Several Syrian Service Members Killed, Injured In Al-Suwayda Attack


Several Syrian Service Members Killed, Injured In Al-Suwayda Attack

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Update: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.


A bus carrying soldiers and officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was struck by an improvised-explosive device (IED) while it was passing on a road between the towns of Sakaka and al-Darah in western al-Suwayda.

Local sources said that “several” Syrian service members were killed or injured as a result of the IED’s blast. The army hasn’t confirmed or denied this, so far.

The western al-Suwayda countryside has been calm since 2015, when the SAA and local forces repelled a large-scale attack by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on the al-Thaala Air Base. Back then, Skaka and al-Darah witnessed intense clashes.

There was no immediate claim for the attack. However, ISIS cells are known to be active in the nearby eastern Daraa countryside.

In the last few months, similar attacks targeted Syrian and Russian troops in the country’s southern region. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SHOR) claimed in a recent report that Syrian rebel commanders are planning to launch attacks in the region with direct support from the U.S.

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  • dutchnational

    The Badiya is IS land. SAA has cleansed the region a dozen times or so, but seems unable to controle the region permanently. Attacks on Mayadeen and Al Bukamal have been frequent. Now that Iran has largely taken the region, and booted Assad out, maybe things will either calm down or heat up. I suspect the latter.

    • xTheWarrior22

      IS can operate in the Homs desert, because most of SAA’s troops are stationed around Idlib. When Idlib is cleared, the SAA can launch a huge-scale military operation in the syrian desert and at-tanf.

      • Icarus Tanović

        They’re trying to distracte SAA from doing main job in Idlib, and these Wahhabi punks are coming from Jordan.
        No mercy for them!

        • xTheWarrior22

          They also come from At-Tanf.

          • Icarus Tanović

            Yes, I know, from one of theirs main allies-Americans.

      • Ed

        ‘When Idlib is cleared, the SAA can launch a huge-scale military operation in the syrian desert and at-tanf.’
        And how long is that going to take? By then, Deash will have gained strength and number and probably re-taken a lot of territory

        • FlorianGeyer

          And you will continue as an ISIS cheerleader, Ed.

          • Ed

            Cheerleader?! Not me! I just read daily ‘reports’ from various sites and put two and two together!

          • Jens Holm

            Thats right. Here You make 5 and Florian makes kind of 3.

            Outside Idlib its like some think putting dirty meat with fresh makes all fresh. Very optimistic.

          • Jens Holm

            He just tell logic sence from a sober military perspective.

            Hard to see the rebels, Turks and even SDFs advance from north at all.

            A possibility by that also could be Assad dirtbags in stead only had a good guardline there and cleansed the rest of Syria making their progress upside down the “ED PROPOSAL”

            It seemes Assads has taken a lot, but keep often is much more difficult. And You might forget Assads today only have a military hard boúght victory. I see none political improvements as well as homecommers as re-settlers.

        • xTheWarrior22

          They won’t be able to recapture anything, but the SAA will crush them, as they can use their full manpower and their special forces. These small ISIS cells can’t do anything against the SAA.

    • DaBoiiiii

      Must be nice living in a fairy tale where your enemies are fighting each other and not united.

      Hahaha…. “Iran… booted Assad out” I got a good chuckle out of this.

      • Jens Holm

        “Iran… booted Assad out” is kind og biased, but it also is true Assads has to be helped to stay there.

        Sometimes its for real and no fairy tales, when enemies as well as friends fight each other.

        If You read carefully above in the article, its said USA support ISIS in a Region. Well why not, there they onlý can harm Assads. USA likes that. Only Assads and ISIS loose troops by that.

        I dont think USA do that at all, but the possibility makes sense fairy tale or not.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Like any loyal ally, Iran is willing to support Syria by deploying their own forces in Syria where there is still conflict. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

      NATO nations continually support their NATO and other allies with military forces.
      A good example being the Saudi war on Yemen where the US and UK support with NATO advisers, air refueling of Saudi coalition aircraft, weapons and now US combat troops in Saudi Arabia to assist in the destruction of Yemen . Add to that the NATO intelligence and propaganda against Yemen in order to benefit the Saudi scum.

      • Jens Holm

        I dont think he says wrong, but many weapons also backfire. In one hand Iran help Assads, but they also are like rotten meat and the area might be extra hot by other players might be more active there.

        Easy to see Abu Kamal and Qaim as transportzone, but You forget, they also becomes an easy target as well.

        You migt have notized some strange attacks there.

      • Icarus Tanović

        And they still can’t win, nor do anything to Yemenis. Wahhabi Saudi scum are cowards, and can’t do a thing to Yemenis.

    • Justin

      “The Badiya is IS land”
      No! It was FSA / HTS land! ISIS sneakily moved in after the area was liberated from FSA. i can show u the map history

      “SAA has cleansed the region a dozen times or so”
      Actually, they liberated the area, as for those FSA / HTS who laid down their guns and DID NOT transfer to Idlib, they are the problem now!

      “but seems unable to controle the region permanently”

      Its a war! In fact the entire war started near this area in Darra! Tell us something we dont know!

      “Attacks on Mayadeen and Al Bukamal have been frequent.”

      Key towns contested not just by ISIS but also Iran, Syria, US coalition forces and Israel! Maybe u should mention this too! U think Iran and Syria are scared of isis ground fighters? OR maybe its the stealth bombers and cruise missiles? Listen to yourself! u are a fuckin moron!

      “Now that Iran has largely taken the region, and booted Assad out, “
      i didnt see Iranian forces kicking Syrian forces out! Did u? Show me the videos and pictures of this occurring! In fact, show me the articles stating this! i dont care who wrote them, they can be fully biased and even written by Israel, just show them to me anyway! I BET YOU DONT!

      “maybe things will either calm down or heat up”
      OH U ARE SUCH AN INTELLIGENT PERSON (NOT)! hahaha maybe my football team will win or lose! maybe the coin toss will be heads or tails!

      “I suspect the latter.”

      its a fucking war! its a land route crossing between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon! They’ve been bombing this area for well over a year! and you “suspect the latter”? Oh u so smart! how did you figure this one out?

      Your words are insignificant!

      • Jens Holm

        Maydeen and Abú Kamal never has been contested by USA, their coalision as well as Israel.

        Its true SDF+USA would take Abu Kamal, because Assads could not. It was once and some time before any knew Hajin and all the way to the bridge to Abu Kamal was that heavy fortified. As I recall Assads only took Abu Kamal because Hesbollah and Iraqian or Iranian Hesbollah suddenly had troops by Sukna/T2 and Iraq.

        Many hundreds extra was spendables for Assads having only bad plans, bad planners and making themselves trapped again and again.

        I any time would recommend those planners and troops to my worst enemies.

    • Gary Sellars

      Iran has booted Assad out (of his own countries territory)?

      Its official. Doche-national the Jihadi-fondler has lost his marbles….

  • Toronto Tonto

    Russia should stop selling them weapons like they are doing with other terrorists around the globe , all for some shitty poobles .EH

  • gustavo

    More wonderful things about the “intelligent” Russia-Turkey (NATO member) agreement.