Syrian Army Shoots Down Armed Drone Over Northern Hama (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shot down an armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) while it was flying over its positions in the northern Hama countryside.

Oleg Blokhin, a Russian journalist, released a video showing the remains of the UAV on May 14. The remains show that the UAV is identical to the type used in many attacks on the Russian Hmeimim airbase during last year.

Pro-government sources believe that this type of DIY armed UAVs was developed by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria. The terrorist group has not confirmed or denied this, so far.

The drone attack was likely aimed at hindering the SAA’s advance in northwestern Hama. The ongoing operation in the region has significantly limited the terrorist group’s capabilities to launch rocket and drone attacks on Russian and Syrian bases.

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Factory made plywood parts for the body and polystyrene wings – this is not “developed” by HTS, this is a kit made in a factory. It is designed with non metallic parts to reduce radar signature. My guess is a factory in Turkey.


it has a metal engine that creates heat!
the guy in the video showed a huge square metal tail (like a square long pipe)! The tail is about 4 feet long!
The kit could have been made in a city like idlib! These people arnt so stupid as u think! (i do not support them obviously)

All i am doing here is making an argument for the possibility that it is made in Idlib!
The design could have been given to them! Who knows!

And perhaps they are from turkey!
Who the hell knows!
But it does have heat from the metal engine and a long metal tail support! Watch the video again!
If they were hard to detect then why has russia shot down every single drone that came near their base?


Perhaps you are replying to my comment below?
I don’t think these are too hard to detect for the Russian latest radars. The concept is old, probably pre-dating Russian involvement, and it was only meant to defeat older Syrian radars. The thing is, the jihadists don’t have anything better – NATO is not prepared to give them any cutting edge stuff, it’s too late for that, it would reveal too many links. So they have to try their best with the stockpile that they have.
A factory in Turkey was only a guess. But even if it is in Idlib, they still have to bring in the plywood because I’m sure they don’t manufacture that in Idlib. These jihadists have been provided with shiploads of stuff, why not a few drone systems.


and the GPS that is required makes them hi tech in some ways! Heard Putin say this! That some nation was helping because of the constant communications from sophisticated satellites that would be needed! So i guess when you add that in, yeah they would be supplied! no doubt its turkey!


It does not show any arms nor does it show the control unit to fly this thing. Why not?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Could be a recce drone.


It does show the wing servo for the control surface, and the tailpipe 50mm square aluminium pipe with wires sticking out. There is a fuel tank, but no battery so the electrics likely run from an alternator. It is probably designed as a single use kamikaze unit so controls don’t have to be state-of-the-art. Any bombs might be lost in the fall. Nice bullet hole in the wing!