Syrian Army Liberates 5 Villages from ISIS in Northeastern Aleppo

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Last night, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated 5 villages from the ISIS terrorist group in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo city.

Tal Qarah, Kafr Qaris, Tal Susin, Fafin, Babinnis, Tal Shair were liberated. The army and the NDF also set control of the Infantry School in the area.

The government forces’ advance was synchronized with operations of Kurdish forces in the same area.

Syrian Army Liberates 5 Villages from ISIS in Northeastern Aleppo

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liberates? LMAO hahhaha you mean they were abandoned by IS? Oh yes that is true, but southfront propaganda does not the word ‘truth’


Noone said there were any clashes.


so they didnt liberate anything. they received a gift


They moved in and are now in control.

Marek Pejović

and collaboration with Kurds show that they are getting more softer towards SAA /nervous because of Turkey.


By your logic FSA/Turks are doing the same from day one of their “Shield”


Tal Susin should be within the SAA-controlled territory on this map (While Tal Qarah is not mentioned in the Al Masdar report). According to original reports. :p This map is a bit weird compared to the previous one.