Syrian Authorities Arrest British Intelligence Spy In Palmyra (Video)

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Syrian authorities announced on June 10 that it had arrested a spy of the British intelligence in the ancient city of Palmyra in eastern Homs.

The spy was identified as Muhammad Hussein Saud, a street cleaner who worked for ISIS after it captured Palmyra in 2015. During his time with the terrorists group, Saud collected dead bodies of Syrian soldiers and civilians and threw them in the desert.

After spending a while with ISIS, Saud fled Palmyra to take refuge in the U.S.-occupied 55 km zone around al-Tanaf.

In al-Tanaf, Saud joined a British-backed armed group for a while. Once Palmyra was secured by the Syrian Arab Army he took the decision to return. At that moment he was approached by the British intelligence which asked him to work as a spy from there.

“The British learned, through brokers, and they said: You will work as a spy. We will help you. Go to Palmyra, they will give you money and phones and provide you with everything you need. The task is to photograph important sites for the Syrian intelligence and the Russian and Syrian armies there. I had to send these pictures over the Internet,” RT quoted Saud as saying.

Saudi added that the British intelligence was interested in information about the protection of Russian sites in Syria so they could later plan terrorist attacks on them.

According to RT, Saud was a part of a British intelligence cell led by a former tour guide. It remains unclear if any other members of the cell were apprehended.

The information provided by Saud indicates that the al-Tanaf base is being used by the US and the UK for forward intelligence operations. A number of U.S.-backed fighters, who defected from the base earlier this year, also revealed information about the hostile actions of the base.


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This guy is a pawn though.

Tommy Jensen

looks like less than a pawn. anyway he is useful as witness.

John Wallace

Witness to what. Who is going to listen and best of all who is going to publish it. comment image

Jens Holm

comment image comment image

John Wallace

WTF is that about . Infantile dipshit . Get off the grass it’s noit doing your brain any good.

Tommy Jensen

Its because people who know how to find facts and truth, have to penetrate the Western group thinking, in order to make them accept reality.

The more witnesses and the more facts on the table, the more “majority” opion you get to penetrate the brainwashed Western sheeple who only bow to group thinking.

<- Beware the Jew

F O J!!

Ivan Freely

They’re all pawns.

johnny rotten

The British broke our cock, stop it.

Jens Holm

Soon You will eat Your cooks. You have no food.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Disappointing how al-Tanaf never seems to get attacked by reconciled with the govt Syrians.

Sylvain Jeuland

One front at a time

Jens Holm

Muhammed made no miracles, but Dick Bastard think Assads can.

He think Assad is commander of the Russian army too.

Jens Holm

No its not.

The Regime in Damaskus also dont have the military capasity for it.


They implanted a 5G in his brain and was sent to spread covid


The one good thing about capturing a rat alive is that they sell out their own without even blinking. No doubt he will expose other rats for only a hot meal.

Tommy Jensen

Many down there dont have a choice.

<- Beware the Jew

F O J!

Jens Holm

Thats right. We see here in Denmark too even we are in another economic level.

Therefore we create extra jobs and education if there are no nirmal ones. Thats a vital mistake for any Goverment not to do that.

By people feel themselves includes and are not tempted to do crime or hate the Goverments.

I visited an old castle last Year. I was restored 1931 to 1941 only by unimployed. Most of the roof with its canons was gone and there was no walls and graves with water around it anymore.

So many was unimplyed here after the Wall Street collapse.

Many are visiting it every year and that finence its kept nice. It also has a garden by them for medicine and tea.

Tommy Jensen

Its ok. Nice castle and work.

Jens Holm

I need more verification. As a story its first class propaganda any goat will eat, of it has nothing else.

Swift Laggard II

Probably somewhere in between. Was probably spying and photographing, but the propaganda part is the assertion that the infor was for organizing terra strikes

Rhodium 10

Al Tanf like Idlib are terrorist nest protected by NATO..its like a wild animal park reserve that feed and cares these useful psychopaths to later send them to destroy many countries!

Jens Holm

Nato is not in Syria at all.

Nato is in Iraq working for the Bagdad Goverment.

Rhodium 10

Turkey is a NATO member like USA…both have troops in Syria!..a year ago Brits and French troops were deployed in Syria..both are NATO members.

Jens Holm

…..And all memebers of OPEC are united and agree in everything too ???

You certainly keepYour low level well and against all written facts about it too. Much as You not even has internet.

Free man

Some people find it easier to think in terms of good / bad and they categorize others very broadly – all Muslims are terrorists, all countries in the West are corrupt, all blacks are basketball players and especially anyone who doesn’t think like you is a Zionist.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabi scum, sales him self for some fistfull of petrodollars.

Jens Holm

Not all has a truck so they can be paid in lira:)

King Cliff

I’m pretty sure he’s being interegated. I’m not sure what’s the Russian policy of when it come to interagation but he’s getting one.


Dirty fkn nazi/union of eus nwo incest agendas,thankfully these packa savioured failures are gone,but if they srill ain’t they will nor be ready for whats going down in just a dew days or so,oh yeah truth time:

Jens Holm

When You are flashing like this, I hope You at least has cleaned Your mouth and behind first.

