Taliban Advancing In Khas Uruzgan District In Central Afghanistan

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Taliban Advancing In Khas Uruzgan District In Central Afghanistan

Jim Hollander / Reuters

On August 25, Taliban militants entered Khas Uruzgan district in central Afghanistan after they had overrun all the Afghani Army positions around it, according to Afghani sources. However, until now Taliban fighters didn’t impose their full control over the district.

According to the Taliban media wing, Voice of Jihad, the Khas Uruzgan district administration center and police headquarter are now sieged by Taliban fighters.

Taliban fighters killed 4 Afghani policemen and captured two Humvee vehicles and several pickup trucks during the attack, according to Afghani sources.

During the last month Talibn captured 11 district centers in Afghanistan. The Afghani Army even with the US-led coalition support was only able to recapture 2 district centers.

Moreover, Voice of Jihad announced that Taliban fighters attacked several checkpoints of the Afghani Army in Tagab Shan, Gawki and Jar Kala areas of Guriwan district. Taliban fighters captured the checkpoint and killed 8 Afghani soldiers during the attack.

In another development, 18 Afghani soldiers defected and joined Taliban in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province according to Voice of Jihad. So far hundreds if not thousands of Afghani soldiers and policemen have defected and joined Taliban.

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