Syrian War Report – July 11, 2017: Government Forces Rapidly Advancing In Southeastern Desert

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies conducted a surprise operation against US-backed militants in the desert east of Damascus. Government forces liberated Dier Nasrani, Rajm Bakar, Jabal Makhoul, Bi’r Makhoul, Jabal Seis, Tal Sad Risha, Al-Qasr, Khirbat umm Atayiq, Banat Baeir, Surat Aliyah, Tulul al-Faddayn, Tal al-Asfar, and nearby points.

The aim of the operation was to clear the militant-held pocket northeast of Suweida and to oppress the units of US-backed militant groups operating in the area since they pose a threat to the countryside of the Syrian capital.  According to some sources, US-backed forces have already withdrawn from the area.  However, this still has to be confirmed.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) recaptured the village of Ukayrishah from ISIS in the southeastern Raqqah countryside.  The SDF is slowly moving along the Euphrates River capturing villages located near the road to Deir Ezzor. The goal of these efforts, being taken during the battle for Raqqah, is to set conditions for an expected operation against ISIS in the Deir Ezzor countryside.

If the SDF reaches and captures the town of Maadan, the US-backed force will have a useful position for an attempt to seize oil fields located in the northern countryside of the government-held part of Deir Ezzor City besieged by ISIS.  This could also be used for a push towards the ISIS-held town of al Maydan.  Capturing it would enable the SDF to cut off the Deir Ezzor-Baghdad highway and to secure a position for an advance on another ISIS-held town, al-Bukamal.

Meanwhile, SDF units continued their attempts at retaking the Old Raqqah area in the ISIS-held city of Raqqah. Following a heavy bombardment campaign by US-led airpower and artillery, the SDF captured some of Old Raqqah but faced fierce resistance from ISIS.  Intense fighting is on-going in the area.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has officially declared the liberation of the city of Mosul from ISIS terrorists. The declaration of the liberation of Mosul followed the victory of Iraqi security forces over ISIS in the Old Mosul area.  However, the security situation in the city remains complicated.  Iraqi forces are working to remove IEDs and mines set up by ISIS as well as searching for the terrorist group’s sleeper cells.

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Ahh nice, yep the youtube vid was uploaded July 9th but checked out his Twitter and it seems the 5Th are still in Hama, East Salamya.
Looks like that BMPT-2 is getting a few miles on the clock.

Expo Marker

It is clear now that the SDF is acting solely to deprive the SAA of umportant areas.

Jens Holm

No, they are not. SAA are slow, ineffective and it has low priority incl. to many bad planes – or none.

Dont blame SDF for that.


You can however blame them for their strategic ambitions and for being a tool of US/Israeli policy ie they dont need to be going to Deir Ezzor.


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Sean Glennie

Go away troll!

Jens Holm

If its about SDF, I can almost only see they by WW1 are mobbed by 4 countries insisting they should be like them in 4 directions.

They were 1 in the Ottomans and most of them time by the Greek Constantinopel.

And yes, they have a kind of freedom, they havnt had for many years, but also responsabilies for not only USA but a wide coalition. Thats forgotten all the time “The americans”, Obama, Trump – And always jews as a negative excuse as well for the whole Islamic world ´covering own incompetence in big homemade carpets.

Kurds by SDF has not even a single reason to even try to take Deir El Zor or block for it. Many say – They will steel our oil. Well until the uprise began(not by kurds) the poor regions got no part of those oil moneys at all.

And if Kurds and USA took the oil – Where would they send it ????


Very emotional series of platitudes – however..
Am I to take it you agree the SDF has no business being in Deir Ezzor or its surrounding oil fields?
Are you saying you agree with me because amongst all the emotive kevetching its not clear?


SDF cut off the SAA from using the pipeline road just north of Rasafa ( a blocking move). This is where the SU 22 was shot down by the coalition. Do you think this was just a coincidence?

Solomon Krupacek

when was the biggo tabqa offensive???? there are the roots of blocked way :P

Jens Holm

Tabqa was already taken. But I would also alllow me to say SAA wasnt hardly there today without SDF.

Taken Raqqa – haha. Deir El Zor hahahaha.

Solomon Krupacek

i wrote about 1 year old things

Jens Holm

And where did all the oil in it come from ????? They blocked no oil.

Most oil to that is from the many small oilfields south of Raqqa, where SDF is certainly not. Your assumptions about SDF are lower then bad Karma.

You totally ignore, that all oil money were pumped directly to Damaskus and given to friends there. Things will never come back to the old days, where Assads kill all competent opposition na d knock all the small ones down.