Assad must stay

very good job SAA!


dumb dog was far from home

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…
He cost a lot of Shekels…


How about those British SAS dressed as ISIS attacked soldiers? We clearely saw this in Libya along side al queda.. In Syria all the soldiers were killed so not much info on this.. But the question remains, how could ISIS get such intelligence to know where all the soldiers were to hit them so easily..

Jens Holm

Its not like that in Syria. When USA, France and UK saw ISIS as last chance as peasty agains cholera it was like that.

But it certaily was no soldiers but first class advicers for what ISIS could not do themselves.

Its is true the FSAs in Southern Syrian was supported until the green busses came. Here its also true the FSA in at least two versions had only little support and by that was rather important.

You version for fx how ISIS took Palmyra last time hey did seemes to ignore how bad the troops and the coordination was. The Assad soldiers was milisia and seen as low ones and therefore they were not coordinated with the tak crews. The soldiers dod not even repair the destroyed defence lines, because no one ordered them too.

Our troops(Danish) ALWAYS makes defence as number one. They are not ordered to. They know the need.

Even knowing several days before it happend a sandstorm came. Here there was no extra guard for visual contact. People at this site even told me, that new infrared glasses would keep ISIS away.

I will also remind You that ISIS was there before and had attacked the positions and possible defences well.

Thats normal inteælligence for a normal fighting group of soldiers and the abnormal ones were the Assads, where the milisia never was there before and familiar with anything there.

After Assads lost about 30 armoured vehicles and many many soldiers it was told ISIS attacked with 2000 troopers to explain the losses.

Most experts says there was only 500 but as ISIS usual are in a very well organized mode and vey determinant.

You should use Your own intelligence about how the Assads are in quality and why. Its very well descriebed in text. pictures and even as You tubes. There are no questions there unless You are tricked by Assads about it.

Tommy Jensen

The most famous general of Denmark was called general backwards.
He fighted a war against mercenaries from germany by retreating 5 times and claimed he won because he had been occupying time and binding the enemies forces by going backwards.

Jens Holm

The one You name as General Backwards was npot ahinst German Mercenairies at all. He had about 30.000 soldiers and General Molkthe famous for develloping moddern warfare just as much as Clausewich had modern Krupp canons and Mauser repeating riffles.

In those Years Presussen was made and defeated internals in Germanny, they defeated France and they also threw out Austria-Hungary from Germany, so they only had germans in Tjekkia, Poland and Austria.

So he did a great job, which made no honor. Germans and the uprisers was 60.000.

Its well descriebed that Molkte was blamed a lot being so slow to defeat litle Denmark.

Molkte in 1971 became General Feld Marshall for the whole Preussian and German army.

The tacktics according defending Denmark has been the same since before Vikings. Its classic having a strong navy controlling the coastline and by that move troops from defence center to defence center and counterattack from there.

You can blame Danes for using “line war” but everybody else did. Stalin did too and lost several millions and a lot of terrain.

The Clausewitch way is to say that a long fortified line always will break down if You concentrate troops and cut. Napoleon said same thing.

This was assymetric war.

Tommy Jensen

Agree. Scorced earth tactic is an ok strategy used by many. Just making a little fun out of the un-equal situation.

Jens Holm

Yo partly can compare with Assads and Erdogans. There was an uprise for reforms which went into a ceasedfire. It was about very needed reforms with better local influence.

The King choose NO REFORMS and even replaced public employed all over to danish speaking ones and told the uprisers, that the connections to Preussen was bad. ¨So the old loyalty became warm and Preusssen got friends there and had the well equipped troops for it.

AM Hants

Like this lot: Links are images.
comment image%3Fquality%3D90%26strip%3Dall%26w%3D1200&f=1&nofb=1×160.jpg

Jihadi in Drag: Wimpy ISIS warlord captured dressed as a WOMAN fleeing crumbling cult
ONE of ISIS’s top commanders was found fleeing his beloved so-called caliphate while dressed up in drag…

Some beauties here:
comment image&f=1&nofb=1
comment image%3Fresize%3D620%252C467%26ssl%3D1&f=1&nofb=1

Jens Holm

A good story if its true. It shows not all in Syria are lazy bums on wellfare from Russia.


For israel to strike deep into Syria it was obvious they had to have eyes on the target. So here is one of them…


yep and he should be lamp-posted right away for the world to see. but it would be better if the ones caught are jews spying for israel. they won’t have to be lamp-posted just boiled in oil (like the uzbeki premier used to do).

Swift Laggard II

what kind of evil mind does it take to conceive such thoughts and actually voice them in words on a public forum with no sense of shame or outrage? that you can actually think of boiling another human being in oil? you must be demon possessed


that is what the uzbek premier used to do (and probably still does) and which tony blair, serial liar, thought was alright so as not to disturb the afghan war the morons from the disjointed states of A had started.

otherwise I find you too touchy and suggest you kick the bucket asap.

John Wallace

A little naive which makes you like a lamb ripe for slaughter in an evil world. There are some evil people out there and verner doesn’t come close let alone possessed by a demon. so time to wake up.


No worse than the Israelis vaporizing people with depleted Uranium and phosphorus,they are not talking bout it they have been doing it.


If this guy is proved to be part of a foreign spy group,theSyrians need to get as much info as possible,then execute the animal.