Taliban Claims US Combat UAV Crashed In Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province

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Taliban Claims US Combat UAV Crashed In Afghanistan's Kandahar Province

IMAGE: Voice of Jihad

A US combat unmanned aerial vehicle has crashed in the northern Afghan province of Kandahar, the Taliban’s news agency Voice of Jihad reported on October 25.

Voice of Jihad released a photo of the alleged UAV claiming that the crash site is located near the village of Horak. Taliban members allegedly secured the crash site and took the vestiges of the UAV to a “safe place”.

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Zo Fu

MQ-9 Reaper,
tag price US$16.9 million.
Nothing to see here.

Alessandro Condorelli

Is MQ-1 not MQ-9

Nothing to see here.
Are you sure that you work for NSA?

Zo Fu

it is MQ9comment image
MQ1comment image

Alessandro Condorelli

You are a total disaster!


I bet there is some technological interesting material on board this MQ-1 Reaper…. the Russians & Iranians have a pretty good relationship with the Taliban….Thanks U.S.? ?


And to think what that money could have done towards helping American citizens, rather than devoting a grossly inflated and largely inefficient military budget, achieving dismal results.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

The US dont have any selfdestruct option on them?
A handfull ( or less depending on the explosive) of wellplaced explosive would vaporize it, and together with the remaining fuel there would be nothing left of it,

Perhaps the Russian tested some ECM on it and it crashed?


Yes but the way America builds stuff, they would be self destructing all the time, and taking out the guys putting air in the tyres.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Haha fair point