But of course Im worried too. The moel, You prefare is like Bagdads just having oil for free. I see this oil thing as a big reason for the ISIL uprise in Iraq as well as their local autonome.

If its 1 country its no more plundering of the poorest parts. So why dont You take Deir El Zor Yourself. Thats the – was the – main entrence.

Justin Ryan

The SDF has the United States military and Saudi funding on its side! It does not need money! It does not need to purchase hardware! It has its own BEST airforce in the world! it has US Special Forces working with it and planning with it! It has The US pentagon and Surveillance Drones and Satellites! It has only one enemy, ISIS and Israel patch them up when ISIS is wounded!
The SAA has to fight Al-nusra, ISIS, FSA with the USA funding them and supplying intel to them! They have to purchase their own hardware! Yes they have Russia but to a limited extent! They fight most of this war by themselves!

“Slow” he says! FUCK HEAD!
They are literally fighting the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE and formerly Qatar and Turkey!
What kind of a fuckin idiot says they are “too slow and ineffective”! Seriously!

YES u are a fuck head!
yes u are!
Shut the fuck up!

Concrete Mike

I agree with you. I think thé SAA is being careful with their manpower, as they should since they are surronded by wolves.

Anybody that says its too slow or whateber, fails to understand the real situation… Manpower and equipment is low. Your enemy is very well organized and funded. Your civilian industries have been butchered. What the hell more do you want Them to Do??? Attack Israël, SDF or Americans??

Send half your army down the road to Deir ez zor to get flanked. Im sure SAA remember thé failed Tabqa offensive of 2016 and vowed, never again.

Also you have massive terrorist présence on east Ghouta…right outside your capital… That needs to bé adressed too.
And There are many Othe fronts too.

SAA is doing à good job with what they got. Dont let the psyops Fools get to you

Jens Holm

I thought Saudis supported ISIS. Israel in it. hardly or only by microscope.

I think by Your words, You totally are ignoring the kurds – now SDF ambitions. Its very strange blaming kurds for the uprisers to assads. kurds didnt make those many angry fanatics. They have taken out ISIS from where they were and more to it and has not fighted Assads.

So dont compare. Assads also started with having a big army, armed polices in secretpolicegroups and a structure for it.

Kurds started with forks and gunting riffels in Kobane: Be killed or refugee in Turkey.

Well, You – if Assads – are slow thinkers having very bad skills even in arabic contest. Thats a fact. Dont blame me telling, what all professionels also say. Instead You should improve a lot, but You only change commas and not brain.

You are also in the old mode, where big things such as tanks wins. It could be correct, if You can handle it, but You cant. It would be much more effective having a lot of much cheeper artillery firing a lot of more rounds. And Your soldiers could handle it.

But no. Just babling critisisms.

Of course You are right about the support from the outiside. Tempting to forget russians, hesbollah and iranian.

You also forget, that if SDF by kurds wasnt there figting ISIS as well, Your Great leader hardly was Emir of Latakia.

Samuel Boas

troll somewhere else kid.

Jens Holm

Facts are trolling. That must be, where You come from. News to me Saudis support SDF. I recall it for Turks, Saudis did.


SDF is a proxy army of the US which is a proxy army of Israel as is Saudi Arabia. The SDF have recently reached out to Saudi Arabia as they need allies to be able keep their conquests.

Justin Ryan

SDF have had the help of the USA 2 years before the Russian’s got involved! Also the Russia’s aided Kurds (SDF) in their Western pocket! So the SDF has had Russia and the USA aiding them!
Who is protecting the kurds in their Western pocket and Western edge of Manbij? Russia!

Kurds have one enemy! ISIS
If it wasnt for Russia and the USA they would be SLAUGHTERED by Turkey! And u know this!

So dont give me this shit about Kurds doing better than SAA!

SAA literally has extremely Rich and Powerful nations 100% against it!

So PLEASE, stop with the bullshit! JUST FUCKING STOP!


It looks like that SDF is the next enemy of Syria, thanks to USA-Israel. Then, SDF will have serious problems with Turkia on one hand and Syria on the other hand. In addition, to me is still a total mystery why the tiger forces and SAA stopped totally at Resafa, and they did not continue along the Euphrates river to Maddan. I just can not understand this from the military point of view, it looks like an stupidity.


By shooting down the Su-22, the USAF communicated “You shall not pass”. According to the Saker, “messages” are stupid, empty symbolism–a sign of weakness. However this is a message that seems to have worked fine so far. Maybe, “winning the war without fighting your enemy” works better in theory than in practice. Russia spins its policy positively as “ignoring childish provocations”, but this provocation seems to have been rather effective.

