Syrian Military Tricks Israeli Air Force With Dummy Targets


Syrian Military Tricks Israeli Air Force With Dummy Targets

IMAGE: An Israeli F-35I takes off from Uvda airbase during Blue Flag 2019

In mid-December, an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) allegedly entered Syrian airspace in the Golan Heights and had to quickly leave it, after it was fired at, Israeli media reported.

According to the reports, the incident occurred on December 16th – 17th, and the drone allegedly flew in Syrian airspace for less than a mile before fire was opened on it. It only remained there for approximately 90 seconds.

It was further stated that during the episode, there was no attempt to down the UAV using Russian or Syrian fighter jets. Allegedly a Russian force opened fire from an automatic weapon, which caused the aircraft to draw back.

As per separate report, cited by Channel 12, the Syrians managed to “deceive” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by placing dummy targets on the ground instead of real air defense systems. The entire alleged incident was reportedly documented by the Syrian air defense systems.

This referred to another alleged incident, in which the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck dozens of targets in Syria on November 20th.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights the death toll stood at 21 fighters, 16 of them non-Syrians, and two civilians. The targets were allegedly Syrian government forces, as well as supposed Iranian positions.

“The attack was carried out in response to the launching of the rockets by the Iranian Quds force from Syrian territory,” the IDF said in a statement, adding that missile launchers, weapons warehouses, command centers and bases were targeted in the operation.

According to other claims, however, the targets were placed for deception purposes and were dummies.

Reports on December 21st, claimed that possible drone strikes damaged Syrian oil and gas facilities leading to disruptions in production.

Near-simultaneous attacks believed to have been carried out by drones hit three government-run oil and gas installations in central Syria, state TV and the Oil Ministry reported. It remains unclear who was behind the attack, but according to most reports it was likely an ISIS attack.

Officially, the Syrian Foreign Ministry claimed that the US, Israel’s sworn ally was behind the attack.

“The US, using its illegal military base in Al Tanf, sent drones to Homs and committed air strikes by them against the oil refining infrastructure. It took place four days ago,” the Minister commented. “I would like to note that this occured in winter, when we have a pressing need for oil and gas. Yesterday Israel made an attack against Syrian Arab Republic, firing a number of rockets against facilities in Damascus and the outskirts,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said.



  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Reminds me the US led coalition were bombing Saddam’s fake tanks in first gulf war. It was kinda comedy to see bombed tanks were just some inflated balloons.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The Russian’s get their proxies in Syria to kill and assassinate the Iranian proxies in Syria, and the Israelis also bomb the Iranians and their proxies in Syria as well, and the Russians and Iranians help the Turks, and yet the Turks help the terrorists who fight against the SAA, who the Russians and Iranians are supposed to be helping.
    What’s going on, I can’t tell friend from foe anymore, the place is a mess, who’s on who’s side, poor old Syria you’re being ripped apart from every direction, at least with Isis you knew who the enemy was.
    Iran’s vying for control over Syria and Russia doesn’t like it, both parties are trying to knock the wheel off the others cart now, and so far the Russians have knocked more spokes out of the Iranian cart, but when one of their wheels eventually does come off, someone’s going to get more than just scraped knees.
    Iran relies on Russia for protection from the US and without Russia Iran will become a victim, I think I know which cart is about to lose it’s wheel.
    I like many other have always attributed Russia’s failure to deter Israeli airstrikes against Syria as just plain old deal doing, ‘we’ll let you do this if you let us do that’ type of setup, but unlike some people, I don’t believe for a second Putin’s a Zionist, he’s far from it, and possibly even anti Zionist, but he is a pragmatist and very practical. So I’ve begun to suspect that not all Israeli airstrikes are initiated by Israel itself or on the US’s request, it’s quite possible that someone else having major problems with Iran is initiating them instead, and yes I am hinting it’s Putin himself.
    The Israelis are getting great intel if it is Putin pulling the strings, that would explain why the strikes are usually so accurate and timed so well, mmm, I’m sitting in a 50/50 split now, is Putin using the Israelis
    to help him pull the Iranians into line, mmm, maybe.

