Taliban Fighters Ambush Convoy Of Government Forces In Northern Afghanistan

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Taliban Fighters Ambush Convoy Of Government Forces In Northern Afghanistan

Taliban fighters during “Operation al-Khandagh”

On August 29, Taliban fighters ambushed a large convoy of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in the district of Chilgazy in the northern province of Faryab, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad. The Afghan group claimed that the convoy was carrying soldiers who had fled from their positions in the district of Ghormach.

During the ambush, Taliban fighters destroyed 10 vehicles the ANA and seized 5 others. Furthermore, the Afghan group killed 8 Afghan soldiers and captured 6 others.

The TOLO TV confirmed that a convoy of the ANA was ambushed by the Taliban in Faryab. According to the Afghan TV channel, the convoy was carrying between 350 and 400 Afghan soldiers and heading towards the district of Qaisar.

From its side, the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan acknowledged that that 20 soldiers of the ANA were killed and injured in the Taliban’s ambush in Chilgazy.

Two weeks ago, Taliban fighters captured the district center of Bilchiragh in Faryab following a rapid attack. Afghan sources said that the fall of the district center and many other military bases in the province have affected the morale of the remaining soldiers who began to flee their positions.

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Hisham Saber

There’s no stopping the Pashtun people. The largest tribal society in the world, Who inhabit Afghanistan and north-western Pakistan. That’s where the Taliban gets its strength from, its recruits as well.

Afghanistan is the killer of empires. The British learned the hard way, then the Soviets did, now the u.S. coalition and its Afghan proxies are.

Only Alexander The Great was smart enough to see how hard-nosed and hardcore these people are. He decided to go around these people, as he wanted no part in them.

Ivan Freely

IIRC, Genghis Khan did tamed them, but he had to resort to genocide.