Syrian Military Turn KamAZ Truck into Self-Propelled Gun (Video)

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A video, showing the KamAZ truck, equipped with the S-60 57-mm anti-aircraft gun, operating in Syria, has been published online.

Syrian Military Turn KamAZ Truck into Self-Propelled Gun (Video)

The KamAZ truck have been started to be equipped with the S-60 57-mm anti-aircraft gun. A video, showing the improvised self-propelled gun, operating on the front line, was published online on the official channel of the Syrian Army in Youtube.

The video allows seeing that the gun was mounted on the Kamaz truck of the Mustang series.

As an expert on the Syrian conflict, Yuri Lyamin, noted, the S-60 gun has given a good account of itself in the course of the military conflict on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The anti-aircraft gun is capable to reach and destroy a target at a distance of up to 4,000 meters. There were cases when a shell, fired from this gun with an initial speed of 1000 meters per second, hit the T-55 tank and put it out of action, while light armored vehicles, such as the BMP-1, were turned into scrap. At the same time, a high-explosive fragmentation shell, weighing 2.8 kg, is very effective against enemy manpower.

Syrian handymen have already showed their ingenuity many times, ‘intercrossing’ various types of Soviet military hardware and weapons. So, the GAZ-3308 Sadko was equipped with the legendary ZiS-2 57-mm cannon, used during the Great Patriotic War, the UR-83P Zmey Gorynych and the Vulkan multiple artillery rocket system.

The S-60 was also mounted on a chassis of the Ural off-road vehicles.

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