    • Wayne Nicholson

      The USA, Israel and Saudi / gulfies want regime change in Syria and iran …. Israel because neither of these nations recognize the israel as legitimate and the Saudi’s because Shia oppose the Saudis control of Mecca and Medina. The USA because Iran threatens US dollar hegemony in the oil industry.

      Russia is fighting in Syria to keep Russian jihadists from returning to Russia and to keep Syria from falling into the hands of jihadists. Russia also will never allow a US friendly regime in Iran because of Iran’s strategiic position on the Caspian and Central Asia.

      When Putin was asked why he supported the Assad regime back in 2015 his response was “If not Assad the who?”, which means Russia doesn’t really care for the Assad government but it’s the best of all the bad choices available.

      Assad just wants to stay in power. Russia has no quarrel with Israel.

      Russia is in Syria to achieve Russian objectives …. NOT irans.

      Russia is not going to go to war with Israel over their attacks on Iranian forces. it’s not their battle. They have good relations with Israel and a lot of Russian live in Israel. Iran is important to Russia but Iranians in Syria are not. They will never risk war with the USA or Israel to defend Iran or even Syria.

      The point of going to war is to achieve YOUR objectives …. not to be sidetracked into costly wars with deep pocketed enemies.

      The USA is on record saying that Syria would become a quagmire for Russia …. so far Russia is staying very disciplined not being drawn into a reaction from obvious provocations designed to pull Russia into a quagmire.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        The Saudis are no longer calling for the departure of Assad, and neither are the US or Israel, and it’s all thanks to the Arab League’s fear if the Muslim Brotherhood.
        Iran doesn’t want regime change, they want to take over Syria, and you’re right, Russia couldn’t care less if Assad remained in power, just so long as his replacement was pro Russian they wouldn’t care if kermit the frog was in charge, but Turkey does want regime change, they’re in fact the only party still calling for regime change.
        And the UN itself is no longer doing anything to expedite a regime change, they’ve in fact made it possible for Assad to remain in power. You may be unaware of the implications of Assad’s acceptance of the new amended version of the old Turkish/Iranian/Russian inspired UN resolution 2254, but his acceptance of the new amended version of the old resolution has virtually excluded the Turks from the Syrian political process, unlike the old Turkish/Iranian/Russian version which gave the Turks nearly as much say in the Syrian political process as Assad himself had. That’s why Assad refused to accept the old Turkish/Iranian/Russian version for nearly 5 years, but eagerly accepted the new UN version the very same day the proposal was made, don’t you wonder why.
        I suggest you do some fact finding, so far you’re incorrect about the US, Israel, and the Saudis wanting regime change, all parties no longer call for Assad to be removed, in fact the Arab League nations are doing just about anything and everything they can to keep Assad in power, they have an ongoing war against Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood [that no one but the Arabs ever talk about], and they want Assad, the US and Israel to help them win it. That means Assad has to stay in power and Turkey has to leave Iraq and Syria, and Libya too.

        “Russia is fighting in Syria to keep Russian jihadists from returning to Russia and to keep Syria from falling into the hands of jihadists.”

        You’re wrong about the first part, if that was the case Russia would be helping the SAA wipe them out in Idlib [and everywhere else], just like they did in Darra, Quneitra, Ghoutah and elsewhere, easily smash them to pieces in less than a month. And ATM we’re only just days away from a complete victory in Idlib, that’s if the Russians decide to recommence operations, but they haven’t yet.
        The second part you’re only half right, the Russians would like to retain all of Syria’s sovereign territory but will be happy even if they only get the south west, they need the seaport more than anything, that’s their priority number one, and yes I do mean even more important than prying Turkey away from NATO, and don’t say ‘but if Turkey leaves NATO the Russians won’t have to worry about keeping a seaport in Syria’, that’s not the case, Turkey’s a big Nation and powerful, Syria isn’t, if things went to pot Russia could forcibly stay in Syria, they could never do that with Turkey.
        Obama’s regime was the one that said Syria would be a quagmire for Russia, but haven’t you been paying attention to what Trump’s been saying about Putin and Russia, total opposite sides of the same coin. ATM with Trump in charge it’s heads is on top, under Obama it was tails on top, so we all have to stop living in the past. Assad did when he accepted the new amended UN/Syrian version of his allies totally crappy old version, even though it probably made him sick to the stomach when he did it, the lesser of 2 evils is always the best option but never pleasant.

