Taliban Fighters Took Over Two Districts In Central, Northern Afghanistan

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Taliban Fighters Took Over Two Districts In Central, Northern Afghanistan

Taliban fighters during a military exercise before “Operation al-Khandagh”

On June 12, Taliban fighters imposed control over two districts located in the central and northern regions of Afghanistan.

In the morning, the Taliban announced that its fighters had captured the district of Zare in the northern province of Balkh.

The group’s claims were confirmed by the Afghan Ministry of Defense, which said that civilian and military institutions in Zare were moved to another area due to “limited access” to the district for supplying equipment to security forces.

A few hours later, Taliban fighters imposed control over the district of Tolak in the central province of Ghor following a heated battle with government forces, according to the TOLO News.

Salman Yusufi, Tolak governor, have not confirm the fall of the district to the Taliban yet. However, he acknowledged that 20 security forces members were killed and 20 others were wounded during clashes in the district. 10 security forces members were also captured by Taliban fighters.

The Taliban stepped up its operations against government forces across Afghanistan following the US announcement of a plan to pull all troops from the country by September 11. In the last two months, the group’s fighters took over the centers of at least 17 districts.

With no progress in the intra-Afghan peace process, the Taliban appears to be aimed at taking over the country once US forces are out.


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Israel is an Apartheid Terrorist Regime

Vietnam 2.0


What is called the Vietnam War, the Unconstitutional, illegal, Vietnam warcrime was actually only a part of a larger warcrime. The Vietnam warcrime was an extension of the Jews’ Z(C)IA’s war for control of the poppy and heroin zone in Southeast Asia called the Golden Triangle.

The center of the Golden Triangle is In Laos. The Jews’ Z(C)IA saw the Golden Triangle as a means for acquiring massive amounts of “black” (off-budget) money from the profits of a drug operation. Such “black” money the Jews’ Z(C)IA could, and did, use to destroy America and other countries on behalf of their Jew masters.

In the mid-1950s, the Jews’ Z(C)IA began a war in Laos* with the aim of taking and controlling the Golden Triangle. The Vietnamese in Northern Vietnam responded militarily to block the Jews’ Z(C)IA from subjugating Laos. In desperation, the Jews’ Z(C)IA brought in US Tyranny bombers to bomb Laos back to the stone age. Still failing, in an effort to distract, divert, and undermine the North Vietnam regime from Laos, the Jews turned to fostering a war in Vietnam utilizing the US Tyranny’s military. That did not go so well, as we all know.

In the late 60s and early 70s, having failed in Southeast Asia to take and control the heroin trade, the Jews’ Z(C)IA moved on to the poppy fields of Afghanistan; The Jews’ Z(C)IA also expanded their drug business to the coca and cocaine areas of Central and South America.**

Afghanistan was subsequently, like Columbia later, turned upside down. Skipping ahead, when the Jews’ Z(C)IA lost control of Afghanistan’s poppy fields in the 1990s, the Jews, and their Z(C)IA used the Taliban as a scapegoat for Urban Moving Systems Day and a reason to invade, occupy, and subjugate Afghanistan–The real reason, as is well known now, was to take back control of the poppy fields.

*”A Great Place to Have a War,” Kurlantzick
**”Compromised,” Reed


All is fine so long as the Jews’ Z(C)IA’s poppy fields are safe.

I lost a friend to the truth about the Z(C)IA’s poppy fields. After Urban Moving Systems day and the “invasion” of Afghanistan by the Jews’ US Tyranny, I mentioned to a friend that it was about the poppy fields. He told me that I was nuts and “unpatriotic.” When it came out a few years later that I was right, that it was about the poppy fields, he quit speaking to me.

First they call you nuts, then, when you prove correct, insane.


Everyone knows the US installed regime in Afghanistan will fall once US withdraws – that regime has been hopelessly corrupt for years – but what hasn’t previously been so clear, is just how fast that might occur.

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A Clown like you

Just to run away after hearing Taliban.
Fun fact, the Taliban don’t stay in one place they don’t have a “camp or base”.
Tell me how many times the Taliban just walk back in and took those districts back, also all the weapons the Afghani morons left behind before running away.

Arch Bungle

So many irrelevant points.

Are you a strawman maker by trade?

In the end, the yanqui imperialists are on the run and the Taliban on the gun.

Even a child can tell who won in the end.

The Han Chinese are already at the gates of Kabul with their chequebooks and mining proposals in hand – the Taliban don’t stand a chance.

A Clown like you

You don’t understand, how is that my fault again?
1. “Just to run away after hearing Taliban.” Who? the Afghani Army.
2. Taliban don’t make bases or camps beside small ones in the mountains, it is a fact.
3. The Afghani army took those districts back from the Taliban – yet they lost it again to the Taliban.

What are you on about?
Before anything, China has to make a lot of roads/trains which loop around Afghanistan and help them to mine. Afghanistan is made by mountains, getting the good out is not an easy thing to do.

“So many irrelevant points” my ass bitch.