Syrian Army Is Storming Khan Nuran In Western Aleppo (Map Update)


Syrian Army Is Storming Khan Nuran In Western Aleppo (Map Update)

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On February 12, units of the Syrian Army and other pro-government factions launched an attack to capture the village of Khan Nuran in western Aleppo from Hayat Tarhrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

On February 11, government forces already made a similar attempt. However, then, they were not able to break the defense of militants and retreated after a series of intense clashes. The February 12 advance is likely aimed at changing this situation.

If Khan Nuran is liberated, it will become a useful strong point of Syrian government forces in their wider effort to secure the part of the M5 highway that runs in western Aleppo.

Meanwhile, army troops already liberated the village of Sheikh Ali.

The article was updated at 2:46 PM 12.02.2020



  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Syria needs to completely destroy those turkish ”observation towers / forts ” and either take prisoners or shoot the b@stards!

    I ‘d prefer they’ d do the latter.

  • Samuel Vanguard

    Jihadist’s will eventually be defeated but i foresee Turkey intervening to assist it’s terrorist gangs to keep a hold on Idlib.

    • Ronald

      Liberty, Equality, Fraternity;
      Yes he’s trying, sad that many young Turkish men will die for a toe hold along the border and Erdogan’s ego.

  • Xoli Xoli

    SAA kill all Turkey soldiers attack pre emptively their terrorists hiding post.Soon Turkey citizens will turn against oil thief criminal Erdogan.

  • Ronald

    From an unreliable Kurdish source, that was originally found by PavewayIV ,
    Al Qaeda, Syrian National Army, FSA, jihadists are dressing in Turkish Army uniforms.

    • goingbrokes

      It is a logical proposition. Anyone can wear any uniform, photos of uniformed men mean nothing if there is no conclusive proof.

    • Bill Wilson

      I’m sure those are cold weather uniforms for sustained operations in sub-freezing temperatures.

      • Ronald

        It is winter even in Syria, and a uniform certainly would make it difficult to know if the jihadi’s or Turkish troops are firing at you.

  • Lupus

    Never forget. Free Syria from Turk terrorist scum!

    • Concrete Mike

      Pepperidge farms remembers!

  • seawolf

    Excellent !!!!!

  • Louis-Marie Long

    It’s “Kafr” Nuran (and not “Khan” Nuran).
    Closer to Idleb than to Aleppo.

    • Kananda

      Western aleppo = western oart of ALeppo region. Not the city.

  • Louis-Marie Long

    Could you please correct the name of the village? It is not Khan Noran but Kafr Noran.