Taliban Flag Unfurled Inside Hagia Sophia Mosque

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Taliban Flag Unfurled Inside Hagia Sophia Mosque

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On August 3rd, a Taliban flag was unfurled inside Turkey’s newly re-opened Hagia Sophia mosque.

“The conversion of Hagia Sophia was a motivational message of #MuslimBrotherhood to the world’s Islamist extremists and terrorists.

Soon, pro ISIS activists will raise their flag too,” said Noor Dahri, the executive director of the Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism think tank.

In the footage, you can see a group of men with the group’s flag unfurled. This is a white cloth that depicts the Shahadah (evidence of faith in Islam).

The unidentified individuals changed their location several times, they stood with the flag first at the entrance to the Mosque, and then in the center of the prayer hall.

They were shouting “Allahu Akbar” with their right index finger raised, a gesture that has been identified with Islamic extremism.

Immediately after, Afghanistan called on Turkey to take action against the propaganda of the Taliban group after the unfurling of the flag, Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Gran Hewad said.

“The peace process is supported by the Afghan government and the Afghan people, [They] should support it too and get rid of movements that can harm this process and that appear in these countries,” Hewad said.

The Afghan government said it is going to consider such actions in support of the Taliban as meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

A video was also uploaded sharing locals’ response to what happened.

“I certainly don’t think it’s right. Since this is the territory of Turkey and the territory of Turkey, no other flag should be raised here. Our homeland and our flag are forever in the forefront, for the whole of the Muslim community. I didn’t find it right,” said Gulay Sertkaya.

Another resident condemned the action, saying it “goes against Islam.”

On July 10th, Turkey’s Council of State ruled that the Hagia Sophia museum had to be turned back into a Muslim place of worship, overturning a 1934 decree. The site had also previously housed a church.

UNESCO expressed concerns about the impact it may have on the universal value of the World Heritage Site, while the EU has called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to reverse the decision.


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Erdogan is the primary Wahhabist and sponsor of terrorism, this should hardly be a surprise.

Mustafa Mehmet

Piss off idiot go and. Screw yourself f*** off


He is right…


Mustafa Mehmet

you too piss off scumbag f…..k off

The Objective

Muslims, you have to be brave. These attempts to paint every true Sunni Muslim as ISIS or Al-qaeda is only psychological warfare. Dismiss it for the utter nonsense that it is. Strive towards purifying your soul through worship and seeking of knowledge, and also help all those around you attain piety, starting with your family, friends, and home town. Do not feel guilty for a crime you did not commit. And do not be discouraged to stand up for Islam anytime anywhere. Do not fear being labelled ISIS, Alqaeda, Alnusra, etc. provided you are not one of these groups.

America’s target is not ISIS, Alqaeda, Fundamentalists, etc, but the Muslim community entirely. We must recognize this and be vigilant.

Among the Media outlet waging this psychological warfare is SouthFront. If anything, this single post says it all, although there is a Shiite element to it. Shiites, The Russians, Egyptians, and Assad attacking us on one side, and the U.S and its allies on the other.

We must not rely on any power for help. Allah is sufficient for us as a helper.
Every Muslim (Sunni) must understand that there is a tense struggle going on between us and these two groups who seek the destruction of our faith through different means. Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, Libya, Malaysia, and a handful of other countries deserve our support and prayers to succeed against this seemingly impossible odds.

May Allah bless Erdogan and his team along with all other Muslim striving towards the revival of Islam. Put these people in your prayers all the time. May Allah increase the number of Muslim leaders who think like Erdogan and even better.

Porc Halal

no wonder…what muslims did to this holy site for Christianity is a disgrace to humanity…but this is what islam is eventually…


Sorry, what they did other than preserving it and keeping it a place of worship, for the same god?
By no means I agree with what Ottomans did 500 years ago or 100 years ago, they were our enemy but they kept this particular site clean, repaired it and maintained it constantly. They made almost all of their mosques in the likeliness of Hagia Sophia. Truly disgraceful!!

Catholic Christians desecrated this very holy place and the whole of city worse than you can imagine or want to admit, all when Ottomans were at the gates and pounded the city with the great canon.
And let’s not even talk about what they did to it in the Crusades. But let’s blame Islam, it’s trendy now and might generate likes.
Ever been to Venice? You can find part of your answer in the St. Mark sq..

Porc Halal

“preserving it and keeping it a place of worship, for the same god”?!…are you for real??!!…why they even bother to convert it into a mosque, if this is the case?????…listen, I don’t buy islamist crap so plsssssssssss, spear me (next time)…

Porc Halal

PS…and I didn’t know that the muslims workship Jesus Christ, which for us is the God itself….


Oh, another comment!
Muslims worship the one you and Jesus Christ himself call “father”. We know the Son as a prophet from the father and the Christ. Truly blasphemous!


But you betrayed,for verily he shant know you nor you knoweth,cia/assfloggeds!


