Taliban Uncovered Dozens Of Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Missiles In Panjshir Valley (Videos, Photos)

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Taliban Uncovered Dozens Of Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Missiles In Panjshir Valley (Videos, Photos)

Taliban members FILE IMAGE: Parwiz/Reuters

Taliban fighters continue to uncover weapons caches left behind by Afghan resistance forces in the northeastern province of Panjshir.

On September 17, Afghan activists released a video showing Taliban fighters checking out dozens of Soviet-made V-600 anti-aircraft missiles which were left behind by the resistance in Panjshir. The missiles are the main armament of the S-125 Neva air-defense system.

The missiles are most likely nonoperational. However, they still pose a security risk as their solid fuel and warheads can be used to manufacture explosive devices.

On September 18, several photos showing newly discovered weapons and ammunition caches in Panjshir surfaced online.

One of the caches included dozens of Soviet-made 9K114 Shturm anti-tank guided missiles, which appeared to be operational. These missiles can be used to arm Afghan Mi-24V\35 attack helicopters.

Panjshir forces obtained the V-600 and 9K114 missiles as well as other Soviet-made weapons in the years following the fall of the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

Earlier this week, a video revealed that Taliban fighters had uncovered dozens of Soviet-made 9K72 Elbrus short-range ballistic missile and 9K52 Luna-M short-rang artillery rockets in Panjshir. More missiles and rockets were found recently.

The Taliban took over Panjshir after defeating resistance forces on September 6. The whereabouts of resistance leader Ahmed Massoud Jr. remain unknown. Afghan sources claim that he is still fighting in Panjshir.

It remains unclear why these missiles and weapons were not destroyed by US and NATO forces after the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.


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“It remains unclear why these missiles and weapons were not destroyed by US and NATO forces after the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.”

Possibly because the degenerate investor class from america and britain made trillions of dollars over the last 20+ years from the staged “war on terror” in Afghanistan.

Florian Geyer

Exactly, yes.

Donald J. Turnip

I’d make $12000 / wk growing weed in my basement if my profits didn’t keep going up in smoke.

Last edited 29 days ago by Donald J. Turnip
Edmund Burke

‘Coz they are in the backyard of their ex-Northern Alliance pals. The Northern Alliance were the ground allies for the US Afghan invasion (bought with CIA cash) and then the NA basically morphed into leading roles in the US created Afghan government. The US weren’t going to go do search and destroy in the traditional territory of their new Afghan pals.

Last edited 28 days ago by Edmund Burke

These are all way beyond their shelf life. We’re talking 30 odd year old stocks. Most will be squibs. Totally useless find.

Last edited 28 days ago by Ahson
Edmund Burke

Of course, they have been stored out in open for decades. See very heavy oxidization on surfaces of the second stack of unassembled tubes! But these trophies probably made the Northern Alliance think they had something significant way back in the 1990’s. As they would have captured these off collapsing socialist republic of Afghan government forces in very early 1990’s. But they also needed the launchers, with their guidance systems, and technical manuals to realistically ever operate them with any hope of success. Which explains why the NA were never able to actually use them against their Taliban foes in later 1990’s, and why they remain scattered on the ground, in ex-NA’s backyard to this day.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

“Making the Taliban Great Again

-Granpa Biden

Tommy Lee

The real story here is that the Afghans managed to film something in landscape mode.


fake news as always from south front


So where is the Great White Hope of the Modi regime media, the so called resistance? Gone up in smoke just like the Ghani regime?

Edmund Burke

Ghani’s ghost ANA battalions, and MSM’s ghost Panjishir-resistance!

Last edited 28 days ago by Edmund Burke

I hate Taliban because they are fully illiterate to both religious and formal education. In 1979 they were created and trained by CIA and pentagon for chaos in the region. They consider and keep women and girls subhumans, slaves and oppress them and interfere in their personal lives. Talibans are another version of Boko Haram terrorists. They would beg for money to rule.


Islam is on borrowed time……no matter which way you cut it. Its largely over. Nothing can be done now……but the old adage ‘religions come and go’……holds true to this day!

Last edited 28 days ago by Ahson

Washington spends lots of money to destabilise the world but no luck. US invaded Afghanistan but then fled from Afghanistan at night time with shameful defeat. They created an anti Venezuela government but failed. They created ISIS State but failed. If you are wicked and killing babies then you cannot win.


Sharia law does not exist in the Quran. From the Quran it is also shown that many prophets lived with their wives without marriages.

Majority of prophets were uncircumcised. The prophet Muhammad hated cicumcission even the prophet Muhammad had never liked to circumcise himself. The prophet Muhammad was kind with children, women, prisoners (slaves) and birds and animals. That is why Islam spread due to him.