Taliban No Longer Feels U.S. Love As Iran Gains U.S. Ground Hardware

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Taliban No Longer Feels U.S. Love As Iran Gains U.S. Ground Hardware
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The feelings of betrayal in Afghanistan are all-encompassing and complete. Not a single person was likely left feeling un-abandoned, except for former President Ashraf Ghani who escaped with millions of dollars.

Even the Taliban felt the terrible sting of being left behind.

To their disappointment, and even horror, Taliban fighters felt “angry” and “betrayed” after discovering that US troops had disabled dozens of aircraft before completing their withdrawal from the Afghan capital of Kabul.

In many other bases throughout Afghanistan, the Taliban was glad to find that the combat aircraft that had been left behind was perfectly serviceable.

The issue is that the Taliban are lacking pilots, but a quick recruitment program throughout Afghanistan itself, as well as its allied countries could easily solve this.

Currently, at least 48 aircraft of the former Afghan Air Force (AAF) are now in the hands of the Taliban. Over the last few weeks, the Taliban was only able to operate few Russian Mi-8 and US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

The US had provided billions worth of military equipment, including modern counter-insurgency warplanes, to the AAF. Yet, it failed to stop the Taliban.

Not only did it not succeed, but it even made it so the equipment wasn’t easily usable, truly despicable.

A large share of the US hardware, weaponry and warplanes ended up in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, but not all of it.Some of the ground hardware was spotted in Iran, so Tehran is also a winner from the US weaponry thrift store that Afghanistan has evidently become.

It is unknown if the Taliban can operate these assets by themselves. Russia could extend a “helping hand” or the US could partially return under the pretext of co-operation against ISIS in Central Asia.

After all, the Republicans and Democrats in Washington have shown that they cannot cooperate with one another, but can coordinate operations with the Taliban whom they deem as terrorists.

The Taliban currently need all the weaponry they can get their hands on, as the Northern Resistance Front (NRF) still occupies the Panjshir valley.The resistance pushed back several advances and according to reports the Taliban lost from 30 to 350 fighters in the clashes.Several rounds of negotiations have entirely failed, and the Taliban have attempted to capture the region by force, but to no avail.

Former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that the resistance is “based in Panjshir” but it fights for all Afghans.The resistance held a military exercise as a show of force to the Taliban, with men carrying heavy logs on their shoulders crossing chest-deep icy rivers in heroic fashion.The NRF have set up machine gun nests, mortar and surveillance posts fortified with sandbags in anticipation of a Taliban assault.

It is unlikely that the resistance can hold Panjshir for long, as the Taliban swept over the entire country in less than two months. However, all the promises of a “different” governance come with the limitations that the Islamic movement needs to show restraint and handle situations such as these in a “civil manner”.

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Civil war inevitable, that’s why you’re left with lots of arms, like lybia to iraq, fragmentation policy


Not inevitable -thats what US is hoping for and attempted . Panjshir has now fallen. Taliban’s victory is all-encompassing

Marco Polo

They aren’t much better, they will only be a problem for Afghans and some other countries they border like Pakistan.


OR a defensive policy (Aid) for the next infiltrator. The one to their East ;)

Marco Polo

At least they are out of Afghanistan, time to move on.


who is going to fight that civil war for you imbeciles because to me it looks like you are delusional and the issue here is that america is moving towards civil war as we speak

Marco Polo

No civil war, the Taliban is much better for the people of Afghanistan than foreign military occupation.

Marco Polo

More advanced than Afghanistan, you don’t wish to understand the jewish factor in the dissolution of civilization and idiotically claim anyone who disagrees with you is “American”. I don’t like modern America either, nor do I like any of its post-WW1 history. You simply do not understand how it came into its current state of being and prefer to behave like an asinine shill than acknowledge a lot of that jewish crap affects Russia too.

Marco Polo

You refuse to acknowledge Russia’s tolerance to degeneracy stemming from the West throughout the world, you refuse to acknowledge the jewish role in this and the fact they own the media corporations who peddle such filth. You import and copy most of that material and spiritual ignominy, it is most hideous and deserves to be set ablaze in bonfires.

