Syrian Army Repels Another Terrorist Attack in Hama

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Syrian troops have repulsed an offensive of terrorist groups, aimed to break through positions of the Syrian Army in northern Hama.

Syrian Army Repels Another Terrorist Attack in Hama

An offensive of terrorist groups, aimed to break through positions of the Syrian Army in northern Hama, was repulsed by Syrian troops. As a result, militants suffered heavy losses.

Terrorists and Syrian soldiers clashed near the town of Ma’an. Militants, who tried to storm positions of the government forces, were repelled after several hours of a non-stop battle. A number of terrorists were killed, while their military hardware was damaged in the failed attack.

Meanwhile, gatherings of terrorists in various parts of northern Hama were struck by the Syrian Air Force. As a result, a number of members of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist group were killed.

Tens of square kilometers of land in Hama province have been recaptured by Syrian soldiers, who are currently are going to conduct an imminent operation in order to liberate Taybat al-Imam. A large number of anti-tank missiles, rifles, machine guns and ammunition were also seized by Syrian troops in al-Ghaab region.

In December, Arab media reported, citing unnamed sources that the Syrian Army and the popular forces were preparing for a decisive battle against members of terrorist groups in northern Hama.

“The Syrian government forces, backed up by hundreds of soldiers, deployed to the northern side of Hama city, are getting ready to carry out a fresh round of large-scale offensives against terrorists,” the sources said.

“Syrian soldiers and the popular forces are resolved to advance against militants and liberate the remaining villages and regions, which are currently under the terrorists’ control in northern Hama,” they added.

Hundreds of Syrian soldiers left their positions in northern Damascus and moved to northern Hama in order to participate in the imminent operation to liberate Taybat al-Imam town.

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We’ll be hearing a lot about Hama front this winter I’m afraid. Latakia mountains are too hard for a winter attack and Aleppo will be too well guarded, so it will be a see-saw between ISIL attacking Tyas and Nusra probing at Hama. I expect some “unusual” level of coordination between them.

Hisham Saber

What were seeing is the dying throes of the western backed terrorist invasion of Syria. Their back was broken in Aleppo. They have lost the initiative. Now the SAA and allies with go on the offensive and build momentum.