Syrian War Report – August 10, 2017: Army Repels ISIS Attack, Inflicts Large Casualties To Terrorists

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

Government forces have repelled a large-scale ISIS advance in the area of Humaymah and the T2 pumping station at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The advance started on Wednesday with an attack by ISIS suicide bombers and 5 vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.  The terrorists reportedly took 3 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoints, but failed to develop the advance.  Pro-government troops, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, counter-attacked and forced the terrorists to retreat.

According to ISIS, over 70 government fighters were killed in the clashes.  Maj General Ghasan Yunis was reportedly among the killed servicemen.  In turn, pro-government sources claimed that the SAA killed up to 80 ISIS members, destroyed several vehicles, and seized 11 other vehicles.  The numbers provided by both sides look overestimated.

In July, the Russian Defense Ministry released a map showing the T2 pumping station and the village of Humaymah as being under the control of the SAA.  However, in reality, both sites remain in the hands of ISIS despite SAA attempts to liberate the area.

The situation remains complicated in the area of Sukhna.  ISIS continues counter-attacks on government troops in the town and prevents them from removing IEDs planted by terrorists and establishing fortifications.  Thus, the area is now unsecured and ISIS stands a chance of taking back Sukhna.

In the city of Raqqah, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have isolated the old part of the city from the southern direction after retaking the whole Hisam Abdulmalik district.  Now, the SDF will likely focus on breaking the ISIS defense inside Old Raqqah.  If this area falls, ISIS will likely not be able to keep control over the rest of the city for much longer.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported that Israeli officials held a series of secret meetings with representatives from the US and Russia regarding the cease-fire in southern Syria.  Israel pushed the agenda of reducing the Iranian influence in Syria and of withdrawing Iranian and Iranian-backed forces from the war torn country as a key issue of the ceasefire.  However, Tel Aviv failed to achieve its goal.  This leak most likely shows that Israel is now preparing for further actions in order to defend that which it sees as its own interests in the region.

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If Zionist would do as the United Nations ordered and STOP stealing Palestinian lands with the same justification Hitler used ( We need living space), a more peaceful atmosphere would prevail over the Middle East.


And remove CIA operations


United Nations ordered and STOP stealing Palestinian lands

And as the UN ordered hand back the Golan and its massive oil resources to the state of Syria.
The Golan is Syria.

Keithon de Bique

The golan doesn’t get enough press. I add israel stop basing terrorists there.


The Golan is Syrian.
Recognised by the UN who has ordered its return and under international law.
It is chock full of oil – leased to US oil companies with shareholders the Creme of American politicians – for example I understand Madeleine Albright – a war criminal.
Lets hope it can be peacably handed back – there has been enough killing.

Keithon de Bique

I’ve heard Americans partake in the plunder a few months back. Frankly so long as AIPAC runs America, were I Assad military force is the sole gateway open to me – heavy training and tactics to overcome Israel’s ‘American stolen’ tech.
Hear the joke Jewish officials like Moshe Dayan say the ’67 war was a land theft, not survival.


I guess the US and it’s backed militias is under pressure to make sure they could reduce Iran leaning forces from Syria as much as possible now that Raqqa may liberated within weeks.


Israel knows the writings on the wall.
The world will have to decide now if to continue to tollerate Israels constant wars of agression, destabilization and genocide in the region or to cut it loose.
Kissengers comments would suggest the latter.
We live in interesting times and for everyone in the region its time to watch their back as these nasty types strike out in every direction in an attempt to survive.

Jens Holm

Rubbish again about that. As usual those Israelians are blamed for all of it as well. No clwaning up in Your own also dirty but bigger desert or garden.

Jan Tjarks

It is interesting, Ma’adan being evacuated, while T2 pumping station is defended fiercely. With other words, Daesh seems to value the south more than the north, getting rid of the SDF front line this way too.

With Israel gearing up, we will see what this will lead to, Daraa? Or more to the north? RuAF should be on the watch out.

Jens Holm

After Maadan its possible for ISIS to make another defenceline at Tifni-something.
In the desert it almost open by loosing T2, Sukna. Hard so find more then temp. defence.

I see that as the difference.

Keithon de Bique

aug 10, i still see the article as a b’day gift, daily CIAalquada’s territory shrinks.