You are only capable of parroting the same old nonsense nonstop, at no point does empirical evidence affect your biased viewpoint.




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nonsense iran doesnt need to get involved in afghanistan that much to know it

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

there are enough groups in afghanistan loyal to iran who will make sure that our interests are not violated and on top taliban itself knows that it has to learn from iran all the way if it wants to become velayat e faqih e afghanistani which they kind of want to be even thou they call themselves emirates it will have to be designed like iran

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

usa is a project state a company becoming a project becoming a wannabe nation but their issues arent solved they will have civil war because of it they until now are still as bitter and disunited as they were during their north south war

Icarus Tanović

Praying to God they will not!

Rodney Loder.

Ahmad Massoud wants his old job back, Minister of Defence, and is willing to sacrifice thousands of his supporters to get it, got no chance, Brezhnev had the baggage of Khrushchev now Biden has to carry the baggage of Trump, Obama and W.Bush.
Actually Clinton beat HW Bush in 1992 after Desert Shield. So after a successful operation the jew maggot leader was shafted by the voters so the Weapons of Mass Destruction narrative could get up and go. There is something fishy going on here, and it’s happening in Panjshir valley, but not for long.


“Ahmad Massoud wants his old job back, Minister of Defence…”

Ahmad Massoud, former Defence Minister, was killed by an Al Qaeda suicide bomber on 9 September 2001. If you mean Ahmad Massoud Jr, he has never held any kind of ministerial post.

north K

massoud has no shot and he is simply posturing to negotiate. either he needs to negotiate to melt into afghanistan or he will be done like his father. he knows it. iran, russia and china are working behind the scene. afghanistan is surrounded by those countries.

Last edited 1 month ago by north K

The Taliban were never a terrorist organisation. Certainly not when they were on the side of the US during the 80’s were they labelled as such. These left over weapons should be kept and NOT sold off. They can be utilised effectively if some other nation decides to get involved. Russia has been their enemy but now their friend. The US has been their friend but now their enemy. I think it is best to trust only themselves. Their rich minerals make them a target for ANY nation (even those offering a “deal”). The Taliban have fought off both the Soviets and now the Anglo-American empire. You know just as well as i do who the “NEXT EMPIRE” is. The Taliban MUST learn from its past and trust NOBODY! Keep the rewards, trade with nations, do not allow investments with strings attached. If you support the Taliban in their fight for their homeland then you should support sovereignty from ALL nations who might be friendly now but can become an adversary in a decade or two. Mineral rich nations tend to become a target over time. We must support the Taliban and their unbreakable religious ideology that needs to be strong enough to withstand OTHER political and ethical ideologies that are implemented to divide and conquer! This obviously includes any form of Democracy OR Communism! Let them go their own way! They certainly deserve it!

Last edited 1 month ago by Justin

The Taliban never fought off the Soviets because the Taliban didn’t exist until 3 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


The US are non-agreement capable with the exception of always agreeing to love their war profits.

US & EU are Zion slaves

civil….what? from those goat fukers that suck the dead dick of Osama?

Icarus Tanović

You behave like sheeps and cattle, while zion rabbing theirs hand, becaus it set up another ttap for me, and all Muslims with these monstrosities. Now all of the audden headchopping talobans are heros to all of you. All of you really fast forget what Afghani soldier wrote on. He said we are betrayed, they told us to retreat back to out bases and after that to hand over all weapons. This all taliban success is backed by USA, ZIONISTS, RIYADH AND LONDON BASED RUSSIAN TRILLIONAIRES.

Last edited 1 month ago by Icarus Tanović

Indeed, we need to see through this charade.

Christian J. Chuba

The Taliban did threaten to execute the govt pilots. I would have flown to Uzbekistan too. Iran was wise enough to try to keep their pilots in ’79.


The vid does not work for me. Anyone else has the problem?