I am dead serious.
Because they were conquerors and that’s what they did, simple as that. They didn’t raise it to the ground, did they? But they didn’t capture it to return it to the former rulers, they weren’t Iranians you know…
The same thing happened with Christianity and pagan places of worship, only worse with a lot of bonfire. Also almost all Zoroastrian fire temples here were converted to mosques, just a few remained, all well preserved except the ones who weren’t used by either faith (usually because they are in remote places), like the Azar Goshasb complex (the most important Zoroastrian temple) which still exists, as a world heritage but far from its former glory. At least Muslims don’t burn the places of worship from other religions to the ground, they just convert it to mosques. Maybe some people prefer the destruction, IDK.

If you need an example of real desecration, look at what ISIS, AQ or other Wahhabi terror groups do to the places of worship of other faiths from Orthodox Christians to Yezidi or Shi’a, or what the communists did to churches or mosques.

Haha. I remember a few years ago, some people arranged in a church in England that Surah Maryam (Holy Mary) from Qur’an to be recited there. There was an uproar from ignorants who even didn’t know what this chapter says about her, there’s nothing but praise. But shouting of desecration and blasphemy were very loud. People do what people do.

Consider yourself spared from further crap, but I am not an Islamist. I am Shi’a.

Porc Halal

no, you are not deadly serious, actually we both now that you are lying…I told you, I know very well history, my religion and your religion so you can take your propagandistic material and stick it up into your ass..


Pity that I spared you from further crap, otherwise I’d show you! Hah!


You know sht!you say you do but you don’t,too weak + gutless to be the truth:


Porc Halal

I rectify…”I don’t buy islamic propagandistic crap”…


p00fs are banned (period) Heteroaesuaks aint,incest are they cursed,fascism has no future!

Porc Halal

and I am pretty sure that sooner or later some other muslims will show off with an isis flag which is only depicting a satanic verse from the the satanic book called coranshit…same like in the case of the taliban flag…

Porc Halal


and let’s be honest … how do these afghan muslims differ from their turdish brothers when they desecrated, defiled and converted the holiest Orthodox place ?! …they don’t!


Mt athos to be frank!Fk the media blowjobbers!


You, as I agree with other coments, the Taliban is the mortal enemy of ISIS witch we, incl the Taliban knows perfectly well ISIS/whatever is/are an Imperial banana republic UssAs gang of patsies, and was by large created during the Balkan war, from Kozovo to Albania witch by large is both mafia run shitholes and to the present where they also comes by large from eastern China, known as Eastern Turks aka Uyghurs etc, etc, etc, and all this groups/tribes are used as mercs in several wars in Africa to Europa and the Middle east/Far east?, so this article SF makes me question your credibility, its a bit sad, to be honest, and this uh…. stunt, I bet is done with consent of both the Turkish Gov and the western pshycopaths, to undermine the Talibans rightful fight against the western invaders whom have ravaged Afganistan for soon 2 full decades and this type of Psy-ops are also used against Hamas in the enclave Gaza.
Do not think we dont know whats going on, if this was ZeroH, I would somehow exuse them because we all know ZH is an ISISraeli squicking quire of castrats and butt buddys, but SF, tsk, tsk, tsk.

I dont know how many times I have linked to the Porphet Muhammed him self regarding how to treat and what He expected from an true Muslim regarding other religions, mainly Christianity and the followers of the Book, witch is the Old Testament, also known as the Torrah, witch originates in Yemen, not in the levante, that is 100% totale bollocks, since the hebrews are an Arabic tribe, whom comes from the same region as from where the Torrah originates from, thats why its also close to the African Horn, and I dont doubt that some of the oldest and most genuine belivers are in that same region, uncorrupted by the fake Jews, aka the Khazars.

I am a bit disapointed.
But this is just another eh… 378d Chess move? done by the rotten to their core west, and its Islamic minions like Turkien, to marginalise and polarise the Islamic world, I have no problems with attacking Muslims and some of this Gov whom claim they represent Islam, witch they never have and never so far will do, and to widen the cleve between Sunnis and Shias, and to be more honest, makes one wounder, do they read the Noble Quran at all, are they so iliterate that they dont rear it them self, because, because Muhammed Him self strictly forbidden any for of attack or harm done to everything regarding the monestic sites of prayers, incl even tax and so on, and yet I, whom would be considered an infidel have to tell you this, Muslims, hummmm.



<blockquote?…Torrah, witch originates in Yemen, not in the levante,…

Thank you, thank you. I’ve been saying this for years. There are countless signs even in the Old Testament that points to Yemen, not Palestine.

Oy! Let’s not give them any ideas, although Yemenis will kick them so hard they’ll forget occupation.


The exact same scenario happened here in Tehran, but in one of the largest parks (Mellat park). They knew if they did it in a Mosque the people in mosque would kick them out hard.
Anyway, police arrested all of them quickly and not only them, the intelligence gathered their network (19 Afghan nationals, 5 of them will be prosecuted and likely sentenced to jail and the rest will be deported).

There’s no place for this kind of perverted [non] Islam in Iran.


The Horror!

Mostafa Mehmet up-voted me! What did I do wrong!?


All the cia/euro p00fs noses must be outta joint,thats what you p00fs get for betraying jesus christ ok!
You can’t rape mother nature,cia setup isis as the rest of the covert fascist clout but turkey is stronger!!
No ifs no buts no one cared in 1974,now they all cry like as if they give a fk about jesus or peace,fkn drr