Syrian Republican Guard Repels ISIS Attack In Deir Ezzor. 5 ISIS Members Killed

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The Syrian army’s Republican Guard has repelled an ISIS attack on the Rashidiya district of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

On Friday, about 40 ISIS fighters supported by mortar and artillery fire attacked army positions in Rashidiya, but failed to overrun its defenses in the area.

According to local sources 5 ISIS members were killed in the clashes.

Sporadic firefights have been ongoing in the area since Thursday.

Syrian Republican Guard Repels ISIS Attack In Deir Ezzor. 5 ISIS Members Killed

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Goddamn, they’ve lost a load of territory in the northwest! Last I looked they were right next to Baghiliyah, now they’re nowhere near!

John Whitehot

Time to call in some american air support then.


i never understand why YPG went for al ragga first en not deir ezzor almost every big road from irak leads thru or past deir ezzor. Cutting ISIS supply lines look to me to be more important

Balázs Jávorszky

You’re completely right. Raqqa is useless without the supply lines, so the Raqqa offensive is basically a big piece of BS. Actually, the SAA should aim al-Tanf (a border crossing) and the related network of roads, and not Palmyra.


All SAA , Republican Guard ; defenders of Deir Azzor , we warriors of the people , who can not be there in person , send a mighty wave of strength to you . May it find you , and bring you courage to achieve Victory . 2017 , a Happy Year for Syria !