Syrian Army Liberated 1,400 km2 From ISIS In One Day Advance In Homs

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have liberated about 1,400 km2 from ISIS terrorists in the province of Homs on Thursday.

the Abd Mount, the Unaybah Mount, the Sheikh Mount, the Nasrani Mount, the Kula Mount, The Ghaem Mount, the Ghantus Mount, the Bardah Mount, the Basiri Mount, the Zuqaq Mount, Bardah, Busayri, the Khanizir Mount, the Ruwaq Mount, Khunayfis, Sawwanah, the Abtar Mount and the nearby points.

The ISIS defense in the area collapsed amid the government success east of al-Qayratayn and a stiff pressure faced by the terrorist group.

Syrian Army Liberated 1,400 km2 From ISIS In One Day Advance In Homs

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Awesome stuff.

Joe Doe

We also should had to report that most of the area was abandoned by ISIS. Therefore, SAA should continue its advances and not allowed ISIS to regroup and create new defence line. Slow advances will allow such strategic task


That’s what you call a good days work.
Now SAA can head east.

Solomon Krupacek

no, 1st take ulayyaniyah mountain
to be on high ground ;)

after that arak and not al suknah, but southest T3, T2, abu kamal. if needed, paratroopers. after that to deir ez zor both from west and south.


Good call, I was checking out this terrain yesterday.
Appears that FSA had to pull out after being isolated.
Now on to Arak and T3.
Leave T2 alone, go for Deir Ezzor !




………it’s only 1,400 kms.


They couldn’t add a zero to the end of that number? I could liberate 1,400kms in my sleep…

Leo Jansen

Yeah I´m sure you do wannabe G.I Joe!


Dang… somehow or other you escaped from the You Tube comments section, home to all 14 year old military geniuses …?!




Very good. This is the kind of progress that should be happening on a daily basis, otherwise this war is never going to end.


Good progress, but busayri-palmyra road needs to be fortified and reconned. So much territory captured, The mountains needs to be explored for hidden cave outposts used to spy on troop deployments. there may be hidden artillery caches too.

Also, Arak oil fields shown to be not captured.

John Brown

Yes but secure the border first so they can’t bring in new Jihadis and weapons, then search the area throughly.

Solomon Krupacek

my 1 year old words


Busayri palmyra road is open :) So is the Damascus-Palmyra highway. SAA is advancing so fast Southfront cant keep up


ISIS in free fall collapse. Look for false flag chemical attack as desperation move.