Brad Isherwood

The G20 background of Blue and White – UN/Israhell colors is obvious signaling.
Andrew’s article is the in between the lines reality of what’s going down in Syria.

The abovementioned observation will probably shock some readers who were rock-solidly convinced that Russia supports Syria in every which way and is dedicated to protecting it from “Israel”, but the sore reality is that such preconceptions are an unfounded myth which has nothing at all to do with Moscow’s military mandate in the Arab Republic.


Well the escalations from Israel seem to have ceased.
It seems the Syrians were about to grab Quenitra on the border and seal the remaining pocket above and thats what had shlomo spinning on his head.
Cant say from what information we have available to us that stopping the Syrians was a good idea but we dont know what we cant see and the Russians would be well aware of ie massive intervention from US or Israel that would ruin everything Russias done there so far even though its speculation its a definate possibility and one thats been threatened several times.
Well now the US and Israel get to rearm theri jihadis and Syria survives for another day.,

Brad Isherwood

Should Andrew Korybko article content be ballpark. ….SAA/Shia Militias not retaking Qunetria which Israhell is now illegally sitting on,….it’s game over.
Maybe not all Israel wanted….yet surely the conflict in Syria served them a smorgasbord/banquet of pleasure.

Joseph Davis/2015….on Putin and disturbing info.


Perhaps will shed some light on Putins thinking


No point in going off half-cocked.

Jens Holm

Its clear. They dont make good planes nad dont have good logistics and have generals, which are not chosen by skills and hard work.

They cand never go east of Tabqa, because they cant support it even now. The road to Deir El Zor is not free. Its heavy populated at it and at both sides, so before Deir El Zor, they has to take dousins of villages, hamlets and small towns.

And dont Tiger med this and that. Republican guards as well. Those might be the best troops SAA has, but its still a low standard compared to others. They are false name just as the arabs taken out by SDF in Eastern Raqqa naming themselves as “ELITE”. At least Twice, they have shown that they are not elite compared to many others. They even got extra support from USA special units.

Its very simpel. If an offensive should go on, You should have plans to replace the tired, wounded and dead ones. Equipment is same thing. It dies, get wounded and gets tired too.

When SAA tell, they send it reinforcement – IF THEY DO -its only replacements. Its also my impression thosenewcommers – as well as the ones being there – hardly know where they are and are not told.

Thats ´how I think I have seen Resafa again and again. Troops also are removed around too much for making socalled new fronts. I can only be defended by having big lack of troops compared to jobs. But it also because they too often dont solve the jobs, they get.

Im sorry being not nice, but thats how I see it.

Its down to babies learning to obey anything with a star on the arm or a bigwhip.


Your making excuses Jens –

Why do the Kurds need to be in Deir Ezzor?

John Marks

What are the tigers doing?
There’s no time to lose!


Yep they were back from leave Saturday I think, maybe see action in a day or 2

Jens Holm

Its a propaganda version according SDF should take oilfields. Your minds about it is totaly twisted. How can it even come out? Balloons,US airforce ?

And Kurds/SDF already has a lot of oilfields mainly in Jizira. It anything its opposite. The poor districs as the kurdish and others has until now almost get none of the income. All has been given – or stolen – to the western part.

So dont blur the facts. You really do.

So far SAA & Baathistas has had Years to take DeirEl Zor back. USA and we havnt blocked for it. Still, You have hardly left Palmyra, which only months agao was taken back by ISIS given them 30 armed vehickles for free.

I dont see SDF are marching for Deir Es Zor. Its more like SAA & Co has it low in their priority and they have lousy skils and in many matters are verý low in their own command system – very ineffective control both way. Commands dont come up and down and the soldiers, where the figtings are, are treated like non thinkers.

Dont blame SDF for being sekular in a much more relevent way being effective. So far they are taking Raqqa using time for it to try to avoid so many civile deads. They use taking the southern Eufrat border to keep and keep ISIS busy and ´by that help themselves against counterattacks and help SAA bythat too.


If Deir Ezzor was a low priority why are there 10 000 troops there?
The rest of the argument is largely Strawman ad hominims – if the Kurds choose to be on the wrong side of history ie a tool of US/Israeli imperialism then ultimately it is their choice, its also their choice to bear the consequences.

Manuel Flores Escobar

SDF want to expel ISIS and send them to DZ to fight vs SAA….later SDF will move to east DZ to retake east of Eufrates cities and petrol yields!…this is the plan…as Kurds think that neither Russia nor SAA will do not nothing vs them as they are protected by USAF….but other thing is Turkey!…Turkish will not allow Kurdish in Raqqa and DZ… sooner or later USA will betray Kurdish and allow turks to retake Raqqa and DZ!…