Sweden Supplied BILL 2 Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine In Secret

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Sweden Supplied BILL 2 Anti-Tank Missiles To Ukraine In Secret

Click to see full-size image. Via Twitter.

Sweden has supplied unknown quantities of its RBS 56B BILL 2 anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to Kiev forces in secret.

On March 28, a photo showing a Ukrainian service member with a BILL 2 launcher surfaced online. It is still unclear where or when the photo was taken.

The BILL 2 is an upgraded version of the original RBS 56 ATGM that was developed by Sweden Saab Bofors Dynamics. The missile has a semi-automatic command to line-of-sight guidance system, and is controlled via a communications wire that trails behind the missile from the launch tube.

The ATGM has an overfly top attack feature. Its dual warheads, which are designed to bypass reactive packages and penetrate around 550 mm of armor, are equipped with an optical and magnetic sensor. The optical sensor serves to find the target’s range, while the magnetic sensor detects metallic targets to determine the best point for the missile to detonate. The missile is also equipped with an impact fuse for engaging non-armored targets.

The BILL 2 range is limited to 2,200 meters. The ATGM’s launcher is built around a x7 magnification day sight. A thermal imaging sight can be added to enable night time operation.

While the Swedish ATGM is effective, its guidance system makes it vulnerable to infrared jammers like the Shtora-1 system that is installed on most Russian T-80 and T-90 main battle tanks.

Sweden has supplied Kiev forces with loads of weapons, including hundreds of anti-aircraft and air-tank missiles, since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine more than a year ago. The country’s decision to supply Ukraine with BILL 2 ATGMs was likely the result of shortage in other anti-tank systems, like the NLAW.


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Usual Swedish scumbags


Sweden people is good but goverment is shit


We are like all the other people in the empire. Scared, submissive, cowardly, concerned about keeping up with the Jonses. And thoroughly propagandized.

The reason treason is so hated is because there is no way to defend against treason. Once your institutions and your “leaders” have been turned against you, you are helpless. Today Sweden is overrun by foreigners and economically we have been turned into a banana republic. US oligarchs own everything here, from basic services like hospitals, schools, nursing homes, cleaning companies. To high end industry and defense industry, harbours, mines, stock exchange, energy exchange.

When you let US funded NGOs act freely in your country you lose everything and your country is no longer yours.

V for Victory

You are no brain left in your cranial box, degenerated idiot, isn’t it?


Sweden, Norway ( blowing up nord Stream) and Finland all enjoying getting on the bash Russia hysteria. What has Russia done to these countries recently to get this hate?


When you let US funded NGOs act freely in your country you lose everything and the country is no longer yours.

Part of what makes Swedes go on the bash Russia train is because nationalism and communal feeling for us Swedes has been demonized for decades and completely forbidden. So now when our betters allow us to wave the flag and feel like, well, we are not allowed to be Swedes, but we are allowed to support the American war effort, many people feel like they are men again. It is pathetic. But, well, normal people can not be political theorists and great philosophers.

Uncle Ho

Special consideration is planned to repay Sweden for their unique part in the depopulation plan against Europe. Those responsible are going to appreciate the as above so below part in particular.