Syria demands the end of terrorist attacks in Aleppo

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Syria’s alternate ambassador for the UN, Mounzer Mounzer, called in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the cease of terrorist attacks against civilians in his country and for international support to cope with the humanitarian crisis.

Syria demands the end of terrorist attacks in Aleppo

A Syrian man comforts a boy amid the rubble of buildings following a reported air strike on the rebel-held neighborhood of al-Kalasa in Aleppo. / AFP / THAER MOHAMMEDTHAER MOHAMMED/AFP/Getty

In an emergency meeting of the 15-member group with Egypt leading it this time, in order to analyze the escalation of violence in Aleppo, Mounzer called to take measures to halt the bloodshed and, at the same time, he condemned the hypocrisy and politicization of the complex situation of the Arab nation.

According to the diplomat, the responsible ones of bringing death and destruction to Aleppo and other localities are no others than the terrorists and those who, from abroad, promote, arm and sponsor them.

Mounzer pointed that on Tuesday 28 civilians were killed, kids included and tens were wounded in an obstetric hospital and some neighborhoods in Aleppo.

How could someone “moderate” kill children in medical facilities or shoot ammunition, rockets and mortars indiscriminately against innocents? , Mounzer asked.

For the official, what’s taking place in Aleppo is another sample of the manipulation of those who are interested in the change of government of the Arab nation aimed by the West and their regional allies.

The alternate ambassador claimed that some opposition groups are allied with the so-called Al Nusra Front in Aleppo, where, according to his statement, the government is making all the necessary to protect the population and defeat the terrorists.

In regards to the ceasefire started on February 27th and the implications that the escalation of violence in Aleppo could have for its continuity, Mounzer discarded the accusations that claim that Damascus is not interested in a political process to put an end to the conflict.

Mounzer said that this decision is also conditioned to the compromise of other actors in the conflict, starting with the withdrawal of support for the different terrorist groups. In this sense, he talked about the situation of the border with Turkey, in regards to how easy it is for terrorists to cross the border, enter Syrian ground and find some refuge in the war-torn country.

Russia on its side condemned the manipulation of the escalation of violence in Aleppo that aims to support the change-of-government-speech against Syria.

The Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin, qualified as pernicious the attempts to invent facts under political motivations.

According to Churkin, West-backed terrorists are the main responsible for the situation in the Northwest are of the city, where opposition groups are allied with extremists like the Al Nusra Front that, the same way as Daesh, is not part of the ceasefire.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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