of people who will help them,” Karpenkov said.

As the Deputy Minister noted, the defendants planned to share this money, after which the finances would “go nowhere,” and the conspirators themselves, in turn, would not be accountable to anyone.

“For those who have become radicalized, I will say one thing: (…) we will neutralize you all. You will receive a severe punishment under the law. It is possible that if some line is crossed somewhere, then there will be no prisoners in this situation,” concluded Karpenkov.

On April 17, lawyer Yuri Zenkovich and political scientist Alexander Feduta were detained in Moscow. They met in one of the restaurants with generals of the Armed Forces of Belarus. According to the FSB, they discussed a military coup in Belarus, as well as the liquidation of Lukashenko and other high-ranking officials of the country.


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