Syrian Army Repels Terrorists’ Offensives in Southern Hama

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The Syrian Army has repelled new attacks of terrorists on their positions in southern Hama and carried out a rapid counter-attack.

Syrian Army Repels Terrorists' Offensives in Southern Hama

Terrorists’ attacks on government positions in southern Hama were repelled by the Syrian Armed Forces. As result, terrorists retreated from the battlefield under heavy fire.

Positions of the government forces in the western side of al-Salamiyah were attacked by terrorist groups from positions at al-Satahiyat, however, terrorists could not break through defense lines of the army.

The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Syrian Air Force, repelled the attacks, carried out a rapid counter-attack and pushed terrorists back to the western side of al-Salamiyah and to the road, linking al-Satahiyat and al-Masirah.

On Tuesday, massive joint airstrikes of Syrian and Russian fighter jets were inflicted on a key hideout of terrorists – a large cave, used for hiding military and medical equipment, weapons, ammunition and fighters, near Kafr Zita in the mountainous region of northern Hama. As result, terrorists suffered heavy losses: dozens of them were killed or wounded, and the most part of their military and medical equipment was destroyed.

Media pages of terrorist groups confirmed that the airstrikes destroyed a large amount of medical and military equipment.

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