Taliban Captures Former US-Led Coalition Base In Badghis District

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Taliban Captures Former US-Led Coalition Base In Badghis District

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The Taliban has taken over a large Afghan security force base in Badghis province.

This was preceded by fierce fighting between Taliban fighters and the garrison of the Bala Murghab base in northern Afghanistan.

The positions of the regular troops were fired upon from mortars, as a result of which large-scale fires began at the base.

There is a video to prove the capturing.

Separately, the United States said its envoy to the Afghan peace process will travel to the capitals of Afghanistan and Qatar to resume talks with Afghan leaders, government officials and representatives of the Taliban.

In a statement, the US Department of State said Zalmay Khalilzad will meet Afghan leaders and Taliban delegates in Kabul and Doha and hold “discussions on the way ahead”.

He will also visit other regional capitals “whose interests are best served by the achievement of a just and durable political settlement”, as well as a “permanent and comprehensive ceasefire”, in Afghanistan, it said.

The Taliban are urging the US to pull its troops out of the country, as it agreed in February 2020.

The new administration of US President Joe Biden is now reviewing the February 2020 agreement, but his defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, said that the US troop pullout hinges on progress in intra-Afghan peace talks and a reduction in Taliban attacks.

The US “will not undertake a hasty or disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan” that puts NATO forces at risk, Austin told reporters during his first news conference as Pentagon chief, adding that “no decisions about our future force posture have been made”.

A complete US troop withdrawal without a durable peace agreement would allow armed groups to gradually rebuild their capabilities “such that they might be able to attack the US homeland” within 18 months to three years, the Afghan Study Group said.

The US “should not … simply hand a victory to the Taliban,” it said, adding, “A return to conflict in the wreckage of the political process would leave the United States in a difficult position: wanting to withdraw; yoked to a disunited government; and facing, with far fewer resources on the ground than before, an emboldened insurgency,” it added.

Separately, in a rare occurrence ISIS carried out an attack, assassinating 3 female media workers.

Zalmai Latifi, director at Enikass TV, said the women were gunned down in two separate attacks after leaving the station.

“They are all dead. They were going home from the office on foot when they were shot,” Latifi told news agency AFP, adding that all three women worked in the dubbing department at Enikass.

The broadcaster identified one of the women as Mursal Wahidi. The other two have been identified only as Shahnaz and Sadia.

The three women dubbed popular dramas from Turkey and India into Dari and Pashtu, according to a Enikass worker.

It should be reminded that the US warned of a resurgence of ISIS in Afghanistan, and sure enough it happened. The same way ISIS is coming back in Syria, as well as in Iraq, after the Democrats came into power in the United States.


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