        Zionist entities in Europe have always been Russia’s enemy, they’re the reason Russia has always been excluded from joining Europe and ostracized by their fellow EUROPEAN countries, tectonic plates don’t really separate people, Zionists do, Putin knows that.

        If Russia wanted to protect Iranian or Syrian interests they wouldn’t have to go to war to protect them, just blow up the offending missiles/launchers and aircraft/airfields when they attacked, that’s not going to war, that’s just called measured retaliatory strikes for endangering Russian personnel.

        And why is it if Russia is and Iran are coming to blows in Syria now [with deaths on both sides], and Russia’s assassinating prominent Iranian and Iranian militiamen all over the place, and also forcing Assad to sack most of the pro Iranian members of the Syrian military and it’s government institutions [replacing them with pro Russian members], don’t you think it’s possible Putin’s quite happy to see the Israelis bomb the Iranians in Syria, and even possibly giving them info to help them, maybe even encouraging some attacks.
        Just because Russia and Iran are allies it doesn’t mean they’re actually getting along, I suggest you find out exactly what’s going on between Russia and Iran in Syria now, you may be shocked to see there’s a war within a war going on right now, and it’s Russia versus Iran in Syria.

  • John Wallace

    So if Israel bombed a d lot of dummies and the SOHR reported 21 deaths , were these deaths dummies as well. I wonder if there were any injured dummies and if so did they recover or become dead dummies as well .

    • Mehmet Aslanak

      Names are usually taken from Arlington military cemetery, so yes, do not thrust death news, either.

      • John Wallace

        Well not from SOHR that is for sure.

    • Wayne Nicholson

      Yes they would have reported dead or injured dummies if that’s what it takes to make you believe. It’s maskirovka …. the Russians are VERY good at it and very thorough. All countries do it but the Russians take it to another level.

      • John Wallace

        Make ME believe. Make me believe what. Make me believe the wrong end of the stick has been taken on sarcasm. Make me believe the Syrian Organisation on Human Rights , I don’t think I have ever believed anything they have said even though they are now being regularly quoted as probably the only source of semi credible information from the terrorists side of the fence. Not sure what I am supposed to believe.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The Zionist scum have achieved fuckall in Syria.

      • John Wallace

        I think they have caused a lot of death and destruction all over the country mostly by guiding other hands to do it.The country is now fragmented and in no state at the moment to stand up to Israel . So whilst it is all negative and they haven’t achieved what they originally intended they have created a big mess that will take years to repair. The biggest advantage is the actual combat experienced gained by Syrian and others militaries which hopeful will come back to bite the Zionists in the arse. .

  • Next they will be using the “Paratrooper Dummies” that Britain & U.S. used in WWII
    … if you dropped about 20,000 “Paratrooper Dummies” on top of Israel, I wonder what their responses would be; they love playing the “blame game” … as just like my U.S. does to start a war.

    The taxpayers/voters footing the bills are completely ignorant.

    Declassified OSS Film of WWII Decoy Paratrooper 1943

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


    • Zionism = EVIL

      I have not been around for a while and don’t know whether SF has posted about the new Chinese SAM systems and electronic warfare capability in Syria. The Jew fucks will find out a different story soon all over the region and Turkeys are in for a few surprises too. Stay tuned :)

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        yea i saw that hahahahah i hope you are right, happy new year :)

  • Peter Jennings

    ISIS, isreal, the US, nato, it’s all the same dogs dinner.

    The US will soon have its plate full as the Iraqi’s are also beginning to think about evicting US shysters from their country, and not before time.

    The Syrian’s, with Russian help, need only continue what they are doing. Small, annoying, isolated pockets of US forces can be saved as a sweet, for after the main course.
    Quite where these forces will go if they get sandwiched between angry Iraqi’s and Syrian’s is anyone’s guess. However, i suspect it will be north to the Kurds. That would put all the fish in the same barrel ready for the SAA.
    It promises to be a good new year for Syria, and for all freedom loving people everywhere.