Syrian Army’s Ambush in Eastern Damascus: Scores of Terrorists Killed

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A successful ambush operation against gathering of terrorists has been carried out by the Syrian Armed Forces in Eastern Ghouta. Meanwhile, more than 200 terrorists laid down their weapons and surrendered to the government forces in Elhameh region.

Syrian Army's Ambush in Eastern Damascus: Scores of Terrorists Killed

A group of terrorists were ambushed by the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) in the strategic village of Reihan near Douma in Eastern Ghouta. As result, dozens of terrorists were killed and wounded, the Fars news agency reported, citing unnamed local sources.

According to the sources, the pro-government forces are currently trying to capture Reihan, so fierce clashes between terrorists and Syrian soldiers are ongoing inside the village. The sources noted that terrorists of the Jaysh al-Islam (previously known as the Liwa al-Islam) group have called on their comrades to help. They also noted that if Syrian troops seize back Reihan, they would also surround Tal Kurdi and would approach to surrounding Douma.

Meanwhile, over 200 terrorists laid down their arms and ended the fight against the Syrian Army in Elhameh region in Western Ghouta in Damascus province.

At the same time, a national reconciliation was violated by terrorists in al-Qodsiyeh. They tried to storm government positions, but faced demonstrations of civilians, who called for the deportation of those terrorists, who do not want to join the peace agreement.

According to Monday’s reports, a commander of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, Abu Hamza al-Ordoni, as well as 36 his comrades were killed during clashes with other terrorist groups in eastern Qalamoun region in al-Reihan in Eastern Ghouta.

At the same time, there was a heavy fighting between the Syrian Army and terrorists in Jobar in the eastern countryside of the city of Damascus. As result, several terrorists were killed, while others were wounded.

According to Saturday’s reports, the Syrian Army and the NDF entered the town of Elhameh, accompanied by the local tribal leaders, and regained control of Elhameh in Western Ghouta of the province of Damascus, after several days of fierce clashes with terrorist groups. Protests against terrorist groups were held by residents of Elhameh town in the past few days. People called on terrorists to lay down weapons or leave the town.

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